Before seeing me, you may want to know a little about your skin condition, or treatments available. You can search thru this website for more information. This information is only a guide, as I will always tailor a program for you. Other peer reviewed websites to gather knowledge include and  These websites can assist you with making your decisions and empowering your with the correct knowledge. 

To allow an accurate examination of your facial skin, please ensure that all make up is removed well before the consultation.Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment as there are new patient forms to fill out.  Pre-filling the forms from our New Patient Pack will save time.

Consultation times range from 10 minutes for very easy cases like chicken pox scars and keloid scars, through to 40 minutes for more complex cases such as laser, face lifts, and eye lift surgery. Photographs are always taken for documentation prior to any procedures. I respect your identity and ensure the utmost in patient confidentiality. I always give the necessary time that is proportional to the complexity of the problem. Some problems can be fixed in a few minutes, whilst complex treatment programs will take time to assess, document, and photograph. Please note that I do not see standard cases of acne, only cases of acne scarring. If you do have acne and acne scarring, I will treat your scars, but will arrange for another medical dermatologist to manage your acne. 

What else can I do to help with my consultation?

To assist  me, you should plan any questions not addressed in the relevant sections on procedures  and treatments. For cosmetic patients, you may have in mind a particular treatment or an idea what you want to achieve.  We have prepared comprehensive information on our treatment throughout the website. I encourage all patients to take their own photos, this is especially important for patients who have acne scars. This way you can see your own progress over time. 


I work at Westside Dermatology which is a private billing practice. Patients are encouraged to have a valid referral from their own doctor to obtain Medicare rebates for medical conditions such as scarring, birthmarks, anti-sweat treatments, rosacea and even pigmentation. In some cases the procedure can be carried out on the same day. A documented quote will be provided before any procedure is carried out. Remember that referral as most procedures will carry a Medicare rebate as I am a Specialist. 

New patients – $ 230

Follow up patients- $ 177


On site parking is available at Westside Dermatology. The car park entrance is a narrow lane way immediately beyond the building. Car parking is also available before and after our practice.The City Council also provides off street parking with a 2 hour time limit. We suggest patients arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to allow for parking.