skin gym brisbane

$3500 – for 12 months membership

*$9200 – if priced as individual treatments

What is Skin Fit and how does it work?

This 12 month program is designed for patients who want to maintain and further improve skin texture and skin tone. This personal program combines two of our best no-downtime treatments – dermal toning lasers and bespoke chemical peel treatments.

Chemical peels can improve acne, pigmentation, skin texture and improve skin tone. Teatment are painless, and take 20 minutes to perform. Depending on your skin type Dr Lim will prescribe a combination of BHA, AHA, or Vitamin A peels. 

Laser dermal genesis toning works by decreasing pigment, improving skin texture and skin tone. Dr Davin Lim combines two no downtime lasers to improve pigmentation and redness but also stimulates collagen. 

Skin Fit is simple- schedule two treatments every month- one prescribed chemical peel and one Dermal toning genesis treatment . Just two skin workouts per month will keep your skin health and refreshed. This program will keep your skin texture looking healthy and glowing- the best part? It actually works and has no downtime. Don’t waste your money on creams, microdermabrasion and facials, the Skin Fit program designed by Dr Davin Lim will deliver guaranteed results.

A consultation with Dr Davin Lim is required prior to this program. * Consultation fee will be waived if you are a suitable candidate for this program. As all treatments are bespoke, Dr Lim personally evaluates your skin condition prior to Skin Fit- this ensures that everyone will get results.