Excessive underarm treatments at $420*

  • Out of pocket expenses as Medicare covers this treatment


Don’t pay over $1300 for anti-sweating injections at Cosmetic Clinics- Specialists like Dr Davin Lim are accredited under Medicare to perform this procedure as a medical treatment. This means you only pay $420 dollars- that is nearly a saving nearly $1000.

Facts on underarm anti- sweat injections for axillary sweating

  1. This treatment is covered under Medicare for severe underarm sweating
  2. You are entitled to 3 treatments per year, 4 months apart as a minimum
  3. B for underarm sweating is highly effective- it works in 96% of cases. B stand for anti-wrinkle injections as under TGA ruling we can not name this however if you think laterally, the first word is B and ends with X.
  4. B works by stopping your nerves from stimulating your sweat glands
  5. B takes 3-14 days before ‘kicking in’
  6. Most patients will have between 80-100% sweat reduction in their underarms
  7. B last for up to 6 months
  8. It takes 2 minutes to perform anti-sweat injections
  9. It takes 4 minutes to complete the paperwork for Medicare Claims- imagine red tape takes twice as long as the procedure!
  10. Most patients tolerate the 10-15 injections on each side
  11. For painless treatment, you can use our special mix of 23/7 numbing cream an hour before B anti-sweating injections
  12. Dr Davin Lim is one of Australia’s most experienced injectors- he performed 316 cases in 2015 and has been trained in this procedure for the past 13 years. Dr Lim is also the National Trainer for this procedure and the founder of Sweat Free- a National Foundation for patients who suffer from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. 
  13. B can also be used on the face, hands and feet, however these areas are not covered by Medicare.

For more information on this procedure explore this website under Excessive Sweating treatments

Under Medicare law, Botox or Botulimum Toxin Type A must be used for the treatment of excessive underarm sweating as this is covered under the PBS scheme. We can not use Dysport, however for patients who do not hold Medicare, Dysport is cheaper than Botox and is just as effective for the treatment of excessive sweating.