The dreaded double chin can now be treated without the need for liposuction.  As of March 2017, a new treatment has entered Australia.  This treatment is also known as Kybella in the United States, however due to TGA regulation we are not allowed to name the Australian counterpart. Needless to say, this is exactly the same formulation apart from a name change for the ‘Australian double chin market’

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Facts on double chin treatment

  • Non surgical no-liposuction techniques are now available in Australia for treating double chin fat
  • Injections are known as Kybella in the United States
  • Australia has this exact same injection called deoxycholic acid
  • 2-4 treatments are needed for best results
  • I often combine this treatment with Coolsculpting Mini as results are better with combination treatments
  • Best results are seen 2-3 months after the final procedure
  • Bruising and swelling are not side effects- this is seen in every who undertakes this procedure
  • The key to success is the correct candidate – selection is critical as this only treats fat and does not tighten loose neck skin
  • Unlike liposuction, there are less risks, costs and downtime following this procedure

What is Kybella made from?

Kybella – Belkyra is made from a naturally occurring chemical called Deoxycholic Acid. This acid formed in humans and is a ‘secondary bile acid’ and acts as a fat emulsification agent to break down naturally ingested fat. Though a strict manufacturing process, Allergan synthetically manufactures deoxycholic acid to the exact molecule found in the human body.

How can double chins be treated?

Until now the only treatment for double chins have been with liposuction or with a device known as Coolsculpting -Mini.  Both of these are reliable treatments, however, Kybella is another non-surgical method for reducing unwanted under chin fat.

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Which is better Coolsculpting Mini or injections for double chins?

If your submental or double chin fits in the Coolsculpting applicator, this is the better treatment. Why? Firstly treatments are more predictable. Secondly total down time is much less- 48 hours of swelling compared to 10 total days (2 sessions of under chin injections). Thirdly the procedure is less painful. Fourthly the mini Coolsculpting procedure is 1/3 the price of injections. So, when do I advocate injections over Coolsculpting Mini? Only if the applicator is not a good fit for your under chin fat. IMO double chin injections have a role to play, however it is not the answer for everyone with excess submental fat.


I often debulk double chins with Coolsculpting, then finesse with Belkyra for optimal results. It synergy that gives the best outcomes- and this applies to double chin treatments as well!


Can all forms of double chin be treated?

Double chin treatment with Belkyra injections is only suitable for stubborn supplemental fat.  This excess of submental fat causes double chins.  It is not suitable for skin laxity. The same applies for Coolsculpting MINI. An assessment is needed to determine if you will be a suitable candidate for either Coolsculpting or Belkyra.

How does injections for double chins work?

Double chin treatment

Belkyra or Kybella is a synthetic preparation of deoxycholic acid. This is a substance that breaks down and absorbs dietary fat.  This is a naturally occurring substance that has been manufactured and purified by a strict process.  When Belkyra is injected into the fat cells under your chin, it promotes the destruction of fat cells.  These fat cells then get absorbed by your body and over a period of 6-8 weeks, completely disappear.

How do I perform this procedure?

Belkyra double chin treatment  is performed by a series of injections into the fat cells under the chin/double chin area.  Each treatment takes approximately 15 minutes to perform.

How many sessions of double chin treatment are necessary to produce the best results?

double chin treatment

It depends on the extent of fat.  Most patients will require at least two treatments although some patients with excess fat in the area may require additional treatments. If you have a significant amount of under-chin fat, I may use Coolsculpting to debulk first, before finessing with Belkyra.

How soon will I see results from treatment?

Following double chin treatment, the results will start to appear within six to eight weeks of treatment. This timeframe is very similar with Coolsculpting Mini, however with this procedure, patients only undertake one session to two sessions.

What to expect from your Belkyra treatment/recovery?

All patients will experience swelling after double chin treatment. This will vary from individual to individual.  Expect small areas of bruising due to the injection points.  Though the product guideline says that there is minimal downtime, in my experience most patients can expect swelling for up to four to five days.  The use of compression, together with ice packs can help reduce the swelling following injectable double chin treatment.

Is Belkyra a treatment for loose neck skin?

No.  Belkyra is a procedure which is effective in reducing double chin fat, however, it is not designed for tightening skin, specifically.  If you suffer excessive laxity on your neck area you may require a surgical treatment or nonsurgical therapy such as Ultherapy.  Belkyra, however, has been known to tighten skin in some individuals, however, this is a by-product of the reaction rather than the aim of treatment.

Dr Davin Lim's viewpoint on non-surgical double chin treatment

This treatment is the second noninvasive treatment for double chins in Australia.  The first being mini Coolsculpting applicator.  Both treatments have been shown to be an effective and is associated with a very high patient satisfaction rate.  I do believe that patient selection is critical to obtaining the best result possible.  Without conflict of interest, I do perform both these procedures, but advice patients on Coolsculpting Mini as the first treatment of choice? Why? Because it works, it is less painful, less costly, and has less swelling and over all downtime. Certainly I will and do perform injections- only in patient’s that do not fit the Coolsculpting applicator. Given both have the same patient confidence rate, choosing one the best one will come down to the shape of your double chin. Most often I use Coolsculpting to debulk fat, and then use Belkyra to finesse the treatment.


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