3C Skin Rejuvenation – improving collagen, skin colour & clarity

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Skin Rejuvenation

3C Rejuvenation Program

This program was developed by Dr Davin Lim for the treatment of skin pigmentation and fine lines. Two factors make this program a stand out treatment from other ‘skin rejuvenation treatments’. Firstly it has no downtime. This means patients can go back to their daily duties after laser sessions. Secondly- this treatment works, and is especially suited for skin pigmentation and hormonal pigmentation known as Melasma.


What skin conditions can be treated with the 3C Program?

Skin pigmentation, uneven skin tone and skin texture as well as loss collagen and dull skin can all be improved. Fine lines and wrinkles can also be treated with this program.Hormonal pigmentation, known as melasma and sun damage from Queensland’s harsh UV exposure can also diminish with the 3 C Program. 

This program combines my unique blend of laser toning with chemical peels. 5 laser sessions, 2 weeks apart, followed by a chemical peel (AHA such as a glycolic or lactic acid peel) will noticeably improve all aspects of skin, including fine wrinkles, open pores, unwanted skin pigmentation, for better clarity and improved skin texture. This program gives skin rejuvenation that actually works!



How do I know what laser treatment is best for me?

I will guide you as to what is the best 3C program for you.

  • Your skin type. Asian and ethnic skin types can be treated with both lasers including the Pico lasers and Q Switch laser. These treatments are very safe in darker skin types. Over time you will notice an improvement in pigmentation and skin tone. With the 3 C program I use the QSL at a low level setting.
  • Patients with hormonal pigmentation respond better to treatments such as Q Switch over Fraxel. I usually combine a bleaching cream, sunscreen and anti-oxidants with lasers to achieve the end result with optimal skin rejuvenation
  • The program finishes with one no downtime chemical peel. This helps freshen your skin, removing dead skin cells, and brightens your skin texture as well.

All this for only $790 (includes 5 QLS laser treatments and one chemical peel)