This is our newest fractional laser-resurfacing device, and I am extremely impressed with how well it works on darker ethnic skin types. This form of fractional laser resurfacing has now downtime and is ideally suited for skin rejuvenation and the management of early acne scars. The fact that you can have this treatment and go straight back to work is a huge advantage over conventional fractional lasers.

Important facts on FOCUS Fractional Laser Resurfacing

  • This laser uses non- ablative technology, meaning your skin is not damaged by laser energy
  • Picosure FOCUS is a form of fractional Q Switch laser resurfacing
  • Picosecond lasers work by transferring energy to the upper layers of skin in turn causing  ‘spring effect’ in the lower dermal layers
  • Energy releases molecules that stimulate collagen and remodel scars
  • Each Picosure Focus treatment takes between 5- 15 minutes to perform
  • Using local numbing cream, treatments are painless
  • Recovery is almost instant, most patients go straight back to work
  • Picosure Focus is best for early acne scars, mild wrinkling, sun damage and skin rejuvenation in ethnic skin types
  • 3-4 sessions laser sessions are needed for best results
  • This is my personal laser of choice for up keeping of my skin (given I am Asian in origin)

What makes this form of fractional laser unique?

No downtime fractional laser resurfacing is the point of difference for Picosure Picofacial laser. All forms for fractional resurfacing, including lasers, RadioFrequency and even needling is associated with recovery time. With Picosure FOCUS recovery is almost instant.

After Picosure laser, your skin is slightly red, however with a special soothing balm, this redness disappears within 2-3 hours. This is the World’s first no-downtime fractional laser.
picosure laser brisbane

Skin has recovered after 7 hours after Picosure Picofacial Fractional laser.



How does Picosure FOCUS fractional laser work?

This laser is exciting as it has the power to generate plasma matter. For all the geeks out there, this means super energy levels. The unique aspect of this laser is that even though super high energy levels are generated, Picosure laser delivers this energy in short bursts, over a trillion of a second. This energy burst is then broken down to smaller ‘fractions.’

Energy then hits the upper layers of skin, sparing the lower part- this is important as this gives rise to quick recovery times. High energy displaces molecules in the upper skin, causing a cascade of collagen remodelling in the lower part. This is what I call the ‘Spring’ effect – treat the top to remodel the dermal layers. The end result is a reduction of skin pigmentation, but also collagen remodelling, resulting in less acne scars, better skin texture, decrease in wrinkles and improvement in skin tone. This laser works!



What conditions can Picosure treat?

Melasma and pigmentation Picosure IMO is one of the best lasers to rejuvenate skin and decrease pigmentation. This is my laser of choice for skin of colour. Melasma is a special form of pigmentation that can be reduced 3 times faster with Picosure Focus compared to ordinary nanosecond lasers. 

Acne scars including early rolling and atrophic acne scars respond best to Picosure FOCUS. I started the Acne Free RF Program in 2012 using RF or RadioFrequency Fractional, however in 2015 I have incorporated the Picosure Focus in this method of scar revision. Patients of Asian or Ethnic origin respond best because this laser targets pigment that induces growth factors. 

Skin rejuvenation using Picosure FOCUS has taken an enormous leap forward- this is truly the World’s first fractional laser that has almost no downtime. This laser works best if your skin is slightly tanned, and is ideal for patients of ethnic skin type. Picosure improves texture as well as fine to medium depth wrinkles, improving skin tone.

Picosure acne scarsPicosure-brisbane

How many treatments will I need?

3-4 fractional Picosure Laser treatments are recommended for best results. Depending on your skin type, treatments can be spaced between 2-4 weeks apart.

picosure focus

How long does each Picosure Fractional Laser treatment take?

This depends on the area treated. For acne scars, the average treatment time is 5 minutes, whilst skin rejuvenation may take 10-15 minutes. Best skin rejuvenation is achieved with this laser- especially in Asian and ethic skin . 

best skin rejuvenation

Is PIcosure Focus Fractional laser painful?

No. I undertake this laser every month using just a cooling device. Pain is minimal, however I offer all my patients the option for 23/7 numbing cream. This makes treatments painless.

Cream is applied one hour before fractional laser resurfacing.

How long will it take me to recover from Picosure FOCUS laser?

Best Skin Rejuvenation

You will be red for only a few hours following Picosure laser. This is the World’s first no down time fractional laser that actually works!

Following treatment I apply a special anti- inflammatory ointment. You should leave this on for one to two hours. Make up can then be worn, if required. This is the best skin rejuvenation for treatment of ethnic skin types. 

How much does Picosure Picofacial laser cost?

From $590 per session for CALM birthmarks – performed by Dr Davin Lim

Melasma and dermal toning including removal of pigmentation From $1100 per session. Performed by Dr Davin Lim

Most patients will benefit from a series of 2-3 treatments, depending on your skin type and what condition I am treating. Due to the complexity of this laser, I personally perform Picosure Foucs Facial treatments. 

Does Medicare pay for Picosure laser?

No. Picosure is not covered by Medicare, nor by Private Health Insurance- the exception to this rule is if I am treating a birthmark, such as a CALM or Cafe Au Lait Macule or Naevi of Ota, Ito. Medicare does subsidise treatments for red and brown birthmarks. There is no Medicare subsidy for conditions such as melasma, freckling, or even pigmentation due to sun damage. 

My viewpoint on Picosure laser resurfacing

By Dr Davin Lim
Laser and Aesthetic Dermatologist
Dr Davin S. Lim copy

This is the World’s first no downtime fractional laser that gives consistent results, improving skin texture and skin tone. In fact this is my personal treatment laser that I undertake once a month to reduce pigmentation and wrinkles. Have a look at the before and after photos to see how good it actually works.

The technology and science behind this laser is mind blowing. Unlike other fractional lasers, Picosure Focus concentrates a tremendous amount of energy in the upper layers of skin. This accounts for the ‘no downtime’ effects of this laser. So, if it doesn’t hit the lower layers of the skin, how does it work so well on fine to medium wrinkles? The tremendous energy developed by Picosure displaces electrons in the epidermis or upper layers of skin. This shatters pigmentation particles, but also starts a chain reaction of events that release chemicals from cells. These chemicals, together with the controlled ‘shock wave’ generated in the dermis, stimulates and remodel collagen in the deeper layers of skin. The result is an improvement in acne scars, sun damage and wrinkles.

Treatments are well tolerated, and if a special 23/7 numbing cream is used, Picosure Focus is painless. The point of difference with this laser is the true ‘no downtime’ recovery of fractional resurfacing. I think we have hit the pinnacle of laser dermatology with the Picosure Focus.