Using a muscle relaxants I can perform nonsurgical facial slimming. This is also known as V shaped facial slimming procedure. Facial slimming was first invented by the Koreans and now it is extremely popular with the western society.

Essentially this procedure enhances facial aesthetics and gives a more youthful but also softer features to feminise the face. I often combined this procedure with dermal fillers to enhance cheekbones and also to re-sculpt the chin area. This procedure can also reduce teeth grinding and jaw pain also known as bruxism.

Facts on nonsurgical facial slimming

  • This is a very popular procedure to slim down the lower third of the face
  • Nonsurgical facial slimming has no downtime with an instant heal up time.
  • This procedure is performed using muscle relaxants to key areas on the face, sometime I combine this with dermal fillers to enhance the chin
  • Muscle relaxants decrease the bulk of the masseter muscle that causes widening of the face.
  • Over a period of three to six weeks the masseter muscle decreases and hence the face looks slimmer.
  • Having a balanced look given a natural outcome with softer features
  • The procedure is painless, and takes less than 10 minutes to perform

How will I know if nonsurgical facial slimming is the correct procedure for me?

Facial aesthetics is universal across all cultures.  High cheekbones together with a tapered face pointing down to a soft chin together with a define jawline evokes youth but also beauty.  This is universal across all ethnic races including Asians, Hispanics, Afrians and also Caucasians.  If you have broadening of the lower face, chances are you may be a candidate for nonsurgical facial slimming.

Fully ablative lasers remove all of the skin. I manually control the depth of ‘ablation’ and how deep lasers go. Laser resurfacing is skill and experienced based, whilst fractional lasers rely on computers and the machine itself. Whilst fractional lasers have their use, the outcomes are limited by the machine. In contrast, ablative lasers are limited by the skill set of the specialist.

Fractional lasers will require multiple treatments, usually 3-5 sessions, whilst in most cases fully ablative lasers will only require one session to achieve better results.

How do I slim down the face without surgery?

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The use of muscle relaxants is the key.  The most noticeable area of a broad face is the bottom of the face which essentially is the jawline area.  If you touched your jawline area and clench your teeth you may feel what is known as the masseter muscles.  This is a very strong muscles which can add to the volume of the lower one third of your face. Using muscle relaxants placed in key areas I can decrease the bulk of this muscle and hence slim down the face.

Can this procedure reduce teeth grinding- bruxism and headaches?

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Yes, facial slimming can also be used as a medical procedure to decrease teeth grinding and headaches. This is medically known as bruxism. Unfortunately this is not claimable via Medicare, however in many situations this can be a tax deduction. * Discuss with your accountant. Dr Davin Lim will give a covering letter to state this procedure for bruxism is medical and not cosmetic.

Is this procedure permanent?

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No it is not.  Nonsurgical facial slimming will need multiple procedures over time to help decrease the bulk.  You will notice a gradual reduction over three to six weeks.  I always bring patient’s back at the four to six week mark to correct any asymmetry.  This procedure will last approximately three to six months, however, with subsequent treatments you will need less muscle relaxants in this area. This also applies to bruxism or teeth- grinding. In most patients, the gap between treatment will increase with subsequent treatments.

Is there are any side effects with this procedure?

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Side effects following facial slimming procedures are extremely rare.  This includes asymmetry, very rarely there may be anatomical variance of muscle fibers which also control movement of the mouth which run next two to masseter muscle.  If these muscle fibers are affected there may be some facial asymmetry; however, this is reversible over time.

Can correcting a broad face also affect me medically?

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Yes it can.  Patients with strong masseter muscles in the broad face will often experiences teeth grinding, headaches and also TMJ (jawline joint) problems.  By reducing the strength of the masseter muscle, teeth grinding and headaches will often subside. There are no long-term implications of Botox to this area. The Universal shape of female faces should be Oval to Diamond. Square shaped faces signify masculinity. By decreasing muscle activity of the masseter I can reshape the face, and provide a softer, more harmonious look- this forms the basis of non-surgical facial slimming.

Is facial slimming treatment painful?

brisbane-facial slimmingNonsurgical facial slimming is very well tolerated.  I use approximately four to five deep injection points.  The treatment itself takes approximately one minutes to do on each side; however, meticulous planning means that I spent about five minutes on each side finding the correct muscles group to treat.  The procedure itself feels like ant bites, bruising is minimal and recovery is almost instant.  You will not notice any changes until the muscle relaxants work. This takes approximately three to four weeks and is maximal at the 6-8 week mark.

Is nonsurgical facial slimming covered under Medicare?

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No, facial slimming is not covered under Medicare.  This procedure, even though it has medical implications, namely decreased teeth grinding and also decreased headaches and TMJ problems is consisted purely cosmetic.  It is not covered by Medicare nor is it covered by medical insurance.

How much does nonsurgical facial slimming costs?

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Dr Davin Lim charges $22 per unit of muscle relaxant for facial slimming and jawlilne contouring.  You will require approximately 30 to 40 units each side (budget for at least 60-80 units) with the top up of approximately 10 to 18 units at week four to week six if required.

Can this facial slimming be combined with other procedures?

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Ideally facial slimming should be combined with dermal fillers. Why? Because dermal fillers and enhance the chin to elongate the face, whilst muscle relaxants provide facial slimming. Most often I combine two procedures in the same session, depending on one’s anatomy and chin structure.

Nonsurgical facial slimming and Jawline shaping by Dr Davin Lim

For 2017 and beyond I see facial slimming and jawline definition as an increasing trend.  Week after week I have more patients requesting this procedure.  This was first described as the Korean V lift facial aesthetic procedures many years ago.  It has been made popular by the K-pop culture of Asian societies.  This, however, has translated to a more universal status which encompasses for ethnic races, namely for a natural, harmonious and softer face one needs high cheekbones, a strong defined jawline and also a tapered chin.  If you look at most of the Disneyland princess’ and characters you will see that at all have this characteristic, V shaped face.  Slimming down to the masseter muscle is the easiest and also least costly way of reshaping and restructuring the face.  I often combined this with dermal fillers in strategic areas such as the cheekbones and chin to further accentuate the point of view of beauty.


Medically this procedure has many advantages including decreased teeth grinding- bruxism, headaches and also possible TMJ (jawline joint dysfunction).  Unfortunately, this procedure is considered as cosmetic even though patients may suffer from medical conditions.  Bruxism treatment is not covered by Medicare nor private health insurance companies.  The results, however, are extremely pleasing as the results are natural. Facial slimming and jawline definition is definitely on the increase, not only with Asian clients, but client from all countries-as beauty is Universal.

How much does laser resurfacing cost?

Cost will vary depending on the complexity and time taken for the procedure, as a guide-

  • Laser face lifts- $4990 upwards
  • Acne scar treatments- $2990 to $5500 depending on area*
  • Traumatic and surgical scar treatments – $2550-$5500 depending on area*
  • Upper and laser eyelid blepharoplasty- $2550-$5500
  • Medical conditions such as syringomas, sebaceous hyperplasia, angiofibromas – $ 2,800*

*Medical conditions such as acne scars, surgical and traumatic scars, as well as skin tumors are partially covered under Medicare. 

Laser lifts and laser eye surgery is considered as cosmetic and not covered by Medicare- Health Insurance. Price includes laser theatre fee, nursing fees, sedation and anaesthetic fees, and post laser recovery follow ups and dressings. 

Is this procedure covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance?

skin needling medicare RF

In medical cases laser resurfacing is partially covered by Medicare. Examples include-

  • Treatment of acne scars
  • Treatment of scars caused by trauma, or surgery
  • Treatment of pre cancerous sun damage, such as solar keratosis
  • Treatment of skin cancers such as BCCs or Bowen’s disease
  • Treatment of dermatological conditions such as syringomas, adenexal tumors, angiofibromas
  • Treatment of rhinophyma from rosacea
  • Treatment of birthmarks such as epidermal and sebaceous naevi

Cosmetic cases such as laser face-lifts are not covered by Medicare nor Private Health Insurance, however in many cases there is an overlap between Medical and Cosmetic. Examples include full face resurfacing for a surgical scar and pre cancerous sun damage with the secondary advantage of laser face-lifting as a by product. A case to case basis applies in many cases.

What should I look for in a Specialist if I am considering laser resurfacing?

dr davin lim laser dermatologist

Experience, equipment and aftercare. Your GP will know who are the best fully ablative laser specialists in Australia. Always look at their own before and after pictures, as well as ask them about the procedure. Being comfortable in the skill set of your surgeon is very important.

A great unbiased website is called Take a note of the before and after photos and an explanation of what was performed. Base your decisions on feedback and the photos you see as well as unbiased patient testimonial who have had this procedure done before. 

My viewpoint on laser resurfacing using erbium and CO2 lasers

By Dr Davin Lim
Laser Dermatologist
Dr Davin S. Lim copy

Even with the event of fractional lasers, fully ablative laser resurfacing using combination CO2 and Erbium lasers can deliver far superior results with only one treatment. By using both lasers, I can choose the amount of collagen stimulation in key areas- such as under the eyes and in front of the ears. This gives a laser lift.

If the patient has darker skin, I would use more erbium and less CO2 as dark skin or ethinc skin patients have a higher chance of skin darkening with CO2 lasers. If I am treating lighter skin Caucasian patients, I opt for more CO2 as in most cases sun damage and collagen production needs to be optimized in this population of patients.

The same applies if I am using this combination of lasers for skin scars- including acne and surgical scars. In this situation I aim to get ‘under the scar’ with erbium, removing old collagen.

For conditions such as Rhinophyma, the CO2 is a must- this laser delivers heat as well as ablation to stop the bleeding associated with lasering this condition.

In summary, laser resurfacing can be conducted for all sorts of skin conditions including medical resurfacing- scars, benign skin tumors such as syringomas, skin cancers, rhinophyma, and sun damage. Conversely, laser resurfacing can also be used to treat cosmetic concerns such as sagging skin, loss of tone, wrinkles, upper lip lines and poor skin texture. The flexibility of using BOTH types of lasers for different applications, combined with the skill level of the operator can result in a remarkable transformation. See the before and after gallery for more information.