Dr Davin S. Lim is a Nationally and Internationally renowned cosmetic and laser dermatologist who provides the highest standards of care and outcomes for his patients. His practice in Brisbane attracts patients from all around Australia and countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, United States, Europe and Indonesia. For patients who do not reside near Brisbane, Dr Lim offers an email service in order to obtain more information about your concerns. This can co-ordinate the extra time needed for your treatments should you elect to have this procedure performed on the same day.

Cosmetic, aesthetic and medical consultations – Dr Davin Lim, Cosmetic Dermatologist

Ideally, when patients are considering a cosmetic or medical treatment a face to face consultation and examination is the absolute first step in determining what is the best treatment for your concerns. This gives me an idea of how to develop a customised treatment plan to suit your needs, and ensure that your expectations are met. 

For out of town patients, I can accommodate both consultation and treatment on the same day for minor procedure only- examples include TCA CROSS, muscle relaxants, rosacea treatment, excessive sweating solutions, and dermal fillers. The logistics can be streamlined by high-resolution photos, and emails prior to the procedure. I ask patients to submit photos of their concerns and a detailed email of what they expect with treatment. This way it saves you time of the initial visit for the initial consult, then rebooking for treatment. All major procedures including invasive surgery, facelifts, and fully ablative full face laser resurfacing require a face to face consultation AND a 7 day cooling off period as deemed by the Medical Board of Australia- effective 1st October 2016. 

Acne Scar Treatments 

BY NO MEANS can acne or traumatic scars be assessed by video, Skype or photos- acne scars need to be evaluated in real time, with touch, feel and animation- this gives the most accurate diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.  Please do not send me photos of your scars. In most of my videos on YOUTUBE I have advised on Board Certified Specialist throughout the World. To recap. For acne scarring the best specialist that I know of (this does not mean others do not exist) are-

United States: Dr Jason Emer (Dermatologist), Dr Chirs Zachary (Dermatologist), Dr Rox Anderson(Dermatologist), Dr Roy Geronomus NY Dermatologist, Dr Sue Kilmer (Dermatologist), Dr Steve Winer (prominent Plastics), Dr Phillip Young (innovative Plastic Surgeon)

South East Asia: My mentor and colleague, one of Asia’s best dermatologist- Prof. CL GOH in Singapore.

Europe: Dr Emil Henningsen www.hca-klinikken.dk (specialist in all aspects of acne scar revision including TCA CROSS, subcision, laser resurfacing, and surgical)

Dr David Guardoli – Dermatologist in France with special interest in acne scars

In many cases of acne scarring, a one –off treatment is not possible for a good outcome, and the logistics of staying for months in Australia may not be practical. Additionally to properly assess acne scars Dr Lim examines via live 3-D angled lighting and animation- this is not possible with a Skype consultation, and IMPOSSIBLE to gauge accurately with photos. In this situation, Dr Lim will suggest an expert in this field closer to where you reside. 



For out of City patients we suggest staying at the Jephson Hotel,  63 Jephson St, Toowong, 4066. Phone number is 07 3736 44 00. This hotel is only 5 minutes from Westside Laser Dermatology

Online enquiry and Skype Consultations 

Sorry – I do not provide a Skype nor online consultation services as most of my work requires 3 D imaging, touch, and feel- namely a real live physical exam. This gives me the most accurate treatment plan for your concerns.  Emails are triaged by Dr Lim’s reception staff as he typically receives 150 emails per day. Cases that can be potentially treated will be replied to. Thank you for your understanding regarding how busy my practice is, and the logistics of answering every email accurately. Note, scar revision procedures can only be evaluated in real life consultations. And major medical procedures require a 7 day cooling off period by law- examples include fully ablative full face laser resurfacing, eyelid surgery, face lift surgery. Minor medial and aesthetic procedure DO NOT require a cooling off period. Minor procedures include treatment for excessive sweating, fractional laser resurfacing, surgical subcision – fillers, aesthetic fillers and muscle relaxants, rosacea treatments, and photodynamic therapy. If you are unclear about the procedure type we will guide you as logistics, and approximate costs. Please note that not all cases can be triaged in this manner, as complex cases will require a face to face real time consultation. Thank you for your understanding.

Dr Davin Lim, Laser and Cometic Dermatologist

Dr Davin Lim is a cosmetic dermatologist specialising in Juvederm, Botox, Restylane, Boletero, Fraxel, Dysport and may other procedures in Brisbane Australia.