CO2 laser has been the Gold Standard for the treatment of Rhinophyma for the past decade, however Specialist now combine this laser with fractional CO2 laser to deliver even better results. Laser works by vaporising excessive tissue growth on the nose. Dr Lim uses his skill to reshape and resculpture rhinophyma-rosacea giving back your nose the normal shape and contours. All cases of rhinophyma can be improved with this procedure, no matter how mild or severe. Treatments are subsidised by Medicare. Rhinophyma laser surgery can be life changing.

Facts on laser surgery for rhinophyma

  • CO2 laser coupled with fractional laser is the Gold Standard for the treatment of rhinophyma
  • Surgery can be combined with laser for extremely severe cases of rhinophyma
  • Laser precisely sculpts excessive tissue vapouring it back to the normal shape of a nose
  • Rhinophyma correction takes 30-60 minutes to perform
  • This procedure is done under partial sedation and is painless
  • Once treated, rhinophyma rarely recurs
  • Laser treatments are partially covered by Medicare
  • Healing time following laser ranges between 9 days to 3 weeks

How will I know if laser rhinophyma correction is right for me?

Rhinophyma treatment is subjective, and elective. Consider laser surgery if-

    •   You are embarrassed either socially or emotionally about your condition
    •   If you feel that your job prospects are limited by your look
    •   If you suffer medical problems such as breathing difficulties
    •   If you just want to look better and have your old nose back!

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What is involved with the laser procedure?

Planning and assessment: A medical history is taken prior to the procedure, as well as 3D photography as a map. Bringing in old photos will help me pre determine how much tissue to remove. Planning and assessment occurs weeks or months prior to rhinophyma laser surgery.


Day of procedure: Twilight premedication followed by local injection and nerve blocks. This takes 30 minutes to perform. The laser procedure is preformed by Dr Lim and an assistant laser nurse in an operating theatre. The number of passes and tissue removed will depend on the severity of your rhinophyma. Most cases take 30-60 minutes to perform.


Immediate post laser recovery: 30-60 minutes in our recovery room. Once twilight anaesthetic has worn off, our laser nurse will discuss post op skin care. Most patients will be seen the day after the procedure.


Two weeks laser recovery: We can either conduct the follow-ups face to face, or by email. Most patients prefer photos and secured email, as this is more convenient. Dr Lim and his team of nurses will guide you thru the recovery processes.

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What kind of lasers do I use to treat rhinophyma?

Dr Davin Lim uses a CO2 laser from Candela. He combines fully ablative CO2 Laser with Fractional laser to deliver superior results than with only ablative laser. A CO2 laser is chosen over Erbium laser due to the superior coagulation (stops bleeding). In severe cases of rhinophyma, Dr Lim combines surgical techniques with laser to achieve the desired results.

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Is laser treatment for rhinophyma painful?

No. The combination of twilight sedation and local blocks to the nose makes this a painless procedure. Post laser resurfacing, you can expect mild pain, much like sunburn. This may last for days to one week. Applying a healing balm and staying out of the sun will decrease post laser pain.

How long will it take me to recovery from laser?

12-21 days. This depends on the amount of tissue I remove from your nose and your ability to heal. The first week will be the worse, as the wound will need to be cleaned several times a day and healing balm frequently applied.

How long will the results of laser surgery last?

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The majority of rhinophyma-rosacea patients will only need one treatment in their lifetime.

Dr Davin Lim will implement a rhinophyma –prevention program to reduce the incidence of recurrence.

How much better will my rhinophyma be?

100% of patients will have an improvement with laser surgery. The vast majority will have a ‘normal’ looking nose, however there are limitations on how much we can reshape your nose.

Dr Davin Lim always asks you for old photos as this gives him an idea as to how much tissue to remove, and how much reshaping is needed.


100% of phyma cases can be improved without fail.

Are there any risks associated with CO2 laser treatment?

Specialist treatment of rhinophyma carries very little risks, however in 5% of cases colour changes on the nose can be seen. The treated areas maybe lighter or darker than the surrounding skin. Infection is rare, and scarring is uncommon.

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How much does laser surgery for rhinophyma cost?

Pricing depends on the complexity and technique employed.

Mild Rhinophyma – $3,490
Moderate to severe Rhinophyma – $ 4,990

*Rhinophyma laser surgery is partially covered under Medicare.
Fees includes theatre fees, nursing fees, procedure fees, anaesthetic fees, as well as follow-ups.

**Laser surgery is performed in our Specialist Laser and Operating suites at Westside Dermatology. The procedure is conducted by a Dermatologist-Specialist, and not a GP or Cosmetic Physician.

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What to consider prior to laser surgery for rhinophyma?

Patients should consider the following prior to contemplating surgery-


  • Recovery period. Your nose will be raw, charred and oozing for a fortnight
  • You will need to stay away from work for at least one week, and exercise for at least 2.5 weeks
  • Costing of the procedure is partially covered under Medicare
  • Follow ups either by email or a visit is essential to ensure that side effects are minimal, and your healing goes as planned

Dr Davin Lim on rhinophyma laser surgery

By Dr Davin Lim
LAser and Aesthetic Dermatologist
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CO2 laser and Fractional resurfacing has enabled specialists trained in this technique to treat rhinophyma with increased safety and precision. Laser resurfacing provides a powerful but precise method of tissue vaporization and sculpting, never before possible with older ‘hot knife’ and cautery techniques. Laser resurfacing takes between 30 -45 minutes to perform and is painless. Recovery takes place over 2-3 weeks, and the procedure will improve rhinophyma in 100% of cases.

This procedure is life changing- it gives patients their confidence back, and no longer will you be self-conscious regarding the deformity of your nose. Rhinophyma surgery is one of my favourite laser procedures, as it combines the science of lasers, and the art of sculpting.

After laser surgery I give patients a rhinophyma prevention program of vitamin A tablets coupled with 5 minutes of daily massage. To date I have never had a patient with recurrence of rhinophyma.