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Here is my professional journey. Were I come from is important, however where the future lies matters even more.

I am very fortunate to rise thru the field of laser and aesthetic dermatology. A Fellowship in Dermatology provides a foundation as a specialist in disorders of the skin.

Subsequently I have further Specialist training in laser, filler, and surgical work. I am very fortunate to have gained knowledge and training from the best leaders in the field of general, laser and aesthetic dermatology including Dr John Auld during my general dermatology training. I gained extensive knowledge and training from Australia’s leading procedural dermatologists- Dr Philip Bekhor and Dr Greg Goodman in Melbourne, as well as the countless mentors I had in Asia, the UK and in the United States. Best dermatologist Brisbane, Dr Davin Lim has extensive training Worldwide. 

1998 I travelled to St John’s Hospital London for a clinical attachment in Dermatology. A series of lectures given on laser dermatology set my professional journey.

1999 I passed the part one scientific entrance primary exams into dermatology.

2000 Accepted as the first Dermatology Registrar in Drogheda, Ireland, under my mentor Dr Tony Egan. This position was later accredited by the Australasian College of Dermatologists (ACD) as a formal training position. During my year and a half in Ireland I produced 12 clinical papers, and won several registrar prizes for clinical papers, presentations and exams.

2002 I entered the 4-year ACD training program, working in Brisbane and the United Kingdom. I won the registrar’s prize in Belfast in 2004, and was awarded the American Academy of Dermatology Travelling Scholarship upon completion of my Fellowship examinations in Australia. Dr Lim is considered to be one of the best dermatologist brisbane for laser and botox, juvederm and restylane work. 

2007 I started Westside Dermatology, initially as a one-room consultation center, it now stands as a 14 consultant rooms, 3 operating theaters, and 6 laser suites, with an in house compounding skin pharmacy. In 2011 I took on a close friend, and business partner, Dr Shobhan Manoharan. Choosing the best dermatologist Brisbane- ask your Gp for recommendations, as Dr Lim performs Botox, Juvederm, Belkyra and Restylane. 

2016 I am where I want to be today, my professional work consists of a balance between clinical work, and what I can give back to my profession- research, lecturing and teaching. I now sit on numerous advisor boards, hold an academic position as an associate lecturer at the Griffith School of Medicine, and am a lecturer for the American Academy of Cosmetic Medicine. I also teach up Dermatology Registrars my knowledge on lasers and procedural dermatology. The highlight for 2016 has been the Top Global 100 award by – this peer reviewed portal for Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologist has nominated me as the top 1% of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Specialist Worldwide. To date I am the only Australian to have been awarded this title- very honoured indeed. 


My Future

Clinical work, research, learning and teaching are my passions. Thru constant learning, my patients benefit from the very best treatments. Thru teaching and research I give back to the specialist field I learned from.

I’m sure you have heard the phrase ‘ There is no finish line…’ This applies to the field of aesthetic and laser dermatology. Unlike general dermatology, laser dermatology continues to evolve at a tremendous rate with the development of new devices and technology. Energy devices, fillers, stem cells, DNA repair and skin care has taken a quantum leap over the past decade. This keeps my professional fire burning, and the quest for knowledge hungry.

I am fortunate to have been trained as a Specialist by the best men and women in field of cosmetic dermatology. This training and passion for this field translates into the results I deliver to my patients. Learning never ends.