Why did you become a laser and aesthetic dermatologist?

dr davin s Lim

What’s better than working with lasers? Laser technology is forever in evolution and this challenges me intellectually. My working life is when science meets art- the combination of surgery, lasers, fillers and modulators gives me the ability to enhance, rejuvenate, and create.

Favourite part of your job?

Dermatologist davin lim

Lasers and aesthetics have no finishing line. I learn, I teach, I develop and I look forward to the next advances. In this industry you are constant learning, and as a lecturer I’m always at the forefront. I consider myself fortunate to be a key opinion leader and I’m constantly asked to give lectures Nationally and Internationally, however with a young family it can be tiring.

What’s your best beauty tip?

Buy the sunscreen that you like using the most- this means you’re going to apply it daily. Don’t go for the SPF or the band, go by the feel. It’s corny, but sunscreen is still the best beauty tip.

What is your personal skin care range?

Sunscreen: by La Roche Posay

Moisturiser: by La Roche Posay

Eye cream: by Allergan- $10 eye ointment

Vitamin A: by Zorac – $30 tube will last one year- I use it once a week.

AHA Skin Refining Serum: by Rationale once a week

I start each day with…

triple expresso

A triple short mac, then one hours work on the computer, followed by a 4km walk with my Jack Russel, Toby. I don’t sleep much – most times I’m up by 3 am.

What is your favourite quote?

Looking natural never goes out of style.’



I race cars, and I SCUBA dive every chance I get. I started life as a Marine Biologist- true story! I was brought up in Toowoomba in the 70s and started collecting model cars as child, my collection stands at 489…and counting!

What is my daily drive?

A 2005 Renault Clio hatchback- its over 10 years old and looks like a Holden Barina, but I can squeeze in the smallest of parking spaces and it laps racetracks as fast as modern day cars. I’m not into flashy cars- just track cars.

I am currently reading…


Alternative occupation if you weren’t a specialist?

An architect (if I can get around 3D drawings), or a professional race-car driver (if I had the talent). I don’t possess any of these talents, so I do what I do and I’m bloody good at it!

My favourite holiday destination?

davin lim9

Uepi Island, Solomon Islands. I’m there every year.

If I could…


I would adopt all the Jack Russels in the world. I have a soft spot for dogs. My wife and I sponsor a few animal shelters every year. Toowoomba dermatologist, Davin still sponsors dog foundations in Toowoomba- his latest JRT Sammy heralds from Harristown Toowoomba. 

What I love most apart from work?

No words needed…


Toowoomba Dermatologist Dr Davin Lim was educated at Toowoomba Grammar School, Rangeville and Toowoomba Prep.