Filler special – have 3 ml of filler performed by Dr Davin Lim in one session and save 10%

dermal filler specials

Restylane Brisbane

  • Saving of $300 when you receive 3 ml of filler in the one session
  • Each subsequent ml will give you an additional 10%
  • Dr Davin Lim performs all dermal fillers himself, using the “Freestyle Filling Technique’

Texture, tone and volume- the 3 key things to consider for a natural, fresh and youthful look. In my opinion dermal fillers such as Juvederm play a more important role than Botox. Sure wrinkle prevention is important, but once you hit the 40s we want LIFT and VOLUME. You can not do this with Botox, but fillers are the building blocks of youth.

As you age, skin volume depletes. Fat loss and loss of skin tone becomes evident in the mid to late 30s, then much more pronounced in the 40s. It is the balance between volume, tone and skin texture that gives a fresh and vitalized look.

Here are my 5 reasons why filler my favourite treatment

  1. Instant WOW factor- the results are immediate. With dermal fillers you see the instant volume changes and lift, and I mean instant.
  2. No downtime treatment – unlike lasers, fillers have no downtime. Fill in the afternoon, go to work tomorrow for a fresher look, all with no downtime.
  3. Fillers treatment is in the eye of the injector. Either you have it or you don’t. I like to think I do. Dermal fillers is like sculpting, and the end result is what makes me (and you) happy. It is a sense of achievement that I can make someone look and feel younger in less than 30 minutes.
  4. No pain. Yes, filler really is a very well tolerated treatment. I personally think it is less painful than Botox. With filler you get all the gain with no pain.
  5. It lasts! Unlike Botox, fillers last over 2 years. New cross-link HA technology has revolutionised fillers. They are safer, and last longer. Restylane Brisbane is one of my favourite fillers including Juvederm and Boletero. 

Fillers can be used to replace loss volume in the mid cheek areas, soften lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth, lift brows, high light cheek bones, lift jowl lines, treat scars and wrinkles, and even rejuvenate the eyes. They are versatile and in the correct hands, they are safe. Restylane Brisbane- for natural looking results. 

As a guide-

Patients in the late 30s- need 2 mls of filler

Patients in the 40s – need 3mls of filler

Patients in the 50s – 5mls of filler

Patients in the 60s – 6-7 mls of filler

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