“b” is the World’s most popular cosmetic procedure. This is the stepping-stone for many patients to look younger and feel better about them selves.Muscle relaxant treatments can reduce forehead lines, frown lines and smile lines.
If it doesn’t crinkle, it will not wrinkle-‘B’ treatment the foundation of wrinkle prevention as well as treatment.

Facts on anti-wrinkle injections

  • Anti- wrinkle injections are safe, with a record spanning over 2 decades
  • The most commonly treated areas are wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines, smile lines and nose (bunny lines)
  • Neck bands, eye bags, and the upper lip can also be treated
  • Aiming for a natural look is far more pleasing than aiming for a frozen look
  • Anti-wrinkle injections can also be used to treat excessive sweating
  • Injections are well tolerated and take only a few minutes to perform
  • Dr Lim performs the “Microtox” procedure- this gives natural looking results
  • Anti wrinkle injections are commonly combined with fillers to enhance the  balance between tone and volume

What are anti-wrinkle injections?

This product is better known as “b” and is a safe purified protein injection. When placed in to specific muscle groups, wrinkle-causing muscles relax, reducing expression lines and wrinkles. This creates a softer, younger and natural-looking appearance.

My preferred muscle relaxant is BOTOX however, occasionally I use Dysport. Recently Australia has a cut price ‘Botox’ known as Xeomin. 

Why should I choose a Specialist for my treatments?

As an aesthetic and laser dermatologist I look at the big picture, not just lines and wrinkles. It is the balance between texture, tone and volume that gives the best results. Specialists are trained in all aspects of skin care, including the use of lasers, fillers and anti- wrinkle solutions. It is the combination of treatments that will restore and enhance facial balance.

Remember it is the balance between texture, tone and volume that gives natural rejuvenation. I also use a low amount of “B” – a special procedure called MicroTox- this gives great natural looking results. 

More on texture, tone and volume

How long do anti-wrinkle injections last?

Anti-wrinkle injections last between 3-6 months. It is advisable to have this procedure repeated 2-4 times a year.

In most patients Botox last longer than Dysport or Xeomin, however this is just my observation and individual results will vary. Short acting Botox like injections are due to be introduced in 2018 and trials are underway. 

What type of anti-wrinkle injections do I use?

botox-treatment brisbane 3
There are 3 types of anti wrinkle injections in Australia one called “b’ and the other called ‘D’ and ‘X’. 

In my opinion, ‘b’ is more well known, and accepted by the cosmetic industry and consumers, and often last longer than the other two types of muscle relaxers. 

Consumers know and trust the name BOTOX and hence this is my preferred treatment over Dysport. All three anti wrinkle injections, namely Botox, Dysport and Xeomin work – however individual results will determine what is best suited for you. 

How long does the procedure take?

5-10 minutes depending on the complexity of each person. If you have simple frown lines, the procedure takes 30-40 seconds to perform, however if you have droopy eyelids, we have to take extra time to make sure you don’t have any unwanted side effects. It also depends on how much B you are receiving.

Is it painful?

This procedure is very well tolerated. I use super fine needles reducing any pain.The use of ice during, and after the procedure can make this process almost painless.

How safe are anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti wrinkle injections have been used for nearly 2 decades, and are absolutely safe. There are no long-term side effects.

You cannot under go this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What are the common areas that I treat?

cheap botox brisbane
The most commonly treated areas for ‘b’ are-

  • The frown lines in between your eyes
  • Forehead lines
  • Smile lines or crow’s feet
  • Bunny lines or smile lines
  • Neck bands (when you say ‘e’ you can see these in the mirror)
  • Downward or sad lips can also be lifted w
  • Under arms- this is done to reduce sweating or axillary hyperhidrosis

When should I consider starting anti-wrinkle injections?

b” injections should be considered when you start seeing very early wrinkles- referred to as crinkles. Prevention of static wrinkles (wrinkles at rest) is the aim of treatment. Most of my patients start this procedure in their early to mid 20s- when subtle wrinkles start to appear.

The younger you are, the less “b” you require.

How much does it cost to have this procedure done?

My pricing is super simple- I charge by the unit. The cost is $22 per unit. I perform the procedure myself, and do not delegate this to my nurses.  The pricing of Botox will vary from doctor, to nurse, and my Botox pricing is reflective upon my experience- much like the premium you may pay for a director to cut your hair!

As a guide-

  • Frown lines- 20-35 units
  • Smile lines- 12- 16 units
  • Forehead lines- 12 – 16 units

I use less B than most injectors because I ‘scatter’ injections- this means you will receive a more natural look. Having this procedure done is much like going to a hair stylist- you are paying for the experience and training, and not just a procedure. Performed well, the results are excellent and most importantly natural. I can not re-inforce the importance for a natural look. The way I perform Botox is called micro-botox- this means I use the same amount of units, but use multiple injection sites- this keeps the natural look and avoids the frozen look.


Underarm sweating or axillary hyperhidrosis is subsidised by Medicare and cost $440 for 100 units of B. 

Can B anti-wrinkle injections be combined with fillers?

botox and fillers brisbane
Yes! In fact this is the ideal treatment. Remember filler replaces loss volume and LIFTS whilst anti-wrinkle injections relax muscles. The most natural look is improvement in skin texture, tone and volume.

Both filler and anti-wrinkle injections can be performed on the same day

Combination treatments gives the most natural results- fillers lift and add volume, whilst B injections relaxes muscles. Combing fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Botox can give synergistic results. 

My viewpoint on anti-wrinkle injections

By Dr Davin Lim
Aesthetic Dermatologist
Dr Davin S. Lim copy

I have been performing muscle relaxants for the past 14 years, and it is by far the safest, and most commonly performed cosmetic procedure I offer. I like to scatter small units of muscle relaxants, over a wide area; this is commonly referred to as “micro-tox’ in the industry. In my opinion this give a far better look, namely you would still be able to animate and move muscles, but you will look softer, younger, but most importantly have a natural-looking appearance. As the saying goes, I give the look that ‘everyone will notice, but no one will know.’

The biggest mistake I see in the cosmetic industry is that practitioners use way too much tox- if you can pick that someone has too much anti-wrinkle injections, it’s a bad job. Small units over a large area gives a natural look. Additionally many Doctors forget the need for volume replacement- once you hit the mid 30s you need less Tox. This is when I transition my patients from less “B” and introduce fillers. Fillers lift and replace loss volume, improving skin tone. Remember it is always the balance between skin texture, tone and volume that give the best results.  Botox is the entry point to preventing wrinkles and ageing, however I firmly believe that as one ages, the less Botox is needed- this is because as we age we want to lift and not drop or relax our facial features.