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How to stop sweaty underarms- FAST

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How to treat sweaty underarms-fast

How to stop sweaty underarms– FAST

Performed by Dr Davin Lim, this treatment is covered under Medicare so you can be assured that this treatment WORKS. For less than $2 a day you can be sweat free. This means you can wear colours and your wardrobe will not consist of black clothing.  You will have new-found confidence. No longer do you need to worry about sweat patches during a presentation, or every worry what someone thinks when you raise your arms up.


What does the treatment involve?

Injections to the underarms – this takes less than 90 seconds to perform and feels like tiny ant bites. These injections block the sweat gland from producing sweat. This anti-sweat treatment is effective in 97% of cases with a safety record spanning nearly 3 decades. The best part about it – not only does it work but it works FAST, you can go from drenching sweat to no sweat in less than 5 days!

How do I qualify for this anti sweat treatment?

Firstly you must suffer from significant sweating. If you are reading this you have already qualified. Medicare defines significant sweating as having an impact on your life. If excessive underarm sweating stops you wearing certain clothes, or affects your confidence, it is significant.

Secondly you must have at least trialled a product called Driclor. I do not endorse Driclor but these are the rules set by Medicare. If you fail Driclor, than you qualify for this treatment.

Thirdly you must have a referral from a GP or nurse practitioner- that is the easy bit. As Dr Davin Lim is a Specialist Dermatologist a referral is needed. Reception on 07 3871 34 37 can guide you, or arrange a referral to see Dr Lim.

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If it is so effective why doesn’t everyone know about it?

Specialist like Dr Lim have been using this treatment method for nearly 2 decades, but only now has it been affordable via the Medicare and PBS scheme. In the past treatments use to be nearly $1600, now it’s a quarter of the cost. That works out to be less than $2* a day to be sweat free. The other restriction is that this treatment can only be performed by a Specialist and not a cosmetic GP.


How much does this revolutionary treatment cost?

Patients are out of pocket $420 for the entire treatment course- this includes a consult with Dr Davin Lim, nurse consultation and the entire procedure. On average patients will be sweat free for 6.2 months after just one treatment. Medicare subsidises 3 treatments per annum.


How experienced is Dr Davin Lim at performing this procedure?

Dr Davin Lim has performed this procedure nearly 2 decades, treating over 3000 patients. He is the most experienced Specialist for this procedure, having performed more treatments than any other specialist in Australia.**

Dr Lim has also trained other Specialist in Australia, US, Asia and the Middle East to perform this life changing procedure.

He is the founder of a portal for patients who suffer from excessive sweating. Additionally Dr Lim has several peer-reviewed papers on the treatment of sweating, and has published the Australasian College of Dermatologist guidelines for excessive sweating. His special technique of injections has made him the ‘injector of choice’ for many patients who suffer from underarm sweating


How to I make an appointment to have this treatment done?

Call Westside Dermatology on 07 3871 34 37 to arrange a treatment with Dr Davin Lim.

If you live on the North Side call the Fiori Institute Chermisde on 07 3350 6021 to arrange for a treatment.

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What other important facts are there you should know in regards to this treatment- Please read!

  • Treatment time takes 90-120 seconds
  • Treatment consists of tiny injections with a very fine needle that is directed to the area of sweating
  • Pain is mild, much like ant bites
  • In some cases patients stop sweating within 24 hours, in others it can take up to 12 days for maximum effect
  • Medicare only subsidies this treatment for excessive underarm sweating.
  • How to treat excessive underarm treatments FAST are limited to 3 treatments per year, spaced 4 months apart
  • Only certain Specialist can perform this procedure, Cosmetic Clinics and Spas are not specialist, and are not recognised by Medicare
  • Patients who are breast feeding or pregnant are not allowed to have this treatment.
  • The average person who suffers from sweaty armpits will have 6.2 month relief after each treatment
  • 3 out of 100 patients perceive this treatment as ‘not effective’. In this case Dr Lim will step up treatments – to date no one has failed to respond to the ‘How to treat excessive underarm sweating –Fast program.
  • To date this treatment is the most successful for treating excessive underarm sweating- sweaty armpits
  • This treatment has no side effects and no downtime
  • miraDry is another option that Dr Lim uses to treat excessive sweating, however miraDry 2 will be out in 2018. miraDry 2 will be better than miraDry with less side effects
  • For more information type on this treatment, there are many more article on this website pertaining to the treatment of excessive underarm sweating
  • In most cases, by decreasing sweat, it decreases the food for bacteria to breed- this means less BO

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Why choose Dr Davin Lim over other doctors to perform ‘How to stop underarm sweating – FAST’ injections?

Reputation, experience and passion.  3 things that I emphasise, I have a reputation to treat all forms of sweating, and to get the job done no matter how hard the case. Experience- I perform this procedure to up to half a dozen patients on a daily basis, and have been nominated by the prestigious Medicare Audit Award for the highest provider of this service in Australia since it was introduced as a treatment for sweaty armpits, or axillary hyperhidrosis.

If there is one ‘weird’ passion I have is to get sweaty patients back on track. Sounds odd, but this treatment is life changing. I understand that this treatment is life changing, and the impact of excessive underarm sweating is underestimated by the majority of GP’s. That is why I created  Every single page of that website was written by myself. Additionally I authored the guidelines for excessive underarm sweating for the College of Dermatologist. To me failure is never an option.


*Based upon costs and the average duration of treatments as per medically published studies. Results may vary from costing less than 50 cents daily to $4 daily depending on sweat gland sensitivity.
** Based upon Medicare Audits for the treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis using sweat blocking injections.

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