We now have the technology and experience to lighten and brighten all skin types, including ethnic and Asian skin. I use a combination of lasers including Fraxel, Clear+Brilliant and my favourite laser for ethnic skin types- the Picosure Picofacial Focus. I often combine lasers with compounded creams for better results.

Facts on skin lightening and brightening

  • My specialist brightening and lighten programs consists of a combination of peels, lasers and bleaching creams
  • All forms of pigmentation can be lightened including age, ethnic, as well as hormonal related pigmentation
  • Age spots, freckles, and sun spots are the easiest to treat
  • Hormonal and pregnancy related pigmentation takes a few weeks before results are seen
  • My 3C Program utilises various lasers such as Picosure Focus, Clear+Brilliant and Fraxel to help improve skin clarity, collagen and skin colour
  • Skin lightening can also treat racial pigmentation- lasers creams and sunscreen can fade darker skin types
  • Realistically with sun protection, lasers and peels, skin can be lightened by one shade

How do I lighten and brighten skin?

Bespoke treatments that are individualised for YOUR skin type gives the best results. I use a combination of prescription or compounded creams, hand picked medical grade products, peels and lasers, and match each one to your skin condition, as well as your skin type (your ethnic skin colour).

I can also lighten your ethnic skin colour (a shade lighter), with the use of SPF, creams, and lasers.

Pregnancy and hormonal related pigmentation, most often due to melasma, can also be effectively treated with creams and lasers. 

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What is Fraxel laser and how does it work?


Fraxel is our favourite laser for lightening and brightening skin of all ethnic skin types, including Caucasian and Ethnic skin. This laser is flexible as it can be customised to treat sun damage, sun-spots, wrinkles, and even scars.

Fraxel can be combined with IPL, a procedure known as Pulse Fraxel– this gives amazing results in just one treatment.

Fraxel laser is a form of fractional laser resurfacing, meaning only parts of your skin’s surface is treated with laser- this means faster healing times, with the added benefit of safety.

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What other lasers do we use to lighten and brighten skin?

Picosure laser can be used in paint brightening mode. It works by breaking up pigment and decreasing pigment production. Treatments are quick, painless, most of all this laser has no downtime, meaning you can wear make up immediately after the procedure. This laser is ideal for the treatment of ethnic skin types and hormonal pigmentation or melasma.

Skin brightening, as well as improvement in skin tone can be achieved via my 3 C Program for improving collagen, clarity and colour. 5 treatments are performed over 10 weeks to achieve a reduction in wrinkles, pores as well as skin lightening and pigment correction. I use the Revlite Laser for this procedure.

Another laser that I use to lighten skin is the Clear+Brilliant laser. This gentle laser has no downtime and is best combined with skin vitamins and bleaching creams. 

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What special creams do I use to lighten skin?

I use a mixture of both compounded creams and several specialist range products that actually do work!

Depending on your skin type, I use a combination of vitamin A, B, Cs as well as bleaching agents. Each patient is different, and I will formulate a unique concentration for your skin based upon careful examination.

My Laser Nurses have extensive product knowledge and will never on sell a product range- we hand pick the best creams for different brands for YOUR skin.

Can chemical peels help with dark spots and dots?

Yes. My Specialist Nurses can employ a range of chemical peels including AHAs, BHAs, TCA peels and Vitamin A peels. Chemical peels have minimal or no downtime and can be tailored to your skin type.

Peels can also improve skin texture, and tone, as well as decrease fine wrinkles. (Wrinkle improvement is seen with a series of peels, usually over a few months).

Here are some of the peels we perform –

  • AHA Glycolic Peels, Neostrata – Clinical Range (up to 70%)
  • Lactic acid peels
  • Vita Peels- High strength retinoic acid
  • TCA- low strength
  • TCA and Jessner’s peel- high strength (By Dr Davin Lim, Dermatologist)

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Can pregnancy or the pill associated skin pigmentation be treated?

Yes, this is a special form of skin pigmentation called Melasma, and treatment with gentle lasers, creams, and peels are possible. Never treat melasma with IPL or this condition can worsen.

Our laser protocols have been developed by Dr Davin Lim, Specialist Dermatologist. We use a combination of high factor SPF, lightening creams and low dose lasers to achieve the highest success rate possible. Melasma or hormonal pigmentation must be treated gently, or the condition may worsen.

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How long will it take to lighten and brighten my skin?

This depends on the diagnosis. Freckles and sunspots take the least amount of time to fade, whilst racial or ethic pigmentation can take a few weeks before you notice results.

Conditions such as melasma may take up to 4 weeks before you see improvement, whilst age spots can be lightened within one session.

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Can we treat Ethnic and Asian skin types safely?

Yes. I regularly see skin of colour and can safely and effectively lighten and brighten all skin types- including darker skin patients. I have unique settings on our Fraxel laser as well as my unique 3C Program to help improve skin colour, clarity and collagen.

Age spots, dark spots, as well as background pigmentation can be lightened with a combination of lasers and creams. For skin of colour my favourite lasers are the Picosure, Fraxel, Revlite, and the Clear+Brilliant laser. 

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How much are treatments?

  • Chemical peels start from $98
  • Fraxel laser from $990
  • Picosure Picofacial $690
  • 5 Revlite skin toning sessions $690

Laser treatments for brown spots and skin lightening are not covered by Medicare.

Why are we one of Brisbane’s most experienced laser centrers and what makes us different?

Skin lightening and brightening is a science of diagnosis and management. Experience and the very best equipment makes us unique. Dr Davin Lim has undertaken further laser training in Malaysia and Singapore, enabling him to confidently and successfully treat Ethnic and Asian skin types. He also lectures in these countries.

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My viewpoint on skin lightening and brightening

By Dr Davin Lim
Laser Dermatologist
Dr Davin S. Lim copy

Skin tightening, and brightening can be achieved with a variety of lasers, peels and products. Firstly, identifying the type of pigmentation is very important. Why? Because ideal lightening depends on the cause. Ethnic skin can be taken one ‘skin type’ or one shade back, meaning darker races can be lightened. The extremely high UV index in Brisbane means that even though treatments are effective, the use of a high SPF sunscreen is essential for maintenance.

Brightening skin due to hormonal or pregnancy related changes (called the mask of pregnancy or melasma) can be challenging. This is a special form of pigmentation and lightening must be gentle, or darkening can occur. Specialist formulated creams form the basis of treatment, along with a high factor sunscreen. This is a unique form of pigmentation that responds better to gentle Picosure laser treatments, than Fraxel laser.

Fraxel laser is my favourite laser for sun damage, sun spots and freckles. In some cases I combine Fraxel with IPL, in other patients I use Fraxel then follow this up with Picosure Picofacial for skin toning. As with all treatments performed at Westside Laser, a tailored program gives the best results.