Iwork 12 hours per day. The times I’m not actually working I spend time with my family, and have somewhat risky hobbies. My ideal travel destination is somewhere with fresh water, a flushing toilet and electricity for a few hours a day.

I work.


I am constantly reading Journals, research articles and discussing with colleagues new ways to use lasers. I invent and evolve new methods, but safely push the envelope of cosmetic laser dermatology. If you enjoy what you do, it’s not work- it’s expanding your mind. 

I lecture.

davin lim lecturer

I am away for 6 weeks of the year lecturing overseas. I have been doing this for the past few years. It gives me a break from clinical work, but also gives me an opportunity to see what other Specialists are doing overseas- this is very important as I can bring back new treatments from countries such as the United States and Asia.

I help


Once a year I travel to the Pacific, and practice tropical dermatology- it is very different from Cosmetic and laser dermatology! I always bring a suitcase full of medications as Third World countries do not have access to the medications we have. They say charity starts at home- I beg to differ. I think these countries need access to good skin care. Simple medications to eradicate lice in children or anti-fungal creams makes a huge difference.

I travel.


I hate 5 Star Hotels as I’m stuck in these boxes when I lecture. My holidays are spent in some remote Island in the Pacific. My ideal holiday is a hut with a fan, electricity a few hours a day and local food from the village. The harder the journey, the more beautify the destiny. My favourite destinations are East Solomon’s or Islands North of Indonesia. I started my career as a marine biologist, so every break is a diving vacation. I end up doing most of my web projects in between dives. My best ideas are with a little nitrogen in my blood stream!

My family.


I have a girl who is growing up quickly, and a wife who is the most tolerant and patient woman I know. So far I’ve dedicated my life to work, and some day that tide must turn. The one with fur is Toby, my wife is to my left.

My passion.

Toby Studying wtih Daddy3

I have a soft spot for animals, and adore my Jack Russel, Toby. We always do the Million Paws Walk and every year we sponsor a kennel to keep homeless dogs fed and well. 

I race.


I won several race events in Queensland, and every chance I get I am on the track. I race Porsches and Renaults. I love cars, but only race cars. I travel to the US annually to take part in circuit racing and race training. I don’t have a future in Formula 1…yet alone the local car club. What is my daily drive? A 10 year old hatch back, or a 40 year old classic. I am not into bling, and feel embarrassed to be seen in a modern prestige car. Each to their own. You can pick my car in the doctor’s car park- it is the one with the roll cage. 

I rest.

resting toby

I only sleep 4- 5 hours a night, so taking a break from my professional life is a real treat.