The V Beam laser is the Gold Standard Laser for the treatment of rosacea, port wine stains, and red birthmarks. It can also be used to treat red acne scars, broken blood vessels and veins as well as early stretch marks. The Dynamic Cooling spray of this laser makes treatments quick and comfortable for the patient. Most red skin conditions will carry a Medicare Rebate, providing they are treated with laser and not IPL. V Beam laser has other advantages over IPL including quicker, safer and much faster treatments.

Facts on V Beam laser

  • This laser is the Gold Standard for vascular or red skin lesions
  • V Beam can treat a variety of conditions including rosacea, broken capillaries, red veins, as well as Port Wine Stain birthmarks
  • V Beam is also used to treat flat red acne scars and early red stretch marks
  • V Beam is used by the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Sydney and many World leading Universities such as Harvard and John Hopkins Hospital for the treatment of Port Wine Stains and vascular birthmarks
  • Treatment times vary from 1-2 minutes in most conditions, up to 5 minutes for large birth marks
  • The special cooling spray of this laser makes treatments comfortable and safe
  • Complications rates following this laser is very low, and side effects are extremely uncommon
  • Most treatments carry a Medicare rebate, exceptions to this rule include sun damage ‘red neck’ or poikiloderma treatments and stretch marks treatment. These are deemed as cosmetic in nature

What conditions can V Beam Pulse Dye laser treat?

Rosacea Treatment Brisbane

Red, red, red. This is the best laser for treatment of red skin conditions. This is because the wavelength of V Beam is specific for haemaglobin, found in red blood cells. This passes the energy to the vessels, decreasing the appearance of redness. Red skin conditions amendable to V Beam laser includes-

  • Rosacea- flushing, blushing, pimples, and broken blood vessels can be treated
  • Veins around the nose, chin and cheeks can be treated with V Beam
  • Birthmarks such as Port Wine Stains, Strawberry Naevi, and spider veins
  • Red spots and dots including Blood Blister (Campbell de Morgan spots)
  • Radiotherapy and surgical blood vessels can easily be removed
  • Early red stretch marks, and red, flat acne scars (Macular erythema)
  • Rare conditions such as HHT or Hereditary Haemorragic Telengectasia, angiomas, AV malformtiions, Generalized Essential Telengectasia, liver angiomas, pregnancy associated pyogenic granulomas and blood vessels.

If it is red, V Beam is the treatment of choice. If blood vessels are deeper, I also use 2 other lasers- The 755 Alex laser and the long pulse 1064 ND Yag. Rosacea treatment brisbane is best with vascular lasers such as the Excel V and PDL. 

Why is this the best laser for red birthmarks and Port Wine Stains?

port wine stain treatments

All Tertiary Hospitals in Melbourne and Sydney have a birth mark unit, as well as leading Universities such as Harvard, Oxford, and John Hopkins – the Gold Standard laser of choice is the V Beam Pulse Dye laser by Syeron – Candella.

Why is this laser the best? The unique DCD or Dynamic Cooling system delivers a spray of cooling a fraction of a second before the laser pulse is delivered. This protects the epidermis or upper layers of the skin. This reduces the chance of blistering and scarring. Additionally the large spot size (10-12 mm) allows larger coverage. Most importantly this laser delivers consistent energy levels time after time, from the first pulse to the last. Safety, consistency and power makes this my go to laser for port wine stains.

I also use the 755 Alex laser and the 1064 nm Nd Yag for challenging deeper lesions, including AV malformations or blebs of older port wine stains.

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How long does V Beam laser take to perform?

Rosacea Treatment Brisbane

This is one of the quickest lasers on the market, due to the consistent power delivery and in built Dynamic Cooling system. This automatically delivers a burst of cold air prior to the laser, so no messy gels or cooling plates are need. V BEAM Pulse Dye Laser, in my opinion is the Gold Standard in Vascular lasers.

  • Treatment of veins- 1-2 minutes
  • Treatment of rosacea- 2-3 minutes
  • Treatment of stretch marks (abdomen) 2-3 minutes
  • Treatment of red acne scars – 1 minute
  • Treatment of birthmarks (size dependent) 1 -5 minutes

rosacea treatment brisbane

Does V Beam laser hurt?

This laser is very well tolerated and feels like a small rubber band flicking on your skin. The built in Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) delivers a cool spray to protect your skin and decrease pain before the laser pulse is delivered.

For very high energy levels, such as treating Port Wine Stains, we may use sedation to make this treatment more comfortable.

How long will I take to recover from V Beam laser treatment?

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It depends on what we are treating. Recovery ranges from 2-3 hours all the way to 7 days. Here is guide as to the recovery times following V Beam –

  • Rosacea treatments- 4 hours to 36 hours (depending on power levels)
  • Broken veins and capillaries (bruising for 1-3 days)
  • Spider veins and naevi (bruising for 1-3 days)
  • Birthmarks, including Port Wine Stains (bruising for 5-8 days)
  • Stretch marks (bruising for 3 days)
  • Surgical and acne scars (bruising for 1-2 days)

Rosacea treatment brisbane take a few days to recover with V Beam laser at higher setting

Rosacea treatment brisbane takes a few minutes to perform using vascular lasers including the PDL. 

Rosacea treatment Brisbane and the Gold Coast is performed by Dr Davin Lim himself. 

How many treatments will I need?

laser for acne scars

Once again, the number of skin laser treatments will depend on the condition, as a guide-

  • Rosacea/redness flushing- 2- 4 sessions
  • Broken veins and blood vessels 1-3 sessions (depending on extent)
  • Spider naevi and spots- 1-2 sessions
  • Port Wine Stains- extremely variable 5-15 sessions, depending on size and location
  • Red Stretch marks- 3- 5 sessions for up to 80% improvement
  • Macular acne scars (red scars) – 3-4 sessions

Rosacea treatment brisbane and the gold coast are comfortable with the V beam laser

Rosacea treatment brisbane & the sunshine coast is not painful with DCD cooling of pulse dye laser. 

What is the safety profile of V Beam laser?

broken capillaries brisbane

Excellent. Together with Fraxel laser, V Beam laser has one of the best safety profiles of any of our lasers. The reason is because of the Dynamic Cooling Device built into these lasers. Cooling the skin is very important as it protects it from blistering. Side effects are extremely uncommon but include-

  • Blistering –less than one percent of cases
  • Scarring – less than 0.1 percent of caes
  • De –markation- commonly seen on the chest and neck, especially when treating sun damage skin and redness. This is NOT a complication but an expected outcome
  • Bruising – this is an expected outcome, depending on what condition we are treating. We will inform you of the expected outcomes prior to laser treatment.

Why is this the best treatment for stretch marks?

laser stretch mark removals

V Beam laser is the best treatment for early stretch marks because it can target the redness and remodel collagen. Note- only early stretch marks can be treated with this laser. Early stretch marks are pink, red to purple in colour and are usually only 1-3 months old. 3-5 treatments are needed to fade stretch marks by up to 80%.

Old stretch marks (white, papery, silvery marks) do not respond to V Beam and are best treated with either eMatrix, Fraxel or CO2 Fractional Lasers.

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How is V Beam different form IPL?

IPL brisbane

V Beam is a laser whist IPL is not a laser but stands for Intense Pulse Light. Lasers deliver a specific wavelength (595 nm in the case of V BEAM), whilst IPL delivers a spectrum of light, based upon filters.

IPL is much like a multi-tool Swiss Army knife- it can perform a lot of things, but not one specific function at the best level. V Beam laser is primarily designed to treat red skin conditions full stop. The V Beam is machine designed to do a specific job from the outset. The built in cooling of DCD in the V Beam makes this a less painful method of treating red, compared to IPL.

Form a reimbursement point of view, Medicare will provide a subsidy for the treatment of most red conditions providing a laser such as V Beam is used. IPL does NOT carry a Medicare rebate.

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Can all skin types be treated with V BEAM laser?

Multi-ethnic group of young women: African, Asian, Indian and Caucasian.

Most skin types can be treated safely with this laser. All Caucasian skin types, as well as light Asian skin can be treated, providing tanning is minimal.

How much does it cost to have V Beam Laser?

laser skin treatment medicare

Costing will depend on what condition is treated. In most cases Medicare will give you back a partial rebate.

As a guide-

  • Treatment of rosacea – $395 – $410 out of pocket
  • Treatment of broken blood vessels- $395 – $410 out of pocket
  • Treatment of stretch marks – $410 – $ 490 per treatment, No Medicare rebate
  • Treatment of red acne scars- $395- $410 out of pocket
  • Treatment of spider angiomas and cherry angiomas – $395-410 out of pocket
  • Treatment of Port Wine stains -$410- $460 out of pocket (depending on size)

Medicare provides a rebate for some conditions classed as medical and not cosmetic- this includes broken blood vessels seen at a distance of 3 meters or more (most cases are classed as this), spider moles (red moles), birthmarks, including Port Wine Stains.

Are V Beam treatments covered by Health Insurance or Medicare?

Yes, in most cases patients will receive a rebate for the treatment of red skin conditions, including spider naevi, telengectasias or broken vessels, and Campbell de Morgan spots (red ‘blood blisters’). A significant rebate applies to the treatment of birthmarks such as Port Wine Stains.

Patients undertaking birthmark treatments will reach what is known as the Medicare threshold. Once this is reached, you only pay 20% of the laser fee. This threshold is based upon a calendar year. For more information speak to your local Medicare office.

Some skin conditions such as stretch marks and sun damaged red neck treatments are deemed as cosmetic and not covered under Medicare.

Private health insurance does not cover V Beam- the exception is if you hold International top cover health insurance.

Rosacea treatment brisbane, gold coast and the sunshine coast is covered by some private health insurance agencies. 

My viewpoint on V Beam Laser

By Dr Davin Lim
Laser Dermatologist
Dr Davin S. Lim copy

This is the most common laser procedure I perform- up to 8 cases per day, every day for the past 7 years. This is because V Beam is such a flexible laser to use, and is my ‘go to ‘ laser for most red conditions including red stretch marks, rosacea, thru to spider naevi, red spots, macular acne scarring and veins on the face.

Birthmarks are particular challenging as each ‘mark’ is unique in the size, depth, location and age. Most of the time I start with V Beam, and occasionally use other more powerful lasers for deeper more resistant birthmarks. V Beam is also safe in ethnic and Asian skin as I frequently treat port wine stains, rosacea and even red stretch marks in this group.

What sets this laser apart from other vascular lasers is the DCD or Dynamic Cooling system – this allows super fast treatments with unparalleled patient comfort and safety. Rosacea treatment Brisbane, and the Gold Coast is a combined effort of V BEAM laser and medical management.