The use of insulated microneedling with energy-based devices such as radiofrequency, has largely replaced fractional laser resurfacing for extremely severe scars. Microneedling uses microscopic needles that penetrate deep into the dermis and brake up acne scar tissue. Insulation of the needs is the key and sets Infini RF apart from any other device on the market. This treatment provides the greatest amount of improvement for acne scars with the least amount of downtime, especially if it is combined with PRP.

Facts on INFINI RF microneedling

  •  Infini RF microneedling is a form of fractionated skin resurfacing.•   Infini RF does not use laser but uses radiofrequency as an energy source.
  •  Radiofrequency heats the deep dermal layers of the skin where acne scars lie.
  • Heating of acne scars breaks up old collagen and stimulates new collagen formation, thereby improving acne scars.•   Insulation of the microneedles is the key to success for Infini radiofrequency.
  • Insulated needles spare the upper part of the skin known as the epidermis which in turn,  gives faster healing times.
  • Infini radiofrequency microneedling is often combined with PRP.
  • PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma.   This provides additional benefits to Infini radiofrequency.
  • Platelet-rich plasma contains healing cells together with growth factors this, speeds up the healing process and improves acne scar remodelling.
  • Typically, patients recover from this procedure within two to four days, depending on the amount of passes.
  • Infini radiofrequency can be combined with fractional laser resurfacing and other methods to treat different forms of acne scars.
  • Most patients will benefit from a series of 2-5 sessions, depending on the severity of scarring and skin type

What types of acne scars respond best to INFINI microneedling?

Acne scars that are rolling and depressed together with tethered scars respond best to Infini radiofrequency.   This treatment can also be used to treat enlarged pores and boxcar scarring.

Rolling scars acne1.0

Rolling and atrophic acne scars

mixed acne scars

Mixed acne scars in all skin types

box car scars2

Box car acne scars can respond to INFINI RF

How does INFINI microneedling work?

The key to Infini microneedling is the insulation of this device.   Unlike other microneedling devices, Infini is unique because the needles are insulated.   This means that the damage to the dermis can be precisely controlled with minimal collateral damage to the upper lays of the skin.   What this means for acne scar remodelling is that I can deliver the energy to the exact location of the acne scars.


With other devices, most of the energy that is delivered is lost on the upper layers of the skin leading to charring of the upper layers of the skin,  whilst the lower scarred areas have minimal treatment.   Insulation of the needles is what makes this device unique.


Radiofrequency is a form of energy which breaks up collagen  in acne scars.   This stimulates fibroblasts to lay down new collagen and also breaks up old tethered scars.


How is INFINI microneedling different to fractional lasers?

Lasers use light as energy- they can be super powerful – examples include CO2 laser, however the biggest downfall of lasers is that they have to penetrate the upper layers of skin to get to the scars below. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule (Fraxel 1550, Halo non-ablative, Non Ablative lasers by Lumenis), however for acne scar revision, the Gold Standard is CO2 followed by erbium.

INFINI spares the upper layers of skin, and can deliver the energy deep into the dermal layers of the skin. This means effective scar treatments with very little downtime (heals 3-4 times faster than CO2 Fractional laser), and IMO works much better than CO2. Since the event of INFINI, I have not used my Fraxel lasers for acne scars, and am using less CO2. INFINI really is that much better compared to traditional lasers. The depth, energy levels and pulses can be controlled with precision to target differently scar types at different level. The use of PRP helps skin heal faster, and achieves better acne scar remodelling. 


How is INFINI microneedling performed?


This treatment is performed in theatre, sometimes under partial sedation.   I use local anaesthetic cream one hour prior to the procedure and either Pentrox (gas sedation) or injections for heavier sedation. Numbing cream, blocks and partial sedation makes this treatment pain free and well tolerated.  The whole procedure itself lasts between 5 minutes to 15 minutes, depending on the areas treated. If laser and PRP – Infini is performed for full face acne scar revision, the procedure will take 30 minutes.

Is INFINI painful?

Yes, this treatment is painful.   However, with the use of numbing gels, local anaesthetic blocks and partial sedation, it is well-tolerated. Patient comfort is my priority before any procedure.

dr davin lim infini rf

How long will I take to recover after microneedling for acne scars?

Intensif microneedling

Micro needling acne scars

Recovery is seen within two to four days, depending on the depth and the amount of microneedles delivered.   Another important factor is the use of PRP.   I often combine this procedure with platelet-rich plasma which provides stem cells and growth factors, enabling faster healing up times together with better scar improvements.

How many INFINI RF treatments will I need?

This really depends on the severity of your scars and/or pores.   Most patients would benefit from two to four treatments.   This would depend on the severity of your acne scarring or the extent of your open pores. Skin colour also plays a role in the number of treatments. Most Asian and darker skin patients will have a thicker dermal layer, and if acne scars and open pores lie in different depths, more treatment are needed in these races. The addition of PRP to micro needling for acne scars will also decrease the number of required treatments. 

infini rf dr davin lim

Why is INFINI much better than Secret or EndyMed’s Intensif microneedling?

One word- Insulation! I have trialed many systems, including Secret Microneedling RF as well as the very latest system from ENDYMED known as Intensif, however INFINI is by far the best. This is because the needles of Infini are insulated, and this makes the biggest difference in results. Insulation of the needles allows delivery of RF energy to occur at the very tip of the needle, this means that there is no energy loss on the surface of the skin. RF energy is delivered to the exact depth INFINI is dialed into.

Intensif microneedling brisbane

EndyMed’s Intensif is a generation older than the INFINI system as it does not use insulated needles.

microneedling for acne scars

See the difference with INFINI, power is delivered to the tip, Secret and Intensif has RF energy along the entire needle. Energy is loss during the delivery process, so acne scars are not targeted.

Can INFINI microneedling be combined with other acne scar revision procedures?

Absolutely. I often combine this with laser resurfacing for boxcar scarring and shallow scars together with fractional CO2 laser resurfacing. Remember, the best outcome is to actually match the treatment for the scar type. Most patients who have acne scars will exhibit a variety of scars including icepick scarring, rolling scars, tethered scars, boxcar scarring and also atrophic scars. This is why it is vitally important to combine treatments as this gives the best outcomes.

secret microneedling brisbane

What other conditions can INFINI miconeedling treat?

INFINI microneedling can also treat enlarged and open pores. In fact, this is my preferred treatment for the treatment of pore sizing in all ethnic skin types. As it is not a laser, healing up times are extremely quick, especially combined with PRP. Most patients heal up within two days for pore size reduction. Infini radiofrequency can also be used for skin rejuvenation and laxity.

skin needling brisbane

How much does INFINI microneedling cost?

Treatments start from $1590. All treatments are performed by Dr Davin Lim himself.

Is microneedling covered under Medicare or Private Health Insurance?

microneedling medicare

No. Microneedling is not recognised by Medicare. However ablative lasers such as CO2 or Erbium are covered by Medicare.

International health insurance companies often provide a subsidy. Australian private health insurance companies do not provide a subsidy for this treatment.

Cost for this procedure will vary, depending on the areas involved, the use of platelet-rich plasma and also the concomitant use of laser during this procedure. Dr Davin Lim will give you an accurate quote in regard to the amount of treatments needed and cost out-of-pocket.

Dr Davin Lim on INFINI microneedling and the future for acne scar revision

Dr Davin S. Lim copy

This treatment has revolutionised the treatment of severe atrophic acne scarring.   I also find this useful for the treatment of rolling scars and also tethered or bound-down scars.   The key to this outstanding device is the use of insulated needles compared to other devices which do not use insulation. Insulation of the needles enables me to precisely dial in the treatment, namely to deliver energy to within 0.25 mm  to 3.5 mm from the skin surface. I can also adjust the energy levels in what is known as the pulse duration, namely the intensity of the treatment. Infini, as the name suggests, gives me an infinite amount of variables to work with and hence, the flexibility of this device. I do believe that there is no other device out there that can give such an improvement in pore sizing with absolute reliability.

In late 2016 I have been conducting this procedure with the use of platelet-rich plasma in what is known as the over and under technique, namely the sprinkling of PRP to the microchannels caused by Infini RF together with the injection of PRP underneath the scars themselves. In my opinion, this procedure has given a much faster healing rate but also has yielded a marked improvement in the treatment of acne scars with a single procedure.

For extremely severe acne scars that are atrophic, rolling or tethered, I do prefer energy-based microneedling radiofrequency devices over fractionated laser resurfacing. I do believe that this, to date, is one of the worlds best devices for treating these forms of acne scars.