M ake the second part of your life the best half. In the fifth decade you are living well, eating healthy, and of course looking after your skin the best way you can. This all comes with wisdom and maturity. If only you looked after your skin in the 20s as well as you do now. Brisbane and Gold Coast baby boomers didn’t know the effects of sun and UV rays. The good news is that the best skin rejuvenation methods are now available- using lasers, fillers, PRP, threads, peels and energy devices, I can revitalise, re-volumize, and rejuvenate- with natural looking results.

Facts on looking after your skin in your 50s

Five decades of sun will result in sun spots, age spots, wrinkles and pigmentation- all these can be treated with laser resurfacing

  • Laser resurfacing improves skin texture, and to a degree skin tone
  • Skin tone can also be improved with Ultherapy using ultrasound energy
  • Red veins and rosacea (red face) are commonly seen in the 50s and can be treated with V Beam laser
  • Redness on the sides of your neck can also be lased
  • Volume loss is more pronounced- especially in the mid cheeks and temples- replacing loss volume is important in this age group
  • Eye wrinkles are now static and no amount of anti-wrinkle injections will help- eye lid surgery or laser resurfacing can refresh these areas
  • In cases of marked skin laxity a mini-S face lift or thread lift can markedly improve skin tone – far better than laser or Ultherapy
  • The balance between skin texture, tone and volume will give the most natural and best skin rejuvenation

50s_treatmentThe best procedures for patients in the 50s are-

Anti-wrinkle treatments– I don’t use much Botox in the 50s, only for key areas such as the chin, and frown lines. In this age group I want as much lifting as possible.

Fillers– What a difference this makes. In the 50s patients can use upwards of 6-7 ml of filler and look fresh and natural. I believe that volume replacement gives a far superior result than anti-wrinkle treatments in the 50s. Think about things- at this age we want lifting, not relaxing muscles that hold up our cheeks. I concentrate on key areas to lift the angles of the mouth and open up the eyes.

Laser resurfacing– if you have heavy wrinkles, skin pigmentation and sun damage, laser resurfacing is the answer. This treatment will improve skin tone and skin texture. It is the Rolls Royce of skin rejuvenation. The downside is the downtime of 8 days.

Eye rejuvenation– As these are the windows to the soul. My treatment of choice is laser eyelifts, as this opens the eyes, and erases wrinkles. Often I add a small amount of filler to create lifting. If you have a lot of excess skin, I will perform a surgical lift.

V Beam Laser- this treatment is best for treating red spots, veins and the sun damage sides of the neck and chest area.

Texture, tone and volume– this is the key to looking natural and refreshed. A balance between all 3 will give results that Hollywood Stars can only dream of. This applies to all ages.

Videos to guide you for the best skin rejuvenation procedures