My Specialist training in medical, surgical, laser and aesthetic dermatology has given me the skills and knowledge to create educational learning portals, conduct research, write article, and create companies. Here are some of my achievements over the years.

Fiori Institute of Body Contouring & Rejuvenation

fiori institute
My business partner Emily Cloake and I formed this company in mid 2016. Fiori is both ground-breaking and exciting as it is the first Specialist operated cosmetic clinic in Westfield. Fiori is a Specialist operated laser clinic that introduces all specialist equipment such as SculpSure, Coolsculpting and Fraxel into the convenience of major Westfield shopping centres.

In the filed of lasers for medical and aesthetic procedures there is a huge variation in the quality of training, equipment and pricing. Fiori was formed to bridge the gap between non-specialist laser and aesthetic clinics and high-end specialist clinics, making treatments both safe, and affordable for patients. The Fiori Institute provides a solution for non-invasive body contouring, permanent fat reduction, acne, skin pigmentation and anti- ageing medical procedures such as dermal fillers, chemical peels, lasers, and wrinkle relaxers. Second clinic due to open in late 2016.

More on The Fiori Institute

Westside Dermatology

westside dermatology brisbane
I started Westside Dermatology in 2008, one room with one consultant, this has now expanded to have 2 directors, and 10 Specialist Consultants and over 30 staff. 

Westside Dermatology is unique as we have subspecialist within the field of Dermatology. This means patients are streamlined into the specialist of choice within that particular field. We cover everything from psoriaisis and skin allergies, skin cancer management, general and paediatric dermatology thru to niche subspecialty disorders of the hair and nails. Each Consultant within our group has their own Special interest that we promote. This translates to better patient outcomes, as they are seen by the best Specialists in that field.

Westside Laser Dermatology is a division of Westderm. This is where I work and continue to develop this clinical and research arm of the practice. This department is one of the largest and best-equipped laser centers in the Southern Hemisphere. We have 3 vascular lasers, 9 Fractional skin resurfacing devices, Picosecond lasers in 2 wavelengths, as well as well known brand names such as Fraxel, Coolsculpting, Ultherapy and Picosure. This department is constantly evolving-we grow as technology grows. This is my work, and I absolutely love it! My focus is on laser, surgical and aesthetic dermatology, with a subspecialty interest in acne scar revision and pan facial skin rejuvenation. This means I only work on the face using lasers, energy devices, fillers, muscle relaxants and surgery. The only medical conditions I treat are vitiligo and hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. 

Westside Laser Dermatology

wd laserclinic_v2.indd

This division of Westside Dermatology specializes in laser and energy devices. It has a clinical component, research and educational component

Westside Laser Dermatology is run by myself and Dr Shobhan Manoharan – co director of Westside. Shobhan has helped me immensely with the paperwork and running of the practice. Bringing him into the business was one of my best professional decisions. Dr Manoharan is an excellent clinician with a unbelievable work ethic. 

This is division of Westside Dermatology is constantly evolving as we keep up with the newest and latest energy based devices such as lasers, radiofrequency, cryolipolysis and electromagnetic devices. A new device is added once every 3 months, and older technology constantly replaced by new ones. This is our research division as well as our teaching department for new graduates in dermatology.

Sweat Free

Sweat Free_1j_Blue 5-FINAL

This educational portal was created by myself in 2012 and now comprises of a multi-specialist group of dermatologists, vascular surgeons, neurologists and nurses in over 12 centers in Australia. This ranks as one of the largest portals for hyperhidrosis in the World, only second to the International Hyperhidrosis Society.

Sweating or hyperhidrosis is a common condition that is poorly managed in Australia- considering over 3% of the population suffer from this condition. I stared this information portal to optimize the word ‘excessive sweating’ to help patients with this condition find appropriate treatments for their condition.

The very first Sweat Free Clinic was formed at Westside Dermatology in 2012 after my visit to the Skin and Cancer Foundation in Melbourne. The clinic now treats over 40 patients per week, and treats all forms of hyperhidrosis (HH) including palmar and plantar HH (sweaty hands and feet), as well as axillary HH (sweaty underarms) and facial sweating. Treatments that we offer include

  • Iontophoresis: using pulse current machines from Idromed. We have the capacity to treat up to 4 patients per session, using a combination of tap water, salt water and glycopyrrolate. This simple treatment can be life changing for patients who suffer from significant HH of the palms and soles. Nigel Harris is our nurse practitioner who oversees this program. We spent many weeks in the beginning tweaking parameters on different machines to find the best settings for each patient. 
  • Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX) injections for excessive underarm sweating. I was the second Specialist in Queensland to be officially trained in this procedure. Subsequently I was appointed as a National Trainer, and trained over a dozen Dermatologists to perform this simple, yet highly effective treatment for axillary sweating. Up to 3 treatments per year are subsidized under Medicare and the PBS under the Specialist Provider Scheme. To date I have performed over 5500 Botox injections for excessive underarm sweating. 
  • miraDry: I was trained overseas prior to approval of miraDry in Australia by the TGA in late 2013. This generation one treatment is designed as a permanent treatment for excessive underarm sweating and body odor. Sweat Free Clinics within Westside Laser Dermatology is only one of 3 Specialist clinics that offer this treatment Nationally. continue to grow at a steady pace, with more specialist clinics coming on board throughout Australia. Exciting times as new technology is just around the corner for more electromagnetic devices for sweaty hands and feet. Watch this space.

My Skin Cancer Center

my skin cancer logo

Brisbane is one of the World’s skin cancer capital. One in three Australian’s will develop skin cancer at some point in their life. This clinic was created by my business partner and I and it’s primary aim is to reduce the wait times to see Dermatologists. Highly qualified skin cancer doctors can assist dermatologist in skin cancer detection and treatment.

I created this web portal in 2013. It took me 2 weeks to complete working 12 hours a day. This site provides accurate information on skin cancer detection and treatment. This clinic is revolutionary as it involves Mole Map photography as well as an on site skin cancer doctor.My Colleagues complain that skin cancer clinics should not exist. Here is the truth – there are just over 400 full time dermatologists in Australia, servicing nearly 22 million people. Do the math- high-risk skin cancer patients need regular check-ups. For all my colleagues who are against skin cancer doctors, I suggest they start at 5 am, work till 10 pm, 7 days a week to clear the back log of skin checks. My philosophy is different- it is called team-work. High-risk patients are seen by Dermatologists and Plastics Surgeons whilst ongoing skin checks are covered by Skin Cancer GPs aided by Mole Map photography. Who benefits in the end? It is the patient. Our College should work with Skin Cancer colleges to help increase our skin cancer detection rate. My hope is that this center can be a precedence for other centres in Australia. I handle the more complex cases of skin cancer work, such as laser resurfacing and scar revision following skin cancer surgery. 

Westside Allergy Clinic

westside allergy

I helped create the allergy clinic at Westside Dermatology in 2012. I wrote the website during my Christmas holidays in the Phillipines in between shark diving. It acts as a resource allergy testing, and an library for common skin allergens

My weakest subject in my dermatology training was something called contact dermatitis. This sub specialty meant getting a good history, stick patches of chemicals on someone, then reading the result a few days later, and again at one week. Once an allergen is found, we council patients about what to avoid. Memorizing chemicals in shoes, clothes, gloves, perfumes and house hold products is a far cry from laser work, but never the less this is an important aspect of occupation dermatology. I spent many painful hours in England learning contact and allergic dermatitis. In fact when I wrote the portal, I didn’t need to bring any reference material with me on holidays in the Philippines- I was that set on making my weakest aspect of dermatology my strongest over the years. I finished the site within 7 days and managed to get 3 scuba dives in each day.

The Allergy Clinic serves a very important role in identifying, preventing but also treating allergies. Dr Paul Campbell is one of Australia’s leading allergists, and Nigel Harris is an excellent nurse educator. The clinic continues to grow at a stead pace.

ACD A-Z of eDermatology

college logo

This is an educational portal belonging to the Australian College of Dermatologists, and is the most heavy trafficked area of our website. I am privileged to have been nominated as part of the steering committee and a key author, with over 45 peer reviewed e-chapters.

This website is a huge undertaking, and is designed for the current and next generation of dermatologists and their patients. Our aim to reach 350+ articles by 2017, but at the same time maintain the current content of authored articles on an annual basis.

With every increasing Google searches and websites on skin disorders and procedures, this portal is designed as concise, literature reviewed site with all content peer reviewed by colleagues. This enables patients to obtain accurate information following a consultation with their physician.

I designed the site content to be directly emailed to the patient. This is important as a source of reference for patients, as logistically, limited information can be given due to the time constrains of during consultations. Accurate information empowers patient knowledge, and leads to better treatment outcomes. Patients can open up their email with relevant topics linked to this site. In many cases a management plan can be outlined in this email, along with key information points regarding causative factors, associations, treatments and prognosis of various skin conditions.

This information portal of the College of Dermatologist is the fastest growing area of our website, and will continue to expand in the future- my plan is for more clinical photographs, and in the next few years short 1.00-1.30 second videos on key points of clinical management that is better explained with a short video, than with several pages of text. 

Australian Society of Cosmetic Dermatology

ascd dermatologist

Professor Greg Goodman formed the ASCD in 2013, with the vision of providing laser and cosmetic training to Specialists interested in this field.

As part of the steering committee, I am involved in information portals, educational videos and web development. In 2018 our aim is to merge with the cosmetic GPs and Plastic Surgeons to hold educational scientific meetings,

The purpose of the ACSD is to foster, equalise access and improve training in cosmetic dermatology for all Australasian dermatologists and registrars and, more broadly, to share dermatologist’s expertise with other disciplines.

 The primary goal is to provide a national focus for training in cosmetic dermatology, and advocacy for this work.

Over the up coming years we will hold training symposiums, web based learning applications, and seminars throughout Australia. The internet will provide a wealth of information about what we do as a society and also as portal for the latest in laser and aesthetic dermatology.

Skin by Derms

skin by derms

I was one of the original four who created this company in 2011 to provide telediagnositic dermatology health care to rural Australia and Third World Countries.

This project started over 4 years ago, and I was involved in the programing and design of the platform. I designed the site around an iphone, with simple to use icons for each skin condition. This made tele-dermatology simple for the referring doctor or nurse. Skin By Derms continues to evolve, despite the huge amount of red tape by Medicare. This project is primarily run by Dr Manoharan, the leading provider of telehealth in Australia. 

I still run a non-for profit service for the Pacific Islands called Pacific Dermatology. Westside Dermatology provides free medication to these patients, and we are involved in keeping up stocks in the local hospitals. The ongoing support from Ego is appreciated by many patients in the Pacific. My clinical work is limited, as I have not practiced general dermatology in over 6 years. My contribution is via the logistics of sending much needed medication to Third World Countries. 

Vitiligo Solutions

vitiligo solutions brisbane

I wrote this website in 2012 to help patients understand the mystery of vitiligo. This portal was designed to give patients a clear understanding of proven treatments for this skin condition.

Many doctors, including dermatologists say that vitiligo can not be treated. I challenge this statement. Using anti-inflammatory creams in combination with UV therapy, my success rate in re-pigmentation is over 80%. Vitiligo causes marked psychological impact for sufferers of this condition. Worse still the internet is filled with empty promises and vitiligo retailing. I created Vitiligo Solutions as a portal for information on the latest treatment for vitiligo, and review all treatments from diets, vitamins, and the latest in scientific research. This site is aimed at patient education and provides real life before and afters.

It also discusses the prognosis of vitiligo, and the need for on going tests by your GP. This site took me just over 3 weeks to build. 

Psoriasis Institute


The concept was devised in 2012 with my colleague, Dr Manoharan. I started on the operating protocols and web portal the following week. It was finished within the month. This clinic enables patients with psoriasis to see clinicians trained in managing this skin disorder with minimal wait times and costs. High-end biologic treatments are also triaged in this clinic.

Psoriasis is common, but an under treated skin condition. In Brisbane, at least 3-5% of the population will have some form of psoriasis. In some, its mild scalp dandruff, in others it can be scaly red rashes on the elbows and knees. In extreme cases it can cover the entire body. The Psoriasis Institute takes a holistic approach to treating this condition. We have dieticians, Cardiologists, Nurse Practitioners, Rheumatologists and yes, even Dermatologists helping patients with this condition. The is much mis-information on the internet regarding treatment of this condition- I wrote this site to give the most accurate information possible to psoriasis sufferers in Australia, and also a solution to their life long battle with this disease.



I came across this device whilst learning and lecturing in the US. It is not a laser but an electromagnetic device that permanently reduces underarm sweating. Eager to get training on this machine, I then went to Singapore in early 2014, 6 months before the TGA approved the launch in Australia, then created the miraDry portal in June of that year.

I created on my holidays in June 2014, even before it arrived in Australia. This portal gives patients real insight into the effectiveness and limitations of miraDry. So, is this a good treatment? The answer lies within the expectation of the patient. The problem with treatments such as Botox for underarm sweating is that it works way too well. Most patients get 100% sweat reduction with injections. miraDry only reduces sweating by 70% after two sessions. Here in lies the problem. If patients are use to no sweat production after Botox, then some patients are not happy with ‘only’ a 70% reduction. Hyperhidrosis patients have not experienced what normal sweating is like, and hence its limitations.

miraDry is generation one of electromagnetic energy devices- think of this as iphone 1. Generation two is under development, and they are testing out a special hand device- this is the most exciting news as patients with sweaty hands can benefit from miraDry in the next few years. Davin has a keen interest as a dermatologist brisbane in the treatment of excessive sweating with botox. 

Where do I teach?

Dr Davin LIm lecturercollege logo

Professionally, I balance clinic work with teaching, research, lectures and presentations both Nationally and Internationally.

I am on the lecture circuit every year, Nationally I present at all the major Specialist meetings, including the Plastic Surgeon meetings and the College of Dermatologist Scientific meeting, as well as Cosmetic Physician gatherings. I also lecture in the United States, Singapore, and in New Zealand. Lecturing at these meetings also means I get to learn during my time there. That is a bonus professionally.

I also teach. I am an Associate Lecturer with the School of Medicine Griffith University and also teach Dermatology registrars on a regular basis. Westside Laser Dermatology is a teaching center for laser and procedural dermatology. Davin Lim is a dermatologist Brisbane who has a specialist interest in treating excessive sweating and vitiligo 

Dermatologist Brisbane

Davin Lim is a dermatologist brisbane who performs lasers and botox. 

What is the future?

By Dr Davin Lim
Aesthetic Dermatologis
Dr Davin S. Lim copy

I am not one to slow down. Working on my You Tube video channel “Lasers and Lifts by Dr Davin Lim” will keep me busy for awhile. One new video every Saturday morning. I find this more of a hobby than work- but the future lies in educating patients well before the consult.  

I will be working overseas with major laser companies in R and D in 2017 in the US, and still continue to have my balance between research, teaching dermatology and of course clinical work. I can not see myself retiring from my job- laser and procedural dermatology is evolutionary – there really is no finish line. Dermatologist Brisbane Dr Davin Lim is a Specialist in Botox, Juvederm and Restylane procedures as well as Belkyra.