Fraxel laser is one of the best lasers in the World. This laser can be used to treat skin pigmentation, wrinkles, acne scars and sun damage. It will give your skin a whole new texture and brilliance to it. Fraxel laser is gentle on your skin, with a recovery rate of 4-6 days. We recommend 1-3 treatments depending on your skin condition. I have published and lectured on this laser treatment for the past 3 years and invented the High Density mode. This method has been adopted by dermatologists in the US and all around Australia and New Zealand. My head nurse, Emily Hyde is the National trainer for this laser.

Facts on Fraxel laser

  • Fraxel is a form of fractional laser- namely this laser treats ‘fractions’ of skin, this means increased safety with all skin types and quicker healing times
  • Fraxel can be used to treat skin aging, improving skin texture and tone
  • This laser can also treat acne scars, skin pigmentation, age spots, and melasma
  • Fraxel laser is associated with a very fast healing time of about 5 days
  • Depending on the skin condition 1-5 treatments are required
  • All Fraxel treatments are individually prescribed depending on your skin condition, downtime and skin type
  • Fraxel 1927 laser is my laser of choice for the treatment of Asian and ethnic skin types
  • I also have 2 other types of Fraxel Laser- the 1550 and the CO2, these Fraxel lasers are more tiered towards acne scarring and skin rejuvenation

How does Fraxel laser work?

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Fraxel laser works by treating a ‘fraction’ or portion of skin, allowing health tissue to regenerate.

Fraxel is a form of fractional laser. There are numerous fractional devices that I use, including Fraxel 1927, Fraxel 1550, Fraxel CO2,Erbium Sciton, CO2 CORE fractional laser, ematrix RF, ePrime fractional needling, and fractional skin needling with Dermapen. All these devices work in a very similar way- they only treat a fraction of the skin’s surface. This means faster healing times, lower side effect profile, but consistent results, provided treatments are performed correctly.

Fraxel laser delivers columns of laser light. I control the density, power and wavelength and this in turns gives the results.

What conditions can Fraxel treat?

fraxel skin pigmenatation

We have 3 types of Fraxel lasers that I use, the 1927, CO2 and the 1550. Depending on what you would like to improve or treat, a custom prescription of the power, density and mix of lasers will be provided by either myself of our laser nurses.

Acne scarring– rolling and atrophic acne scars do best with Fraxel laser. In this setting I like to use the 1550 Fraxel. In my experience Fractional CO2 CORE is a better treatment for acne scars than the 1550 Fraxel. 3-5 Fraxel treatments are recommended.

Skin rejuvenation– Fraxel 1927 is the best laser for skin rejuvenation in patients aged 30-50. This laser can improve mild wrinkles, but the overall improvement in skin texture is excellent. Depending on your skin age you may require up to 2 treatments. My high-density setting or Photofraxel means the majority of patients will only need one treatment.

Age spots- Again Fraxel 1927 is my favored laser. I combine this with Q Switch lasers or erbium if the age spot is raised. Flat age spots can be treated with both IPL and Fraxel. All skin treatments are individually prescribed.

Sun damage- High density 1927 is my treatment of choice. This laser out performs PDT and creams such as Efudix and Picato. Healing time is only 5 days with this treatment. Expect up to 90% improvement of solar keratosis and sun damage.

Chest and neck rejuvenation – This is where combination Fraxel 1550 and 1927 works best. 1550 Fraxel stimulates collagen and provides tightening of the skin on the neck, whilst 1927 treats superficial pigment, 3-5 treatments are recommend.

Melasma- low power high density Fraxel has been shown to be help reduce pigment by up to 50%. 3-5 treatments are needed.

Asian and ethnic skin rejuvenation – Fraxel laser is my laser of choice in treating ethnic skin. This laser is gentle enough not to cause unwanted side effects, but strong enough to provide consistent results.

Is Fraxel the best treatment for acne scars?

fraxel acne scarring

Fraxel can be a great ‘overall treatment’ or generic prescription for acne scars, however as a Specialist I always ‘map out’ scars. Each type of acne scar will have a particular solution that is best for that type of scar.

Fraxel is excellent for rolling, atrophic and mixed acne scars. Scars such as depressed and tethered- anchored scars do well with subscision and do not respond to Fraxel. Deep ice pick scars do best with TCA CROSS chemical peels. Shallow box cars scars are best treated with one single session of erbium plus CO2 Fractional lasers compared to multiple Fraxel laser treatments.

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How long does treatment take?

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On average each treatment takes 15 minutes. Remember the numbing cream is left on for 60 minutes before Fraxel. Give yourself 1.5 hours for the entire process. Fraxel laser resurfacing is quick and painless.

Is the treatment painful?

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No. Fraxel laser is one of the least painful lasers we have. On a pain scale of 0-10 (10 being the most painful), most patients rate Fraxel between a 0-2. We use a specially formulated numbing cream that is 5X stronger than EMLA. This 23/7 gel ensures patient comfort levels.

If you are super nervous, this procedure can be done under partial sedation at Westside Laser Dermatology.

What can I expect after Fraxel treatment?

Your recovery will depend on the power and density of Fraxel. I will inform you of your exact recovery period. For a medium depth laser expect the following-

Day 1: immediately after laser your skin is slightly red, you can wear a special make up called Lycogel to hide this.

Day 2-4: your skin will gently but surely peel. Make up can not hide this

Day 5: your skin is pink and healing

Day 6: your skin is back to normal

Recovery is not painful, but you may experience a slight itch from day 2-4 as you peel.

For very high density setting, PhotoFraxel and Fraxel CO2, add another 36 hours to the above recovery

skin recovery fraxel brisbane Fraxel laser Brisbane shows recovery following fractional laser resurfacing.

Can Fraxel treat other areas of my body such as my neck, chest and arms?

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Yes it can – Fraxel is ideal for sun damage on your check, chest and arms.

In these areas it should be combined with IPL or BBL – a procedure we invented called pulse Fraxel.

We recommend a series of 2-3 Pulse Fraxel treatments for the very best results in these areas.

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How many sessions of Fraxel will I need?

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The number of sessions will depend on 3 factors.

  1. Your skin colour is the most important- darker skin patients will need more treatments than fair skin patients. (Darker skin clients include Asian skin, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern)
  2. The condition we are treating- acne scarring will need more sessions (3-5) compared to treating solar keratosis or sundamage – freckles. These conditions will only need one treatment.
  3. Your down time. We can ensure that your skin heals up in the specified or requested time. The more power that is used, the longer the down time, the less treatments you need. Conversely, if low power Fraxel is used, the more treatments are needed (eg. Asian or melasma patients).

Asian skin presents a unique challenge to Specialist – skin rejuvenation must be gentle or post laser darkening will ensure.

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What are the side effects that can happen from Fraxel laser?

Like any laser procedure, side effects can rarely happen from Fraxel. In fact this laser is one of the least complex procedures we perform.

Side effects are very uncommon however include-

  • Infection (less than 2% of cases)
  • Prolonged redness (more common in rosacea patients and people who flush and blush)
  • Darkening of skin (much more common in Asian patients or melasma patients- hence low energy sessions are prescribed)
  • Lines and borders- this is because skin is treated and ‘new’ in areas such as the neck and chest. This is easily fixed and identified prior to treatment. The solution is multiple treatments to ‘feather in’ treated and untreated areas. We will discuss the number of sessions needed if you are aiming for extra-facial rejuvenation. In these areas Pulse Fraxel is a better option for blending.

Fraxel laser Brisbane provides safe and effective treatment for acne scars in all skin colours. 

Why is Fraxel my favored laser?

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  1. This laser is gentle to the skin but delivers consistent results
  2. This laser doesn’t deliver heat in to the skin and hence can be safely used to treat Asian skin
  3. I can control the density of ‘fractions’ from 11 % all the way to 95+%
  4. This means I can blend in areas, and also treat stubborn areas with more passes
  5. I can combine this laser with all different wavelengths to achieve my desired outcome- this means combining this with CO2, IPL, Q Switch and even another Fraxel laser 1550.

Safety, patient comfort, flexibility and results- this makes Fraxel my go to laser in patients aged 20-late 40s.

Fraxel Laser Brisbane means that patents can get sun damage, sun spots and pigmentation treated with fractional laser resurfacing, Brisbane’s high UV index gives sun damage that Fraxel can erase. 

Can Fraxel remove wrinkles?


Yes. Fraxel 1550 and CO2 can help tighten the skin and remove shallow to medium depth wrinkles. Fraxel 1927 can remove shallow wrinkles.

For marked sun damage with deep wrinkles, my combination of Erbium and CO2 works best. This is called fully ablative laser resurfacing, and is reserved for marked sun damage, wrinkles, pigmentation, skin ageing and severe acne scars.

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How much does Fraxel laser cost?

Fraxel Laser Brisbane

  • Standard Face Fraxel cost $1190 per treatment
  • High density Fraxel / Pulse Fraxel cost $1290
  • Fraxel –face, neck, chest cost $ 1,390- $1,690 
  • 4 for 3 Fraxel – ideal for Asian skin treatments – pay for 3 upfront, 4th free

Note – *all treatments inclusive of numbing cream

**For chest and neck treatments we advise the 4 for 3 package

***Sun damage (sunspots) treatment will only require 1 high density Fraxel treatment

Is Fraxel laser covered by Medicare or Private Health?

  • No Fraxel is not covered under Medicare or any private insurance. As a guide Medicare will provide a subsidy for the follow lasers and conditions –
    • Scar revision conducted by a Specialist- this includes procedures such as subscion and surgical revision
    • Treatment of scars (acne, traumatic, and surgical scars) using fully ablative laser such as erbium or CO2
    • Treatment of red skin conditions including rosacea (conditions apply), red birth marks, including port wine stains and spider naevi, red spots that can be seen at 3 meters or more
    • Treatment of brown birthmarks. Medicare does not cover brown age spots
    • Sun spots can be covered by Medicare, however if you have a white or Gold Card from DVA you are entitled to PDT treatment

laser resurfacing medicareFraxel laser Brisbane by dr Davin Lim provides the best in laser fractional treatments 

My viewpoint on Fraxel Laser

Dr Davin Lim

International Fraxel Expert

Fraxel Advisory Board

Inventor of High Density Fraxel

Laser Dermatologist
Dr Davin S. Lim copy

The Fraxel laser is both our and our patient’s favourite laser. Fraxel represents fractional laser treatments at the pinnacle of laser development. It out performs IPL and even fractional RF treatments because this laser improves texture and fine wrinkles- even with one treatment! Sun damage can be markedly improved with only one treatment, recovery from this laser is only 4 days. Most patients have this done on a Friday afternoon, and they are back to work on a Tuesday. The big plus with this laser is that treatments are virtually painless.

Fraxel equates to consistent, safe, predictable painless results- time after time. In 2015 I presented my finding on HIGH DENSITY FRAXEL to the World- this regime has been adopted by Specialist in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Further studies are being conduced in these countries to push the boundaries of this fantastic laser.