Texture, tone and volume- 3 things that govern how we look and age. At different times of our lives, the balanced correction of skin texture, tone and volume will give us youth, beauty and harmony – for a natural, fresher and younger you. I use a combination of fillers, lasers, and surgery to approach the elusive fountain of youth.

Facts on improving texture, tone and volume

  • Skin texture refers to the palate of the skin – namely the skin colours, sun damage, red and brown spots and dots
  • Skin texture can be improved with lasers, and chemical peels
  • Skin tone refers to how tight your skin is – jowl lines, cheek lines, nasolabial folds, heavy eyelids, loose skin, wrinkles under the eyes are all examples of poor skin tone
  • Skin tone can improved with laser or surgical lifting
  • Skin volume refers to how full your skin is, namely the amount of collagen and fat in your skin
  • Skin volume can be addressed using lasers, dermal fillers and fat transfer
  • Balancing skin texture, tone and volume will give the most natural results that reflects beauty and youth

What is skin texture?

Skin texture refers to the colour and contours of your skin. Good texture is evenly coloured without any fine wrinkles. Living in Brisbane, UV exposure alters skin texture- fine wrinkles start to develop, more sun spots, age spots, and red veins appear. The colours in your skin are referred to as the texture. Even texture evokes youth and beauty.

before skin texture

Notice the spots, dots and redness, this is referred to as uneven skin texture.

How can I improve skin texture?

Skin texture is very easy to correct, but this depends on your skin type (ethnic skin colour). For Caucasian skin, mild changes in skin texture can be corrected with chemical peels.

For moderate to severe changes in skin texture, my signature treatment is my High Density Fraxel Laser. Fraxel will remove between 70-90% of brown marks and sun damage in one treatment.

Red veins, broken capillaries, red splotches and dots can be treated with V Beam Vascular laser.

treating skin texture brisbane

What is skin tone?

Tone refers to how taught your skin is- this tightness is due to 2 main factors; how much new collagen you have in your skin, and how strong your ‘skin ligaments’ are. Tone refers to laxity, wrinkles, jowl lines, and bags underneath the eyes. Tone also refers to upper eyelid hooding and laxity. As we age, our collagen and ligaments weaken with time. This scaffolding is what holds our skin up, and keeps skin tight and youthful.

Skin tone can be improved with surgical mini face-lifts, liquid filler lifts, eyelid surgery or lasers.

wrinkle removal-brisbane 1

How can I improve skin tone?

Skin tone can be improved by 3 methods.

For mild cases of decreased skin tone, RF eMatrix radiofrequency can stimulate collagen and provide a lift.

For moderate cases, laser face-lifts can give a marked improvement in skin tone.

For severe cases of skin laxity and very poor skin tones, a mini-s face-lift will give beautiful, long lasting but natural results.

dr davin lim laser dermatologist

What is skin volume?

This is one of the most over looked aspects of the 3 important features of beauty- skin texture, tone and volume. Volume refers to how full your skin is. Fullness is a combination of both fat and volume. As we age, one of the first areas to go is mid facial fat. By improving skin volume, we can significant reverse ageing.

Volume replacement should start in the mid 30s- in fact I think dermal fillers are often under utilized, and most patients go for Botox first. Botox is great at preventing wrinkles- fillers are best at actively replacing volume.

brisbane juvederm

Note the patient’s right cheek and tear toughs? A subtle but natural look can be achieved with fillers. IMO volume is the one of the most important aspects as it can not be hidden with make up.

How can I improve skin volume?

Dermal fillers are the number one method of replacing skin volume. Fillers are safe, and last up to 2 years. They are made of a naturally occurring substance called HA or Hyaluronic Acid. My filler of choice is Juvederm.

Lasers can also help with skin volume by stimulating collagen. Collagen tightens and fills the dermal layers of the skin.

laser resurfacing brisbane

Laser can improve wrinkles, texture and to a degree volume.

What are Synergy treatments?

I have used this term in many of my programs- this means it often takes more than one treatment to come up with a solution.

If the problem is ‘skin ageing’ the answer is not just Botox or Juvederm. We address the individual aspects of skin ageing to come up with the best solution.

For example, someone in their mid 40s that has seen the Queensland sun will have alterations in skin texture, skin tone, and volume. The combination of treatments, termed Synergy maybe Fractional laser to address skin texture, and tone, and most likely a tiny bit of filler to replace volume. Botox does not come in to the early equation, but maybe performed after these treatments as a preventive.

Conversely, someone in their 60s-70s may have marked alteration in skin texture, tone and volume. In this case I will perform lifting- either by surgery or by laser, depending on how much laxity is present. This is then followed by volume replacement. Botox is not used as it relaxes muscles, often worsening the outcome. In this age group we want lifting.

brisbane cosmetic before

brisbane cosmetic after

How much do treatments cost?

juvederm brisbane face lift

This depends on what is needed for optimal results. Generally pricing is proportional to your age.

If you are in your mid 30s, budget for one Fraxel laser treatment and 1 ml of filler. Here is a price guide based upon age-

  • 30s-40s 1ml dermal filler $990, texture correction from $990
  • 40s-50s 2.5 ml filler, $ 2470, texture correction from $1990
  • 50s-70s, 2.5 -3ml filler $2970, texture and tone correction $2990+
  • Face lifts and eyelid surgery, starts from $8900

My viewpoint on texture, tone and volume correction

By Dr Davin Lim
Aesthetic Dermatologist
Dr Davin S. Lim copy

These are the 3 things that define beauty- texture, tone and volume.

When Specialists assess an individual, we don’t look at how much Botox, Restylane, Perlane, or Juvederm we can place in! We think, what is it that can best balance does this patient needs? What is the palate of the skin? Can this be improved? Does pigmentation bother you, or the red veins? What is the least amount of filler that needs to be used to get the best result? How can we scatter Botox to make things look natural? Does skin laxity need to be addressed to tighten up wrinkles and address jowls and eye bags, or even heavy eyelids?

By addressing texture, tone and volume gives facial harmony. The result? Natural beauty that is balanced by addressing all three factors- Texture, Tone, and Volume.

The biggest mistake I see in the cosmetic industry is that practitioners use way too much tox- if you can pick that someone has Botox, it’s a bad job. Small units over a large area gives a natural look. Additionally many Doctors forget the need for volume replacement- once you hit 40 you need less Tox, and more fillers as things sag, and facial fat gets less.