Freestyle Filling is a technique of facial enhancement based upon what I see in you. Combining science, Specialist training and an eye for art and beauty I place fillers in strategic areas to enhance, beautify and correct the smallest imperfections. Freestyle breaks away from shopping center and beauty clinic concepts of treating ‘areas’ such as the lips, cheeks or filling it lines. It takes the art of filling to another dimension to give the “wow” factor. Freestyle Filling brings out the most natural and beautiful outcomes you can be.

Facts on Freestyle Filling by Dr Davin Lim

  • Freestyle Dermal filling is my technique of performing dermal fillers
  • This technique combines the techniques of the best Specialist injectors together with my eye for beauty, balance and facial harmony
  • Freestyle achieves natural results from dermal fillers, minimises pain, bruising, and enhances the patient’s experience
  • Freestyle breaks away from the ‘cosmetic clinic’ model of filling in lines, trout pout lips and over volumizing cheeks
  • Freestyle Filling gives the most natural and beautiful results as I address what my eye can see- enhancing features, lifting, contouring and correcting tiny imperfections

Why do I call my technique of Freestyle Filling the ‘Wow’ treatment?

This is the ONLY technique in cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology that gives patients the instant ‘wow’ factor. The video tells the story.

Why is my method of Freestyle Filling different from cosmetic clinics?

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Specialist training, advanced techniques, product selection and most importantly an eye for natural, harmonious results gives you the best experience with fillers.

Cosmetic clinics tend to ‘fill in lines’, treating specific areas such as the lips, nasolabial lines, and cheeks. Most use needles to deliver filler to these areas. Freestyle Filling is a global assessment of your face, not just one or two areas. With my technique I place fillers in strategic locations according to your facial structures. Bespoke treatments that are tailored according to your facial features delivers the best and most beautiful results.

How will I know which areas to treat with dermal fillers?

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I approach Freestyle Filling by first addressing your concerns. The most frequently requested areas are the cheek lines between the corners of the mouth and the nose, the cheeks, and around the eyes.

I will then give you my assessment as to which specific areas that I can enhance, beautify and improve. Working together will give the best and most natural results.

Will I still look natural after Freestyle Filling?

Absolutely. This form of dermal filling provides the most natural results, as I globally improve the signs of volume loss due to ageing. Freestyle Filling places varying amounts of fillers in key areas such as the cheekbones, mid cheek, chin, the front of the ear, temples, and brows. Strategic placement of fillers in multiple sites gives the most harmonious and beautiful results.

3 words describe my Freestyle Filling technique- ‘Fresher, natural, harmonious.’

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What is the difference between needle filling and cannula?

The majority of my work is with either a 25g or 27g microcannula. This technique gives better spread of the filler, and also less bruising. It is also safer than needles in the majority of areas. Less injection points are needed. 

The flip side is that I still use 30g sharp needles for certain points where I have to lay filler on bone- cheekbones and temples are classic examples. 

Both micro needles an microcannulas have their place in filling. The most important aspect of filling is the skill, technique, safety and eye of the injector. This gives the best and most natural results. 

What products do I use for Freestyle Filling?

I only use the latest generation of fillers from Allergen, Merz and Galderma. These fillers are called cross-linked HA fillers and collagen stimulating Calcium Hydroxylapatite fillers. These new generation dermal fillers last longer than older generation fillers.

With Freestyle Filling, I often use different types of cross-linked HA fillers. This is because specific fillers have characteristics that are best for what I want to achieve – in some areas I want Volume, in some areas I want Lift, and in some areas I want to create soft transitions and contours. If skin laxity is marked, I also use a special dilution of a ‘collagen stimulating filler’.

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My filler of choice includes Juvederm Volbella, Voluma, Volift, as well as Restylane light for fine work around the eyes. I also like Boletero Balance for under the eyes. Collagen stimulating fillers include Radiesse- this is a very flexible dermal filler that can be used on the hands, face, neck and décolletage areas. 

Is this treatment painful?

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No. I always use fillers with local anaesthetic in them. This makes this treatment very comfortable. In fact, dermal fillers are less painful than anti-wrinkle injections. Juvederm dermal fillers contains numbing agent called Lidocaine, and makes filling much less painful compared to BOTOX injections. Botox is not mixed with numbing agents. 

How long do dermal fillers last?

I only use the very best cross-linked HA fillers made by Allergan and Galderma- this means they last much longer than normal HA fillers. As a guide, expect filler to last18-24+ months.

If engage in heavy exercise daily, such long distance running, fillers tend to diminish faster than in patients who participate in a normal exercise regime. This is because your metabolic rate is super high.

What is the recovery like following Freestyle Dermal filling?

Fillers and Botox are one of the few ‘no downtime’ procedures. I advice patients not to exercise for 24 hours after fillers, and to expect some mild swelling for 24-48 hours after the procedure. Bruising is rare, and if this occurs it will settle within a few days.

How much do fillers cost?

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The price depends on the amount of filler I need to achieve results. Prices start from $1080 per ml of filler (performed by Dr Davin Lim). I will always give you an accurate quote as to how much filler you will require required to achieve the results you desire. In some patients with mild volume loss, only one ml is required, in patients with marked volume loss, up to 8 mls maybe required. Discounts apply for 3 mls of filler or more in one session. 

As a guide-

  • Early 20s- 1- 1.5 ml of filler
  • Mid to late 30s- 2-4 mls of filler
  • Mid to late 40s- 3- 6 mls of filler
  • 50s and beyond- 4-8+ mls of filler

Why is the understanding of texture, tone and volume the key to facial harmony?


Addressing these 3 key factors will give the best possible results. Lasers can only address skin texture- namely fine to medium lines and the palate of the skin. Lasers can erase sun damage, sun-spots, and redness, however it can not replace loss volume associated with the ageing process.

Fillers can markedly improve skin volume, and through displacement of skin, can improve skin tone without the need for surgical face lifts. The exception to the rule is with marked skin laxity- mini S surgical lifts can rectify this.

The key to the most natural and beautiful results is the balance between these three factors- texture, tone and volume.

More on texture, tone and volume

My point of difference with my Freestyle Filling by Davin Lim

By Dr Davin Lim
Aesthetic Dermatologist
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Of all the treatments that I perform, this is the one that gives an instant ‘wow’ factor. Fillers in cosmetic clinics are vastly different to my filling style. Clinics injectors and doctors are taught to treat specific areas with a set amount of filler- classic examples include: treating the lips, mid cheeks and nasolabial folds or cheek lines. Freestyle Filling is my technique where I look at you as an individual and find areas on your face that will benefit from filler. This means I frequently treat multiple sites in the one session. In some patients I may emphasise the cheekbones, or address volume loss to lift the eyebrows, in others I may use my technique to rejuvenate the eyes, or soften chin contours. Each and every patient is unique, and this is reflected upon my technique. Having the eye for facial harmony and enhancement is essential for beautiful and natural results. Freestyle Filling brings out my creative side. I perform Freestyle Filling 4 to 5 times a day, and this is what I enjoy most. Laser is science, Freestyle Filling is an art form.

The biggest mistake I see in the cosmetic industry is that practitioners use way too much tox- if you can pick that someone has Botox, it’s a bad job. Small units over a large area gives a natural look. Additionally many Doctors forget the need for volume replacement- once you hit 40 you need less Tox, and more fillers as things sag, and facial fat gets less.