Work, career, kids, and and three decades of Australia’s sun can have a massive impact on your skin. ‘Tired’, ‘Dull’, ‘Wrinkles’, and ‘loss of skin tone’ is what I hear.
The aim in your 30s is to prevent and treat wrinkles, restore volume, improve skin texture and skin tone.

Facts on looking after your skin in your 30s

  • Wrinkles in your 30s are almost universal- laser and anti-wrinkle injections can relax and prevent lines
  • Volume loss, especially in the mid- facial areas can give you a tired look
  • Three decades of sun damage will give your fine wrinkles and pigmentation
  • Hormonal pigmentation from pregnancy is commonly seen
  • Eyelids start to sag in the mid 30s
  • My treatment of choice? Correct doses of fillers, and fractional laser to improve skin texture and volume
    Ultherapy or Thermage to improve skin tone- these devices are non-surgical methods to tighten collagen.

30s-treatment30’s ageing-treatment and prevention

In the mid to late 30’s, more filler is needed.
The particular areas that I concentrate on include the
mid game-cheeks, around the eyes (tear trough), lips and temples.
Wrinkle relaxing injections should be continued as prevention, and not treatment.

Product: Anti-wrinkle injections to the frowns and forehead area.
Dermal Fillers 0.5 ml to the mid cheek, 0.25 ml around the eyes. This reduces the look of dark circles.

Recommended laser: Fraxel or Pulse Fraxel (IPL and Fraxel combined)

Dr Davin Lim