Free acne consult and acne treatment with our Carbon Blue light acne laser peels*

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* Free acne laser carbon peel with dual blue light therapy when you pay only $49 for the second therapy

Did you know that 90% of acne can be treated without drugs?

The Fiori Institute of Skin and body can treat all forms of acne, including blackhead acne, hormonal acne as well as cystic acne. We employ a combination of Specialist grade chemical peels, Carbon Laser Peels, Blue light, skin care products and high end Kleresca treatments to give you clear skin! No one needs to suffer the burden of acne

How do I know what is the best treatment for my acne?

Therapist at The Fiori Institute are trained by various specialist in skin care including dermatologist, and companies like Leo Pharma, Neostrata, Environ, and Obaji. We use this knowledge to tailor a unique acne free program without the use of drugs to treat your acne- effectively

How to I book in for a free consult?

The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body has two locations- one in Chermside and one in Garden City. For more on booking click here  

What is the catch?

No catches here, we are tired of seeing people being sold the wrong products or having the wrong treatment for acne, so we offer a free consult and a treatment that actually works. We take a medical history and photography. Unlike other clinics we work closely with dermatologist, and if you fall in the 10% of non responsive acne we will refer you to dermatologist who will prescribe effective medication for your condition.