To reduce your time spent in my waiting rooms during your first consultation, I have provided the below forms in PDF format.Please download the forms in electronic format and fill them out before your visit.

Remember to bring your referral and PLEASE do not wear any make up if you need you skin on your face examined. I encourage patients to undertake research before visiting me, websites like and also the A-Z of Dermatology ( can give you unbiased expert opinions on treatment options for your concerns.

I will always give time that is appropriate to the complexity of your concern, namely some consultations take 10 minutes, whilst others such as discussion for face lifts, eyelid surgery and laser resurfacing may take up to 40 minutes. 

Looking forward to seeing you, regards

Dr Davin Lim

Laser and aesthetic dermatologist




Why is it essential you wear no make up to your appointment?

This is because I can thoroughly examine your skin. If you remove your make up during the consultation process, your skin will react to the frictional forces of make up wipes. This will not enable me to correctly diagnose your skin texture. This will lead to an inaccurate assessment and adversely affect your treatment plan. An accurate diagnosis is a good diagnosis.