It is time for a treat- just because you are retired, it does not mean you want to look retired. In the sixth decade your skin is loose, lax, wrinkled, with poor skn tone and uneven skin texture. 60 years of the Australian sun has caused sun spots, pigmentation and in most cases the scars from skin cancer. I use a combination of lasers, fillers, and lifts to reverse skin ageing by at least a decade. Naturally.

Facts on looking after your skin in your 60’s

Six decades of life means that wrinkles, volume loss and lines are accentuated
Years of sun damage will show up sun spots, wrinkles, skin cancers and scars

  • Volume loss will be marked on the temples, cheeks, and around the mouth
  • Jowl lines are visible, and eyelids get heavy and wrinkled
  • I use a combination of surgery, fillers, energy devices and lasers to rejuvenate your skin
  • My aim is to revitalise your skin to look a decade or two younger- with natural results
  • As in any age, the balance between skin texture, tone and volume will give the best outcomes
  • This age group is my favourite, as the before and afters are spectacular


The best procedures for patients in the 60s are-

Anti-wrinkle treatments– I hardly perform any muscle relaxants at this age. The only exception is around the chin area.

Fillers– Dermal fillers are universally needed for patients in the 60s. Volume loss is marked around the temples, mid face, and cheeks. Displacing volume will also result in a lift of the jowl lines. Aim for 6-8 ml of fillers. Fillers last over 2 years, and a top up every year to maintain volume is recommended. In the sixth decade we want lifting, not relaxing.

Laser resurfacing– Is the answer to improve coarse wrinkles, poor skin tone, and altered texture. Laser stimulates your own collagen to lift and smooth out wrinkles. Deep wrinkles from sun damage or smoking can be literally erased with lasers.

Eye rejuvenation– My treatment of choice is either laser or surgical eye lifting. I often combine both, removing excess skin on the top eyelid, and also removing wrinkles off the bottom eyelid with laser. I finish eye rejuvenation with a tiny amount of filler to decrease hollowness and open up the eyes for a refreshed look. Eye rejuvenation makes one look less tired.

Texture, tone and volume– this is the key to looking natural and refreshed. This applies to all ages from 20 to patients beyond their 60s.