Things to consider when choosing a cosmetic specialist

1. Check their qualifications

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In Queensland the cosmetic industry is poorly regulated and any doctor can perform cosmetic procedures from lasers, through to fillers and even breast surgery. The best way to check if a doctor is qualified as a Specialist is to ask them if Medicare recognises their qualifications as a Specialist in their field. If you require a referral from your GP, you will be seeing a Specialist. Ask your GP for advice on how to find out if a doctor is a Specialist.

2. Look at their before and after results

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Many cosmetic doctors will provide before and afters from other companies. Always ask to see their own before and after work. This will inform you how many procedures they have done, and the real results they can achieve with their own talent.

3. Choose a Specialist who can deliver the complete result

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Consider a Specialist who is trained in all areas of rejuvenation. This includes surgery, laser, fillers and muscle relaxants. The art of beauty starts from the first procedure, and ends at maintaining the end result. This gives you the natural and harmonious results, as all treatments can be planned by the treating Specialist.

4. Talk to your GP

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Have a chat to your GP for an unbiased opinion in regards to who they would have perform their own treatments. Most would agree that a doctor with Specialist qualifications in their field would be first line providers.

5. Review other patient’s experiences

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Patient testimonials are one of the most powerful methods to make a decision. World wide forums such as is an excellent place to learn about your Specialist or a procedure

6. Come in for a Consultation

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Meet your prospective Specialist and ensure that they are on the same page as you. They need to clearly understand your concerns and your expectations. Decide what you want to improve and convey this to your Specialist. This way we are more likely to understand your concerns and deliver a realistic outcome you are looking for. Building rapport and feeling comfortable with your prospective Specialist is extremely important. Watch my YouTube videos under Dr Davin Lim– this is me, I am super casual, relaxed, but downright professional to the bone, if my personality suits you, come see me. If you would like someone formal who needs to be addressed a ‘Dr So and So’, I am not that doctor. My results and reputation speaks for who I’am. Don’t address me as Dr Lim, I work hard to be on level with my patients- call me Davin.