CoolTech is the latest in noninvasive non-liposuction body contouring.  It is a newest generation of cryolipolysis devices that was first pioneered by Coolsculpting eight years ago.  CoolTech has several advantages over Coolsculpting including dual applicators together with deep applicators along the flanks.  At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body we combine both Coolsculpting together with CoolTech to achieve the best fat reduction outcomes for our patients.

Facts on cool tech body contouring and fat freezing

  • CoolTech is a nonsurgical non-liposuction technique that is aimed at freezing fat and body contouring
  • CoolTech is the latest generation of cool sculpting type devices whereby cold at subzero temperature for periods between 35 to 60 minutes destroys fat cells- permanently
  • This device works in the same manner as Coolsculpting and Sculpsure- namely permanent destruction and elimination of fat cells
  • CoolTech can provide a permanent reduction of body fat by up to 20% to 30% per treatment cycle.
  • For certain areas such as the flanks, the deep applicator size of CoolTech make this a better treatment compared to Coolsculpting
  • For the front abdomen, Coolsulpting has the larger and better applicator than Cooltech
  • For smaller areas Coolsculpting has a better applicator size known as the Coolmini
  • For gold standard in body contouring clinics must have different applicator sizes together with different devices such as radiofrequency, laser diode systems such as SculpSure as well as devices such as CoolSculpting, Cooltech and Endymed PRO. Only then can we deliver the best outcomes for all body types and sizes
  • Body contouring is not about one device – it is about the best fit for you. For optimal results it is the variation of applicators that will give you the best fat reduction as everyone will have their own ‘body type’
  • CoolTech and the latest generation Coolsculpting is only offered at the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body. 2 clinic locations – Chermside and Garden City Westfield

What is CoolTech?

CoolTech is a Korean company that has taken the development of Coolsculpting.  Coolsculpting series one devices first appeared in the US eight years ago and in Australia seven years ago.  Our Specialist doctors were one of the first to adopt Coolsculpting with generation one devices.  Both Coolsculpting and CoolTech work in a similar manner. This is known as cryolipolysis, meaning destruction of fat cell via controlled cooling.

How does Cryolipolysis reduce unwanted fat?

Cryolipolysis is a term that describes controlled destruction of unwanted fat in specific areas such as the abdomen, flanks, upper back and even in small areas such as the pectoral area and under the chin.  Coolsculpting and CoolTech use very similar technology, namely subzero freezing of fat for an allocated time. This causes controlled fat destruction and fat loss- permanently. The difference between these devices is in the applicator sizes. Some body types are more suited to Coolsculpting, other body types respond better to Cooltech. The shape of the applicator – namely the depth, and width is the determining factor as to the results you will achieve.

How much fat can I expect to lose with each CoolTech treatment?

Studies have shown that up to 20-30% of fat can be reduced with one treatment of CoolTech.  At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body we perform gold standard treatments, meaning that we have a large selection of applicator sizes and mix both CoolTech and Coolsculpting together with SculpSure and EndyMed PRO RF together.  This ensures that each body type can be treated with the best device possible.

Why is applicator sizing vital for the best body contouring results?

Both Coolsculpting and CoolTech use a vacuum type applicator.  Unlike SculpSure whereby applicators are placed flat on the surface of the skin, having the correct applicator and correct fit means the unwanted area of fat can be sucked into a vacuum.  This provides three-dimensional freezing of fat enabling the best possible results.  Freezing fat produces a more reliable method than heating of fat using RF devices or lasers such as SculpSure.  The disadvantage of cooling is that there may be associated downtime for some patients.  This, however, is minimal compared to liposuction. SculpSure is another reliable method to reduce unwanted fat with controlled heating.

What areas can CoolTech treat?

CoolTech can treat areas such as the abdomen, the flanks or muffin top, the inner thighs, the outer thighs, the inner knees, the outer knees, the upper back and pectoral areas as well as the underarms and even under the chin with its mini-applicator.  The rule of treatment is this, if you have fat that fits into an applicator, the success rates will be extremely high. In some cases your area of excess fat will fit better into a CoolTech applicator, in other cases, Coolsculpting maybe the better option for you. As no two bodies are alike we are trained to find the best fit for your body type. In general CoolSculpting is better with the Coolmini applicator for smaller areas – such as fat reduction under the chin or double chin treatments.

CoolTech applicators are generally deeper than CoolSculpting, and may have advantages over certain areas like the flanks or muffin top.

How many CoolTech treatments will I need?

The amount of cycles or treatments will depend on your expectations and the outcomes.  There are no limitations as to how many treatments one can undertake however, for most patients 2 to 3 inches can be lost off the waistline with two sessions using either Coolsculpting or CoolTech.

If you have pinchable fat then SculpSure treatment may be the option for you. Our experts will discuss the pros and cons with each treatment. SculpSure takes only 25 minutes to perform and has no downtime, but this should only be used on the flanks and abdominal areas.

How long it does CoolTech treatment take?

With the dual applicators, treatment times of less than 60 minutes can be expected. In some cases we may advocate the CoolSculpting Advantage- cutting treatment times to only 35 minutes. The treatment time will depend on the areas treated. With our dual applicators, the both flanks- muffin top areas can be treated within one hour!

Is treatment painful?

No.  Unlike SculpSure treatment whereby patients feel heat, cold is the only sensation felt with CoolTech and Coolsculpting treatment.  Massage after the event may be slightly uncomfortable, however, this is short-lived.  With both Coolsculpting and CoolTech treatments we encourage patients to reduce exercise activity for up to 48 hours post-treatment.

When will I see results following CoolTech?

Cryolipolysis for fat removal takes time- this also applies to SculpSure.  This is because it uses your immune system to remove the unwanted frozen fat cells.  It can take up to four months for maximal results to be seen.

Liposuction gives the fastest results; however, it is also a procedure that cost between $8,000 to $25,000 and involves hospital fees. Downtime following liposuction is significant- up to one week, with pain lasting 2-4 days’ post liposuction. Surgical liposuction still plays a role in rapid loss of fat.

In some situations, surgeons will use a laser to help sculpt certain areas, giving a 4 D liposculpture effect.

Why do we use both Coolsculpting and CoolTech?

The answer is because of the applicator sizing.  There are subtle differences between the applicators of both CoolTech and Coolsculpting.  In some cases such as the abdomen Coolsculpting is the better choice due to the fact that it has a large applicator size.

In areas such as the flanks CoolTech gives better results due to the fact that the applicators are more deeply inset which means more fat can be taken into the applicator thereby treating a greater amount of unwanted love handles.  For patients whereby time is limited we choose the SculpSure treatment due to the fact that it only takes 25 minutes to perform this procedure and the downtime following Sculpsure is minimal.  For patients who cannot tolerate the heat of SculpSure then certainly the EndyMed Proshaper using gentle Radiofrequency technology can decrease unwanted fat.  However, five to seven treatments are needed over three to four months.

At the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body we are Australia’s leading body contouring clinic. We providing not only clinical treatments but research and also teaching to other clinics throughout Australia and Asia.  Technology is constantly evolving and body sculpting/noninvasive body contouring leads the way for 2018.  As technology evolves so will our equipment levels.

So where does SculpSure sit in the scheme of body contouring?

SculpSure was invented by the same Specialist as Coolsculpting in Harvard. SculpSure has many advantages over CoolTech and CoolSulpting- namely this procedure only takes 25 minutes, and absolutely no downtime for the majority of patients. SculpSure is only suited to patients with a significant amount of pinchable fat around the waistline and abdominal areas. For finesse and body contouring, CoolSculpting leads the way.

For debulking of unwanted fat with no downtime, SculpSure is the treatment of choice. This is why we need many devices within our clinic – as each patient’s lifestyle, downtime and most importantly body type is different.
Finding the correct device for you will give optimal body contouring and fat reduction. Patients have to understand the concept- it’s not about one device, its about your body type, goals, and applicator sizing that will give the best results.

Dr Davin Lim's viewpoint on CoolTech treatments for unwanted body fat

CoolTech along with Coolsculpting adds another dimension in our practice.  The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body is a dedicated body-sculpting clinic which has the largest amount of applicators in any clinic in Australia.  This means we use all forms of energy to help break down and eliminate unwanted fat without surgery. We use all shapes and sizes of applicators to ensure your body has the perfect fit. SculpSure is the most painful, but conversely has the least downtime. The majority of patients can resume daily activities immediately after SculpSure treatment. CoolSculpting and CoolTech has the most predictable outcomes, and EndyMed PRO can give a good result, but is used to blend in troughs. By combing all energy sources, we can deliver the highest level of non- surgical, non-liposuction to patients.


Book in for a free assessment at The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body with one of my dermal therapist for an assessment to see if CoolTech is suited to your body type. NOTE- Westside Dermatology only has the generation one Coolsculpting device. This may suit your body type, however for better results I do encourage patients to be assessed at no charge at Fiori as we have 3 times more applicator sizes, including other energy devices such as SculpSure and the EndyMed PRO Shaper.