Being upfront with a fee for service is provides you with an approximate cost, and while every treatment and person is different I can provide you with an estimate for a typical treatment.

Some procedures such as revision of acne, traumatic and surgical scars, anti-sweating injections, treatments for rosacea, red veins and birthmarks carry a Medicare rebate. This means the cost of the procedure can be partially claimed.

Treatments such as wrinkle removals, mini-face lifts, eyelid surgery and rejuvenation are deemed as cosmetic and are not covered under Medicare.

Consultation Fees

Dr Davin Lim $230* A referral is required for all consultation as Dr Lim is a Specialist. 

* Medicare rebate applies with referral, procedures on the day are additional and will be quoted prior.

** Consultation times will depend on the complexity of the problem and solutions. Some consultations take only 10 minutes, as the solution is straight forward, others take 40 minutes as solutions maybe complex. Dr Davin Lim will always allocate the necessary time needed depending on the complexity of the presentation. Please understand that 1 out of 3 patients travel from Interstate or Overseas to consult me. I apologise if I am running late as flight delays are beyond my control. I strive to give the necessary time to patients who have complex issues as this is best practice. I never rush procedures, and will take the time to get the job done with the best possible results. 

Acne scar revision procedures- per procedure

Subcision (including filler or PRP if required) – From $1290 out of pocket. * Medicare rebate applies for this procedure

INFINI PRP – From $2890, this includes INFINI, Fractional laser, and spot laser ablation as well as PRP. 

Fractional lasers (YouLaser, CO2, Erbium, Fraxel Dual, Fraxel 1927, eMatrix, 1540) – From $1390 (by Dr Lim for scars) Medicare does not give a rebate for Fractional lasers. 

Fully ablative CO2 or Erbium laser- From $5200 * Medicare rebate applies.  All procedures performed by Dr Lim

IF you hold a Medicare card, 2nd treatment on wards often carries a Medicare Threshold Ruling, meaning up to 80% of your treatment is covered under Medicare.  A personal consultation will be need. I examine scars under 3D lighting with muscle movement at different angles. This can not be replicated using photos or even Skype. Accuracy of identifying scar types is the very first step in scar revision and hence a face to face examination set the very best standards. I follow the rules of Medicare, meaning only scar revision procedures such as fully ablative laser, surgical excision, and scar revision on the face using surgical methods entitles patient to a Medicare rebate. As per Medicare Rules rebates only apply to Grade 4 acne scars. 

Muscle relaxant injections by Dr Davin Lim –‘BTX’

Per unit $22

Frown line – From $420

Smile lines – From $370

Forehead lines- From $370

Anti-sweat injections for underarm sweating- Medicare subsidised. Out of pocket $420 

Filler treatments by Dr Davin Lim

1ml of filler – $1090- 1490 

20-30s approx. 1-1.5 ml

30-40s approx. 1-2mls

40-50s approx. 2-4 mls

50-60s approx 2-8 mls

Laser resurfacing for rejuvenation and wrinkles

20s –from $1290

30s- from $1490

40s- from $1900- $4900

50s –from $3900- $7500

Laser for pigmentation and melasma -from $690 – $990  * Price is for 5 laser treatments, not one. 

Laser for rosacea, redness, broken veins and blotchy skin

$395- $490 out of pocket

* Medicare subsidised in some cases

Chemical Peels

Lactic, Glycolic AHA, BHA, and VITA peels- $98

Pulse Fraxel Fractional laser resurfacing

For rejuvenation of hands and arms $990-1490

For rejuvenation of chest and neck $1290-1490

*Best results with 2-3 sessions

Surgical Mini Face lifts and eye lifts

Mini S Lifting (surgical) – From $12,900

Eyelid surgery (bleph)- From $3990

Silhouette Soft Thread Lifting From $3,490

Stretch Marks Treatment

Small area (2 hand sizes)- from $790 per session

Large area (greater than above)- from $1390 per session

* Multiple treatments (2-5) are required for optimal results.My preferred treatment is with INFINI PRP. Results will ALWAYS vary. 

Dr Davin Lim uses primarily Botox, with exception Dysport. His dermal filler of choice is Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse as well as Boletero. Juvederm Volbella is used for acne scars and under the eyes, whilst Restylane is used around the mouth areas as well as the eyes. Juvederm Voluma and Volift are used for cheek Contouring.