PRP is stands for platelet rich plasma. This treatment uses platelets- cells that form a major role in the wound healing process. PRP is a high concentration of your own blood injected into key areas to help promote skin rejuvenation, reducing wrinkles, increasing collagen production, in turn promoting better skin texture and skin tone. PRP is harvested from your own body meaning it is free from communicable diseases, and can not cause any allergies. PRP amplifies your  it’s using your body’s natural  healing process with growth factors.

Facts on PRP for acne scars and skin rejuvenation

  • PRP stands for platelet rich plasma
  • PPP stand for platelet poor plasma
  • PRP and PPP contain growth factors that can stimulate and repair sun damage skin, wrinkles, improve skin tone, and also acne scars
  • This is a form of ‘natural dermal filling’, as the contents are extracted from you own blood
  • PRP is also know as the Hollywood Vampire Facelift
  • My revised method of PRP+ uses both PRP, PPP and energy based RF insulated INFINI
  • Improvements can be seen with one treatment
  • In severe cases of sun damage, wrinkling and acne scarring, up to 2-3 treatments are required for best outcomes
  • PRP+ gives the best results with minimal recovery time, and in many cases is better than Fraxel / Fractional laser resurfacing
  • Done on a Friday or Saturday, you are back to work on a Monday!

What is PRP or platelet rich plasma?

Platelets are cells in blood that are responsible for helping to clot the blood, and for the synthesis and release of growth factors. The use of PRP amplifies the properties of platelets to enhance scar remodelling and skin rejuvenation.  PRP has approximately 3 to 7 times the normal concentration of platelets in blood, and at this level has been clinically proven to provide clinical benefits.  Whole blood contains approximately 94% red blood cells, 6% platelets, and less than 1% white blood cells. Platelet rich plasma contains 94% platelets, 5% red blood cells, and 1% white blood cells. It is the high concentration of platelets in PRP that increases the amount of growth factors delivered when placed or injected into a certain area.

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How does this differ from normal PRP?

PRP+ is the latest generation of Platelet Rich Plasma delivery. In addition to traditional PRP, PRP Plus also delivers PPP (platelet poor plasma) and energy based RF INFINI. The addition of the PPP and INFINI RF gives far superior results than just PRP alone.

I use a cannula to deliver PRP in key areas such as the cheeks, upper lip area, and surrounding the eye. This gives less bruising than with a needle. 


My next step is to channel this PRP into the dermal layers of the skin with an energy based micro-needling system called INFINI RF. This stimulates further collagen growth, and with PPP additionally provides quicker wound healing with even more growth factors for skin rejuvenation and scar remodelling. Miconeedling provides me with over 20,000 columns to drop PRP into the lower dermis where it is most useful. 

How does this differ from a Vampire facelift?

Vampire Facelift is also known as the PRFM or platelet rich fibrin matrix method, marked by a COMPANY know as Selphyl . This treatment is basic PRP without the use of PPP, nor energy RF microneedling using INFINI RF.

Vampire Facelift’s is a straight forward PRP, injected as a ‘natural dermal filler’, using a needle. This treatment is over 5 years old, and has been replaced with combination PRP, PPP and Energy based microneedling- or PRP Plus. My modified PRP+ technique delivers PRP from the top AND from beneath, combined with RF energy. 

Once popular, Vampire Facelift’s are now replaced with better PRP technology delivering far superior results than just low concentration PRP. PRP Brisbane only uses energy based skin needling for the best possible results. 

What skin conditions can PRP+ treat?

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The healing properties of PRP are well documented in the medical literature, and can be extremely effective in treating tendon injuries, spinal damage and joint degeneration. PRP has also been scientifically proven to treat skin conditions.

I use PRP for the following applications –

  1. Acne scarring. In this situation I always combine PRP with INFINI RF- the PRP+ procedure. The logic behind this is that INFINI RF is much more effective than microneedling using the Dermapen. RF creates controlled heating of the dermal layers, breaking down scars. PRP not only promotes faster healing times, but better collagen stimulation. Rolling, atrophic and tethered acnes scars do best with PRP+
  2. Skin rejuvenation. The following areas can respond well to PRP+
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Fine lines around the mouth area
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Crepey skin on the neck and décolletage areaa
  • Dull skin, with poor skin texture and loss of skin tone
  • Deep wrinkles on the cheeks
  • Loss of volume in the mid face

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Is Platelet Rich Plasma painful?

No. PRP itself is very well tolerated, as I perform this procedure with a blunt cannula. PRP+ is more uncomfortable, as I use RF or radiofrequency and micro-needles to stimulate collagen prior to placement of Platelet rich plasma. This procedure is usually conducted under twilight sedation.

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What is the recovery time from PRP Plus?

1-3 days. PRP using the standard Vampire Face Lift technique, platelet rich injections followed my microneedling with PPP (Platelet Poor Plasma) takes 24-36 hours to heal. There is often redness, and very mild tenderness on the first day, much like a sun burn.

PRP+ using energy based microneedling with PPP takes 48 to 72 hours to completely heal. This is because with PRP Plus I am using INFINI RF to remodel collagen- this accounts for the longer recovery times with this technique. Allow an extra day or two to heal after PRP Plus. Day two to three will be red. Make up is allowed after day 3, however your skin will feel a little rough- much like sandpaper texture. This may persist for up to one week.

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How is PRP different from laser resurfacing?

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PRP uses growth factors from platelets to help stimulate both collagen and elastin, improving skin texture and skin tone AND also helps the surface of the skin heal faster than laser resurfacing.

Lasers only treat the upper and lower layers of the skin, however recovery is depends on your ability to regenerate skin from your hair follicles. PRP treated skin takes 3 times faster to heal compared to laser treatments.

How does this differ from dermal fillers?


Dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, and Perlane use HA or Hyaluronic acid to help replenish loss volume. HA’s are synthetic ‘collagen’ with a long safety record. PRP uses your own stem cells and growth factors to stimulate collagen. In essence with PRP you are stimulating your body’s immune system to rejuvenate skin, increasing collagen and elastin. This equates to better skin texture, and improved skin tone.

Fillers work instantly, however with PRP, your body needs time to repair damaged tissue and stimulate collagen.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

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PRP Brisbane Clinic – for skin rejuvenation and acne scarring 

2-3 PRP sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart, depending on your skin condition. The success of PRP will depend on individual factors such as your general health, immune system, level of sun damage – acne scarring, and of course your expectations.

As a rule, for skin rejuvenation, two sessions, for acne scarring 2-4 sessions are required for best results, once again depending on the severity of scars.

How is PRP+ performed?

The very first step is to assess if you are a suitable candidate for PRP Plus. Some patients are better suited for fully ablative lasers, others for Fractional Laser resurfacing with lasers such as FRAXEL.

PRP Plus is usually conducted under mild sedation as pain is minimal and comfort levels are maximal.

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1. The first step in the PRP process is to obtain a small amount of blood. This is done in a similar manner to a blood test. On average only one syringe of blood is needed to obtain the rich platelet concentration.

2. The next step is to separate and concentrate the PRP from the rest of the blood products (e.g red blood cells). This is done by placing the blood taken into special vials and spinning the vials in a centrifuge. The heavier cells, such as red blood cells, drop to the bottom of the vial, and the plasma that is ‘rich in platelets’ is left at the top of the vial.

3. Once PRP is separated, it is extracted, into a syringe.

Just prior to injection, calcium chloride is mixed with PRP, and this activates the clotting cascade, and subsequently this activates the platelets, and causes them to secrete growth factors when injected into the treatment area.

4. Injections of PRP are done either with a cannula or a needle, depending on the skin condition I am treating.

5. I then use INFINI RF to provide microchannels for PRP. This procedure takes 10 minutes to perform

6. PRP or platelet rich plasma is then scattered into the micro-channels. The remainder of the plasma is injected under the skin with a blunt cannula. This way your collagen gets nutrients and growth factors from above and below. 

7. Recovery takes place over a period of 2-4 days. PRP Plus can be done as a weekend procedure- done on a Friday, you will be right for work on a Monday. PRP Plus takes 90 minutes to perform as numbing cream is applied by my nursing staff one hour before INFINI RF.

When can I expect to see results from PRP+?


2-4 weeks from the procedure. Results can be seen as early as 10 days, however maximal collagen stimulation is at 3 months.

Remembers, everyone’s level of sun damage, wrinkling, skin laxity, acne scarring and skin texture is different, and some patients may need a second treatment. In this case, I like to space the second treatment 4 weeks after the first Platelet Rich Plasma session.

How much does PRP+ cost?

PRP and PPP Plus using INFINI RF- cost $ 2790 (Procedure performed by Dr Davin Lim)

Why I do prefer PRP+ over standard Vampire Face Lifts?

Many clinics offer PRP, and even then the standard, grade, and expertise of PRP treatments are all very different. Some clinics may provide treatments with little or no effect at all (most of my patients who have had PRP at other clinics notice this effect!). Vampire Face Lifts is actually PRP that uses a lower concentration of PRP injected into key areas. That technique is outdated- that was what was performed in 2010- and most clinics still adopt this treatment!

I invented the PRP+ Program based upon the very latest research in the United States where I learned both PRP and PPP in Beverly Hills. PRP has to be in the optimal concentration for it to work. In Australia, we are using a concentration that is too weak, whilst the Americans are using PRP concentrations double what we are using. Secondly, we do not use PPP, of Platelet Poor Plasma (in Australian clinics this is simply thrown away).

My combination of an insulated energy based RF System like INFINI firstly remodels collagen, and secondly provides the entry for PPP to improve both wound healing, stimulate further collagen and treat the entire face.

In summary-

  1. My concentration of PRP is higher than non- Specialist clinics
  2. I add energy based RF to simulate collagen synthesis
  3. I add PPP (platelet poor plasma) at the end of the procedure.
  4. PRP is applied to both the upper layers of the skin and the lower layers, ensuring maximal growth factor distribution

Does Medicare or Private Health Insurance cover Platelet Rich Plasma +?

medicare prp

No. For skin rejuvenation and the treatment of acne scars, PRP and PRP Plus is not covered.

Acne scar treatments using fully ablative lasers, dermal grafting, and subcision carry a Medicare rebate.

How do I know if I am a suitable patient for Platelet Rich Plasma Plus?The very first step is to understand your expectations and to examine the state of your skin. Living in Brisbane often means a lifetime of sun exposure. In this case, skin texture and skin tone is best addressed with laser resurfacing. Book in for a consultation with Dr Davin Lim for a detailed analysis of your skin.

Remember, it is always the balance between skin texture, tone and volume that gives the best possible results.

PRP Brisbane Clinic use Regen labs PRP as well as INFINI RF to deliver outstanding results in skin rejuvenation.

More on texture, tone and volume replacement

My viewpoint on PRP+ for skin rejuvenation and acne scarring.

By Dr Davin Lim
Laser and Aesthetic Dermatologist
Dr Davin S. Lim copy

PRP +is a low downtime, non- invasive method for rejuvenation of the face, neck and chest areas. Many centers still practice the traditional PRP method- namely injections of platelet rich plasma around the eyes and cheeks, as a substitute for dermal fillers. This form of PRP has been outdated. The PRP Brisbane clinic uses a combination of methods that maximise the use of PRP- delivering growth factors into the correct layers of the skin. 

PRP+ adds platelet poor plasma to the ENTIRE area, however it is the delivery system that is the absolute game changer. Micro-channels to deliver platelet poor plasma are made with an insulated energy delivery system known as INFINI- this not only creates a pathway for PPP to enter the dermal layer, but controlled heating of the dermis adds further collagen stimulation. This results in faster healing times, and a better improvement in skin texture, tone, and volume. In the context of acne scars, it remodels atrophic and rolling scars better than any other laser, and also provides extraordinary healing times. PRP Plus can be considered as a weekend procedure- conducted on a Friday, patients heal by the Monday.

PRP+ can also be combined with various lasers such as Fraxel, Fractional CO2 or even Clear+Brilliant in the one sitting. This combination address both skin texture, scars, pigmentation, sun damage, and to a degree skin volume.