The INFINI system delivers state of the art radiofrequency energy to treat wrinkles, poor skin tone, skin laxity and acne scars. This device is a non-laser energy based system- this means your skin recovers within 72 hours. Infini’s unique method of microneedling fractional radiofrequency provides enhanced results through 3-dimensional energy delivery. This translates to maximal skin tightening, with minimal patient discomfort and quick recovery times.

Facts on INFINI: Breakthrough technology for skin rejuvenation

  • INFINI is the latest generation fractional radiofrequency device
  • Radiofrequency is a non-laser treatment designed to tighten and volumize skin
  • This treatment delivers Radiofrequency (RF) energy through a system called microneedle fractional RF
  • The depth of energy delivery can be adjusted from 0.5 mm down to 3.5 mm – 3 times deeper than the depth of conventional fractional lasers
  • INFINI is ideal for wrinkle reduction on the face and neck, as well as skin tightening, volumizing and treating atrophic acne scars
  • Recovery from INFINI is 3 times faster than laser resurfacing
  • Recovery ranges from 1-3 days depending on the treatment level
  • Treatments are well tolerated and take between 5-15 minutes to perform
  • Due to the flexibility of the system, INFINI allows me to tailor a procedure according to the patient’s specific needs and expectations

Why is INFINI unique and how does it differ from laser treatment?

INFIINI represent the culmination of many years of development in the development of RF or radiofrequency. RF uses controlled heating through electrodes. This delivers energy to the deeper layers of the skin- sparing the upper layers. This translates to more effective skin tightening with less downtime compared to lasers.

Lasers are best utilized for improving skin texture, whilst INFINI RF is ideal for improving skin tone, wrinkles and acne scarring.


Infini reaches into the deeper layers of the skin – even further than lasers. This provides maximal collagen production.

What conditions can INFINI treat?

INFINI is all about skin tightening and collagen stimulation. This means this treatment is excellent for –


infini-brisbane-skin needling

How does INFINI treat acne scars and is it better than fractional laser?

INFINI treats acne scars through a process called MFR or micro needling fractional radiofrequency. This system uses superfine needles to puncture the skin and deliver controlled radiofrequency energy to the deeper layers of the skin- where acne scars lie.

Remember, some acne scars lie 2-3 mm below the surface of the skin and not on the upper layers of the skin. Lasers such as Fraxel and other fractional devices need to penetrate the upper layers before heating the lower dermis. This means most of the energy is taken up by the skin’s upper surface- this accounts for the long healing times following laser treatment. INFINI RF spares the upper layers, and concentrates the energy where it is needed.

Remember, not all acne scars are suitable for INFINI RF treatment, and some scars such as box-car scars respond best to fully ablative lasers. INFINI RF is best for atrophic, mixed and rolling acne scars.

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How long will it take to heal from INFIINI RF?

Micro needling – INFINI RF 

1-3 days, depending on treatment levels. Healing times following INFINI are 3 times quicker than laser treatments, as the upper layers of skin are spared with RadioFrequency.

Expect the following-

  • First 12 hours- swelling, bruising, pin point bleeding
  • Next 24-48 hours- swelling decreases, bruising develops
  • Next 48-72 hours – bruising fades

Dr Davin Lim will discuss the projected healing times with you prior to your treatment, as each procedure is tailored according to your skin concerns.

INFINI brisbane RF

infini brisbane RF 2

Is the treatment painful?


No. INFINI RF micro needling treatment is well tolerated as my team employs the very best pain relief. Pain from INFINI is minimal due to –

  1. Delivery of micro needling RF. This computer based system provides sequential penetration of insulated needles. This markedly reduces the pain from the procedure.
  2. We use a numbing cream called 23/7- a prescription gel that is 5 times stronger than usual numbing creams.
  3. We use special nerve blocks in key locations – much like how a dentist would
  4. In high intensity mode, we use ‘twilight sedation.’

What is involved with the INFINI RF treatment?


The very first step is to see if INFINI micro needling is the correct treatment for your skin condition. This treatment works best for addressing issues such as skin laxity, poor skin tone, loose skin on the neck and jowls as well as some forms of acne scarring.

Dr Lim will tailor the procedure to your specific needs- from ‘mild’ to ‘power plus’. He can adjust the depth of delivery from 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm.

How many treatments will I need?

INFINI is a fractional device, meaning that it treats only a percentage of your skin. This enables your skin to heal up within a few days. The flip side is that you may require several treatments to achieve your desired outcome. As a guide-

  • INFINI Face and neck lifting- 2-4 treatments for optimal results
  • INFINI wrinkle reduction 1-3 treatments for optimal results
  • INFINI acne scar revsion 1-3 treatments for optimal results

The number of treatments required will depend on your existing skin condition and how much collagen your own body can produce. Bottom line- everyone is different. Some patients may take one treatment to achieve their desired outcome, others 3-4.

Infini secret RF beforesecret RF after

Can INFINI be used on all skin types and Ethnic colours?

Yes. Unlike laser, INFINI spares the upper layers of skin and treats the lower dermal layers. This means sides effects such as skin colour changes are exceeding rare following INFINI RF.

This is my personal treatment of choice for acne scars and skin rejuvenation in Ethnic skin types. Unlike fractional lasers, the incidence of skin colour changes do not occur with INFINI SKIN NEEDLING RF.

micro needling

Why has INFINI RF revolutionized the treatment of acne scars?

INFINI for acne scars

Acne scars lie deep in the skin, namely the dermal layer. Lasers need to penetrate the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis) before energy is delivered to the deeper layers. With fractional lasers, most of the energy is absorbed in the upper layers, leading to longer healing times. With INFINI RF, the energy is concentrated where the scars lie- in the deeper layers of skin. INFIINI spares the upper layers and concentrates the energy at the source of the problem. This has revolutionized scar treatments as –

  1. Treatments are more effective
  2. Treatments are less painful
  3. RF treatments heal up 3 times quicker than laser
  4. All skin types can be safely treated

In my opinion, INFINI RF is far superior to lasers for the treatment of certain scar types- namely atrophic and rolling scars, especially in darker skin types.

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Can INFINI be combined with other treatments?

Yes. In fact for the treatment of skin texture and tone, Dr Davin Lim usually combines INFINI with superficial fractional lasers. Remember- INFINI RF is best for skin tightening and improving skin tone. This means stimulation of collagen deep below your skin’s surface. INFINI treats 3.5 mm below the skin’s surface. If you have visible signs of sun damage and skin ageing that is superficial, lasers such as Fraxel and PicoFocus can address these problems at the same time you have your INFINI RF treatment.

infini needling

How much do INFINI treatments cost?

  • Small area – $1700-2200 (acne scars)* This includes PRP with micro needling
  • Full face rejuvenation- $ 1,900- 2.900
  • INFINI 1927- CO2- $4,500 -$ 5,500*
  • Neck rejuvenation $1,500

*INFINI 1927-CO2 is Dr Davin Lim’s unique treatment of combining Fraxel and fractional CO2 laser with INFINI micro needling  to give total skin rejuvenation – improving both skin texture and skin tone. Downtime for this procedure is only 4-6 days. Unless advised by the patient I always combine micro needling with PRP- this gives much better results than with micro needling alone. 

NOTE: Dr Davin Lim practices Freestyle Resurfacing– a term that describes a combination of multiple lasers and energy devices in the one setting. Each patient presents with a unique set of goals and expectations- Freestyle Resurfacing address these issues with combination treatments using multiple laser and energy based devices such as Fraxel, CO2 and Infini RF.

** In some cases multiple INFINI treatments maybe required- discounts apply for subsequent treatments.

Does Medicare or Private Health Insurance cover INFINI RF?

  • NO. RF or RadioFrequency, nor micro needling  is not covered under Medicare or Private Health Insurance. An alternative to INFINI is fully ablative laser resurfacing. This procedure is partially covered under Medicare.

My viewpoint on INFINI RF and the future of radiofrequency treatments

By Dr Davin Lim
Laser, Surgical and Aesthetic Dermatologist
Dr Davin S. Lim copy

INFINI from Lutronic represents the pinnacle of RF treatments. First generation machines were invented over a decade ago, however INFINI combines two proven technological advances in the one treatment- namely insulated skin needling (not to confused with normal skin needling) and closely spaced fluence-controlled radiofrequency. The science and theory behind this treatment is state of the art. With INFINI I can (excuse the pun), infinitely adjust the treatment parameters for each patient. This device enables me to adjust the amount of energy delivered, the duration of energy delivery, depth of delivery and the number of passes. What does this translate to clinically? This means that I can tailor and individualize the procedure for each and every patient according to their skin condition, expectations and downtime. My settings can range from mild to high energy, and downtime can be predictable.

INFINI RF micro needling is not THE treatment for everyone, but represents one of my many laser and energy-based machines to achieve the best possible result. The ideal patient has skin issues isolated deep in the dermal layers of the skin. INFINI is an ideal treatment for deep atrophic and rolling acne scars, and deep sun damage that causes skin laxity and wrinkles. For skin rejuvenation I often combine INFINI RF with lasers such as 1927 and CO2 – this combination address both superficial (less the 0.5 mm) and deep (more than 3mm) areas to provide the best results. As with all my treatments, a bespoke approach provides the best results. Remember it is the balance between skin texture, tone and volume that provides the best and most natural results.