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Facial harmony and balance

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“The Importance of Facial Harmony; Balance of Texture, Tone and Volume”

The balance of these three points will give the most beautiful and natural results.

Texture refers to the palette of the skin, tone refers to high tight the skin is and volume refers to plumpness which evokes youth. The balance of all three is needed for the most natural look and the best outcome in regard to facial aesthetics.

Texture, tone and volume are the essence of facial aesthetics and keeping these three factors in balance will give the most harmonious but also the most beautiful and natural-looking results.

Let us explore each aspect of texture, tone and volume in the context of skin rejuvenation.

Texture. This refers to the colours and fine wrinkling of your skin. Texture can be much alike to the canvas of your skin. If skin texture is good, the wrinkles are very mild if not nonexistent and the colour is even. Poor skin texture includes patients with sun damage, solar keratosis, red and blotchy skin and skin pigmentation. It also refers to fine wrinkles and also pebble-stoning or solar elastosis, a very common condition seen in Brisbane due to high UV exposure. Skin texture can be improved with lasers and high-strength chemical peels. My favourite laser is the Fraxel 1927 to achieve a marked improvement in skin texture with one to two treatments.

Tone. I refer to tone as how tight the skin is. Pore tone is due to lax collagen and also loss of volume and ground substance. This manifests as heavy jowling, lines across your face, deep wrinkles, droopy eyelids and a tired look. Improving skin tone means that we have to stimulate collagen to tighten the skin but also the deeper layers of the face. My favoured treatment is Ultherapy if skin collagen is good. However, fully ablative laser resurfacing can also help if skin quality and skin collagen is poor. For patients with marked laxity, even poor skin tone, I often combine lasers together with surgical revision such as a mini-S face lift. This will give a dramatic, yet natural, result.

Volume. I think that the biggest improvement in skin quality can be improved using volumisers such as HA fillers. Skin volume depletes over the age of 35. We lose approximately 1 mL of collagen every year thereafter. A decrease in volume will lead to a gaunt and tired look. I practice what is known as freestyle filling whereby I place strategic HA fillers which are essentially synthetically made collagen in key areas of the face. This modified eight-point lift can also improve skin tone, as revolumising or re-inflating skin will also make the canvas of your skin tighter and more taut. Of all these procedures, skin volumisation with dermal fillers has the least amount of downtime. On average, a procedure will take approximately 30 minutes to perform. I usually perform between 2 mL to 5 mL of filler depending on the volume loss. Results are instant but, most importantly, natural.
In summary, skin rejuvenation is not about just laser treatment. It is the balance between tightening the skin, improving the palette but also replenishing volume loss. If we get all three factors in balance the results will be natural, harmonious and beautiful. This is what I enjoy most, combining science with art to achieve the perfect result.
Dr Davin Lim, Laser and Aesthetic Dermatologist

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