Where do I practice?

brisbane skin dermatologyI practice at Westside Laser Dermatology in Taringa. 185 Moggill Road. Westside Dermatology is one of Australia’s largest dermatology centers, with 10 consulting specialists. We all have our own special interests ranging from skin disorders, hair and nail diseases, eczema and allergies, skin conditions in children, as well as skin cancer and mole checks.

I only practice laser, procedural and aesthetic dermatology. This means the majority of my days are performing scar revision, fillers, lasers, muscle relaxants, scar revision, treating birthmarks, eyelid surgery and mini- facelifts. The only medical dermatology I practice is vitiligo and hyperhidrosis management. The only skin checks I perform are on DVA patients. 

NOTE-I do not treat acne, but only treat acne scarring. If you have active acne, one of our medical dermatologist can help you. Book in to see one of the following Dermatologist for acne management – Dr Tania Zaballa, Dr Brad Jones or Dr Paul Teng. 

Our contact number is 07 3871 34 37.

What is my consultation fee?

medicare for acne scars

A standard consultation fee of $230 applies. This is partially claimable via Medicare providing you have a valid referral. The difference between a Specialist and a Cosmetic GP is that Medicare recognises Specialist qualifications- speak to your GP as they will refer you to a Specialist compared to Cosmetic GPs for specific conditions such as acne or traumatic scars, birthmark treatments and other medical conditions such as melasma, skin pigmentation and sun damage. 

Some consultations are complex and take 45 minutes, others problems such as are keloid scars are simple and take 10 minutes. Consultations requiring a complex procedure will always take more time than consultations requiring a simple procedure. 

*Specialist Dermatologist assessment carries a Medicare rebate with the consultation fee.

**Referral advised if you are required to see a Specialist Dermatologist

Do you need a referral?

Yes, a referral is encouraged because-

  • It keeps a record of the consultation for your GP
  • Procedures such as acne scar removal, birthmark removals and scar treatments carry a significant Medicare rebate and we encourage patients to have a valid referral from your GP. Our reception staff can guide you thru this process.
  • A referral is not needed for cosmetic treatments such as muscle relaxants, fillers, and mini-face lifts. 

What are our opening hours?

Westside Laser Dermatology Australia is opened-

Monday to Friday 8 am– 5pm.

Saturdays 830 am to 1330 pm.

Are all procedures conducted on site?

westside acne clinic

Yes. We have 14 consultation rooms, 2 main laser theatres and 4 laser rooms.

All our rooms are approved by Queensland Health and Radiation Safety, and we maintain the highest standards in safety and hygiene.

Can I get the procedure the same day as the appointment?

In some cases,yes.

Simple procedures such as vascular laser for rosacea, spider veins and red spots can be performed on the same day.

Acne scar procedures will normally require planning and in most cases a local numbing cream. These procedures are booked in at your convenience.

Muscle relaxant injections take only a few minutes to perform and can be undertaken at the time of consult. Some cases of more complex fillers will need planning.