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sculpture fat removal

SculpSure fat removal

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SculpSure fat removal

Can fat really be reduced within a 25 minute procedure?
Absolutely, using the very latest in diode technology, Cynosure he has come up with SculpSure.  This is the latest generation of non-liposuction devices to reduce unwanted fat. With one 25 minute procedure Sculpsure fat removal can permanently remove 20-25% of adipose or fat tissue in the treated area. Too good to be true? Watch the video, review the procedure, and study the before and after pictures. In the hands of specialists at The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, SculpSure fat removal has a patient satisfaction rate of over 90%. Candidate selection is vital for success.

What is SculpSure Fat Removal? 
SculpSure is the newest laser from CynoSure.  It uses controlled heating together with cooling cycles to breakdown fat in certain areas such as the abdomen and flanks. Unlike Coolsculpting that uses cold to permanently destroy fat cells or adipose tissue, SculpSure utilises controlled heating called thermolipolyisis to permanently remove unwanted fat from the belly and flanks. The heat is generated by a diode laser that penetrates the upper layers of skin, just to the level of the fat cells and no further. The laser is held down by applicators, and the whole SculpSure procedure takes 25 minutes to perform.

Is SculpSure safe?
Absolutely.  This has been TGA and FDA together with CE approved.  This means that Sculpsure fat removal has been used in countries in Europe, the USA and in Australia.  Dr Davin Lim was one of the earlier doctors of this technology and has been using SculpSure for the past two years.  To date, there have been no long-term adverse effects from SculpSure.  Unlike Coolsculpting, there is no associated paraesthesia or nerve damage pain with SculpSure. The other advantage of SculpSure is that this laser has no downtime, meaning you can literally hit the gym after the treatment. With other treatments such as liposuction, laser liposuction, Vaser liposuction, and even Coolsculpting, downtime ranges from 2 weeks to 2 days. SculpSure remains as the stand out fat removal system with no downtime.

How does this treatment work? 
SculpSure provides controlled heating to unwanted areas of fat which includes the muffin top, flanks and also the abdominal area.  Using what is known as a diode laser, it gently heats the unwanted areas of fat to a temperature of just over 43°.  This heat cycle continues for 20 minutes which is coupled with intervals of cooling.  The cooling is provided by a sapphire crystal which protects the surrounding skin.

sculpture fat removal
Is SculpSure fat removal for everyone? 
No.  Ideally candidates should be chosen upon there body type.  Hence, at the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body we have over five devices to ensure that your body type is met.  SculpSure is only indicated for patients who have pinchable fat located on the flanks and abdomen.  Yes the Internet is filled with pictures of before and afters with SculpSure candidates having fat reduction from under the chin, less fat on the arms and even inner thighs; however, these are all off-label indication.  Off-label indication means that this treatment does not work as predictable as on-label indications.  For body contouring and curvature, as well as liposculpting, the use of devices such as Coolsculpting is still the number one treatment of choice.  SculpSure will only work for patients with more than 2.5 inches of  pinchable fat.

Is SculpSure painful?
In truth Yes.  This pain, however, is mitigated by distraction and also with a cooling device.  The pain is subjective.  The majority of patient’s rate the pain as 3/10.  However, in some individuals, pain is more marked and hence patient are administered laughing gas.  At the Fiori Institute, we ensure that all patients are treated to the maximum tolerable level.  This ensures that fat reduction in the specified area is at its maximum.

When will I see results?
SculpSure much like Coolsculpting, CoolTech and other noninvasive devices such as Liposonix, results are seen within four to six weeks.  The maximal results are seen within 12 weeks.  This is because SculpSure breaks down fat which is carried away by your immune system.  The same process works for Coolsculpting and other cryolipolysis devices.  It is your bodies immune system, which is a rate-limiting factor.





How many SculpSure treatments will I need to see a reduction in fat? 
Most patients will undertake between two to three sessions.  I personally undertook two sessions.  However, some patients only need one for optimal results.  Once we get the patient to an optimal result for body fat reduction, we use other devices for more finesse and contouring such as Coolsculpting.  Remember it is not only one device but the method and the incorporation of different devices which gives the best in body contouring and fat reduction.
Why is SculpSure fat removal not the treatment for everyone? 

SculpSure Fat Removal is best for patients who would like to debulk excess fat in areas such as the abdomen and flanks. For the best results one should have significant punchable fat in these areas. For body contouring, treatments such as Coolsculpting deliver better and more consistent results. Remember, it is never about the laser or device, but the method that gives the best treatment outcomes. For Gold standard fat removal and body contouring, a clinic must know all aspects of fat removal including liposuction, Coolsculpting, Cooltech, Endymed PRO, radio frequency fat reduction and skin tightening as well as diode driven laser fat reduction. As every body type is different, it is Fiori’s ethos to find the correct treatment for your body type, lifestyle, and expectations. This gives the best results. We strongly discourage patients from only seeing a clinic with one or two body contouring devices as the more options you have for your body type, the higher the chances of success to meet and exceed your expectations.
How do a book in for a SculpSure treatment to see whether body contouring is right for me? 
For a complementary consult please book in with the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body at the Mount Gravatt branch.  This is located within Whitfield shopping centre.
sculpture fat removal















How experienced are our staff?
The body contourers at the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body are one of Australia’s most experienced experts in SculpSure.  We have done hundreds of treatments over the past two years.  Additionally, we are confident that we are one of Australias most highly trained body contourers as we incorporate different devices within the once centre to ensure patients receive optimal results. Book in for a complementary consultation at The Fiori Institute to see if SculpSure is the treatment of choice for your body type.


tattoo removal

Tattoo removal- how many sessions will I require?

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Tattoo removal


The Fiori Institute and Westside Dermatology are one of only two Specialist Tattoo Removal clinics in Queensland. Between us we have treated with thousands of clients from Brisbane and the State. You can be sure of receiving the absolute best, and safest service at an affordable price. Dr Davin Lim and his team are National and International trainers in the art and science of laser tattoo removal. So, how many session will I require?

Facts on the predictive values on how many sessions are required for tattoo removals

  • Blacks and reds are easy to remove
  • High density ink is hard to remove than low density pigment
  • Green and blues are the hardest tattoos to remove or modify
  • Multiple wavelengths are needed for different colours
  • Tattoos on the face and neck are easier to remove than tats on the hands and feet
  • Ethnic skin tattoo removal will often result in a decrease of skin colour
  • Tattoo removal should always be conducted medically, in a laser suite or theatre
  • Tattoo removal is a specialist treatment, as complications can occur
  • Specialist understand the risks and benefits of tattoo removal and will provide you with the best possible advice and treatments



What is our point of difference in tattoo removals?

We lecture and teach tattoo removal Nationally and Internationally. Under the guidance of Dr Davin Lim, senior laser dermatologist, we have helped remove or modify thousands of tattoos. We conduct tattoo removal at the medical highest standards, but also take this procedure to another level-namely to a Specialist degree. We understand the art of tattoos and how to remove and modify them. Additionally we work with many tattoo artists to provide cover-ups and partial removals for their clients. Dr Davin Lim quotes the following -“Moo”, “Link”, and “Squid” are well respected tattoo artist in Brisbane who have both tattooed myself and has seen my work in regards to tattoo removals and tattoo modifications. “I think working with a tattoo artist is one of the most satisfying part of tattoo modification. Having two sleeves and being inked for the past 25 years by Brisbane’s leading tattoo artists gives me insight, and mutual respect for the work talented tattoo artists have done for me. One of my favourite lines is ‘who knows skin better than a dermatologist or a tattoo artist’


Why is the location of the tattoo an important predictive value?

Tattoos on the head and neck require fewer treatments than on the hands and feet. This is because your immune system can clear away tattoo ink more quickly with areas of greatest lymphatic supply- that is the face and neck. Tattoos on the feet take an extra few laser sessions to clear. The further away a tattoo is from the head and neck the more treatments are required.

tattoo removal brisbane city











What tattoo colours can be removed by laser?

All types and colours of tattoo ink can be faded by laser tattoo removal, however some are easier to remove than others. Amateur black ink is by far the easiest- sometimes fading completely in 1-4 sessions. Some colours like metallic green take many sessions to fade, up to 15 or more. Red tattoos are the second easiest colour to remove, blues and yellows are harder. Multicoloured green tattoos are by far the hardest to remove. In some cases greens are mixed with black ink, and in other cases oxides. This can sometime turn the green to black, then we need to use a 1064 laser, before targeting the green with a 755 laser. It can be done, but it is challenging.


Why is tattoo size important?

Larger tattoos require more treatments than smaller tattoos. This is because your immune system can clear a certain amount of ink at any given time. Large full sleeve tattoos may take up to 20 sessions to remove. With large tattoos, we encourage partial removal or fading for cover ups. Small tattoos can be removed in one or two sessions. In fact at The Fiori Insitute we provide a free laser tattoo removal service to cancer survivors. Radiation ink can usually be removed with one or two sessions because the colour of the tattoo is black, ink density is light, and it is placed superficially. Fiori Institute’s free service is our way of acknowledging the hard battle your fought- and won.


tattoo removal fiori institute

What is the meaning of tattoo layering and why is this important in removals?

Some tattoos are layered, meaning that multiple layers, sometimes with many colours are placed deep into the skin. Remember that one wavelength of laser can only target one colour. For example, you may have a green tattoo that is covered with black to achieve transitions and shading. When you undergo laser removal with the black removal wavelength, the colour of your tattoo will be removed in layers- green will then need to be removed using another laser wavelength.


What is the average sessions it takes to remove a small black tattoo?

4-8 that is the average figure. Once again it comes down to the site of the tattoo, density of the black ink, your skin colour, the laser used but most importantly your immune system. This is the biggest unknown in context of laser tattoo removal.





What is the meaning of tattoo density and why is this important?

Tattoo density refers to the amount of ink placed in the skin. Dense ink include outlines of tattoos and tribal designs. Low density tattoo inks include Japanese shading and light colours. The higher the density, the more treatments are needed. Shaded tattoos are much easier to fade compared to dense tattoos. Script tattoos are usually of moderate density, whilst portrait tattoos are lower density tattoos.


Why is a medical history important in tattoo removals?

A medical history is vital in tattoo removal as a history of keloid scarring can affect the way we remove tattoos. Additionally other medical conditions such as sarcoidosis can present as tattoo allergies. If you have a history of recurrent infections we take extra precautions to give you antibiotics. In the unlike event that you do scar following a laser procedure, Specialist will be able to reverse scarring. Other cosmetic laser clinics will not have the expertise to deal with complications including allergies, infection, scarring and antigen changing reactions.


Why is skin type important in tattoo removal?

Darker patients, Asian and ethinic skin patients in particular will require 2-4 more tattoo removal sessions compared to Caucasian patients. This is because the pigment in your skin will compete with the laser to remove the ink in the tattoo. The darker your complexion, the more session you will require.

 tattoo removal













What is the difference between a professional tattoo and an amateur tattoo?

This is one of the most important predictive values in tattoo removal. Amateur tattoos are usually black and the ink is low density, placed very superficially, professional tattoos are placed with high density ink, deep in the lower layers of the skin. Amateur tattoos can be removed in 2-4 sessions, whilst professional tattoos take 10-15 sessions to remove. Lead or carbon pencil tattoo are very easy to remove- 1-3 sessions on average.


Why is extra caution need for cosmetic tattoos?

Cosmetic tattoos of the eyebrows and lips consist of metals such as titanium and iron oxide. Oxidation of tattoos can occur with laser- this means flesh coloured tattoos can turn black or brown following laser. At the Fiori Institute we perform a test patch prior to treating the cosmetic tattoo. If you do have tattoo darkening we keep treating this a black tattoo and over time this will fade. Oxidation of tattoos is a well know, and patients need to understand why this happens 


What is the meaning of a cover up tattoo or laser tattoo modification?

This means we work with a tattooist to partially remove or lighten a pre-existing tattoo, either to remove parts of it, or lighten certain areas. This can provide a new canvas for your artist to re-ink the area, and give you another new tattoo. This is a very common procedure as we work with many tattoo studios and artists in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. In the ideal world lasers are best for cover ups, especially sleeves or half sleeves. This is because the sheer amount of tattoo ink cannot be easily removed by your immune system. This ‘ink overload’ can slow down the tattoo removal process.


How can I boost my immune system to help remove tattoos faster?

That is a tough one- it’s all about balance. The most important and predictive value is smoking. In a recent article published in the Arch. Of Dermatology, smokers take 26-43% more treatments to achieve the same clearance of ink following laser tattoo removal. Leading a healthy stress free life with moderate alcohol can help, but seriously, who says ‘ don’t stress’ in this day and age? Immune boosters, vitamins and a good intake of water can, in theory help your immune system. The truth is each and everyone of us will have a different immune response. This is genetically determined but epigenetic play a role in removal of ink after tattoo removal with a laser. Epigenetics means genes, modified by environmental factors= tattoo removal speed.


Why are predictive values important in laser tattoo removal?

Predictive values are essential for both the specialist laser operator and the patient as this provides realistic expectations and timeframes for laser tattoo removal. Despite the advances in tattoo lasers, ink technology is far ahead of lasers- even with the new pico wavelength lasers such as the Picoway, Picosure and Enlighten. Predictive values still outweigh the brand of laser and the pulse duration of machines. Until we catch up with ink variations, I feel that only blacks and reds can reliably be removed with predictability. Without doubt, for greens the majority will respond to pico lasers better than nanosecond ones. Ideally the job of a laser dermatologist is to fade the tattoo as much as we can and work in with a tattoo artist for cover-ups. Large multi coloured tattoos take many sessions to fade, and even more to remove.


What should I consider before getting my tattoo removed?

Motivation. If you are motivated, you will get there. Book in for a complementary consultation with the tattoo removal team at The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body. I have access to 4 laser tattoo devices, however the PiQo4 and the Pastelle provides much more power and consistency than the Revilite and Picosure I have in my rooms at Westside Laser Dermatology.


More on The Fiori Institute


laser tattoo removal brisbane

Laser tattoo removal

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Laser tattoo removal 


Some helpful hints and tips for patient’s contemplating tattoo removal. Don’t get caught with false promises and treatments. Been there done that – I am very fortunate to be the key opinion leader in laser tattoo removal, and have several companies asking me to use their tattoo removal lasers. This includes the Picosure system by Cynosure, the Revlite and the outdate C6 (well over a decade old), the Pastelle Q Switch laser and now the newest laser in Australia the Picosecond PiQo4. In August 2017 I have been asked by Lumenis to be a key opinion leader and push this laser to its limits, exploring the safest and best parameters for tattoo removal.

So- here is the truth from a guy that is fortunate enough to have 4 tattoo removal lasers. So what is the best laser for laser tattoo removal ?

  1. Revlite Laser used at Westside Laser Dermatology – or Brisbane Tattoo Removals. Good laser, updated version of the Revlite C6 BUT inconsistent energy levels. Peak and troughs, good filters for 4 wavelengths, best used for black tattoos and dermal toning. Truth be told.
  1. Picosure Laser used at Westside Laser Dermatology. Great for high density greens, but runs out of power after 2-4 sessions in the context of laser tattoo removal . This laser is in need for shorter pulse duration rather than more power for green. I also have the filter to treat red and black tattoos but this laser tattoo removal system is WAY underpowered. The best use for this laser is not actually tattoos but no downtime ethnic skin rejuvenation. Simply the best laser for fractional rejuvenation but for laser tattoo removal this is  under powered, highly marketed, good for greens, and that about it. No way will I attempt to treat RED INK with the filter. Total disgrace for the company to come up with the filtered 532 nm hand piece. Same on you! Once again this is a balanced review. The same applies for the 1064 nm filter for black ink laser tattoo removal, totally useless and under powered for removing dense black ink.
  1. Pastelle QSL– 4 wavelength laser tattoo removal and is  more reliable than the outdated C6 and much more consistent in the energy delivery than the Revlite. If I only had one laser and am on a limited budget –this it! Laser tattoo removal that is reliable, reproducible, and affordable. My go to device at the time of writing and is available at The Fiori Institute Chermside.
  1. PiQuo4- super exciting times as this will be used for laser tattoo removal in our Fiori Garden City clinic. This laser promises to deliver picosecond wavelengths to treat tattoo ink in red, greens, blues, orange, metalics and black, it supersedes the Picosure in theory….but will it deliver in clinical practice? I think so. Sound science, and with Lumenis behind the technology, I think this will be the stand out laser system. Every new technology should be better than the last, and it should out perform the 4 year old Picosure by Cynosure that is under powered and over rated for tattoo removal. No new updates by Cynosure make the Picosure somewhat backward in the field of laser tattoo removal.

For the latest in tattoo removal visit

At The Fiori Institute I have access to both the Pastelle laser at Chermside and the Lumenis PiQo4 at Garden City by early September 2017.

Is the Picosure redundant? No, absolutely not, for fractional laser rejuvenation in Ethic Skin types, it is the stand out laser at Westside Laser Dermatology. As of August 2017 I do believe this is a stand out laser for ethic skin rejuvenation, but not for laser tattoo removal.

What about the Revilte Laser ? Yes, I still use it. It works, and is good for melasma, but for more consistent laser delivery I use the Pastelle Laser at The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body at Chermside. Do I believe it delivers more consistent results than the C6 (prototype of the Revlite) or the Revlite? Yes, and I will stand by that statement.


What other factors govern laser tattoo removal in Brisbane?

Unfortunately laser procedures and training is not well regulated in Brisbane, and the boom in tattoos over the past few years has led to many new ‘tattoo removal clinics’ opening in Brisbane and Queensland over the past few months. Queensland Radiation is too busy auditing clinics and stamping revenue laser tattoo certificates to generate more revenue… however a You Tube video will be release shortly on the efforts Specialist have made to clean up the industry for patient safety. (Good viewing, with email correspondence to all parties included but email names protected from a confidential POV)


OK, let’s cut down to what is important for the patient who is considering laser tattoo removal?

Here are some helpful points to consider prior to having tattoo removal

  1. Can your laser tattoo removal center treat the colours in your tattoo? Different colours will require different wavelengths of laser to remove. Black and reds are the easiest to remove, whilst blue and greens need a special wavelength.
  2. Can your laser tattoo removal center recognise, and treat laser tattoo complications such as scarring, infection, ink allergy, and tattoo reactions?
  3. Is your laser tattoo removalist using the very best technology to remove your tattoo? This will reduce the number of removal sessions.
  4. Has your tattoo removal center given you an accurate prognosis in regards to the number of treatments required based upon your skin type, location of your tattoo, layering, sizing, colours, and medical history? This is vital to both safety and outcome.

I hope this helps you navigate the salesmanship of having used only one wavelength yet alone one laser tattoo device. Its not only about the wavelength, laser pulse duration but also about the expertise.

More on Brisbane’s leading laser tattoo center- The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body.




melasma treatments

Melasma treatments

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Melasma treatments

Melasma is a very common skin condition in Brisbane.  It presents as discolouration of the face, mainly on the upper lip, but also around the cheek and also forehead area.  It has a mottled appearance and presents as dark brown patches on the face.  This is more common in women and with Brisbane’s high UV index, it is much more common in the summer months.

What is the cause of melasma?
Melasma is caused by both genetic, hormonal and UV-induced factors.  It is more commonly seen in dark skinned races such as Mediterranean and also ethnic Asian skin people.  It is also more common after pregnancy as it is often referred to as the mask of pregnancy.

How can melasma be treated?
Melasma can be treated, however, it cannot be cured.  Realistically we are aiming for an improvement of between 50% to 80%.  I use a series of gentle laser treatments which reduces the production of pigmentation transfer and also a combination of bleaching creams.  For resistant cases I also used tablets which inhibit the blood vessels that feed the pigment cells.

Can melasma be treated with IPL?
IPL often worsens melasma rather than improves it.  IPL or intense pulsed light is a form of concentrated light that can be used to treat certain forms of pigmentation such as freckles, sunspots and age spots.  It should not be used to treat melasma as most often the energy levels to too high and melasma actually worsens with IPL.

What are the emerging treatments for melasma?
New emerging treatments include the use of picosecond lasers such as the PicoSure fractional laser.  I also combine other lasers such as the Clear and Brilliant (mini Fraxel) in a special 1927 permea wavelength.  The addition of ascorbic acid, together with copper bromide has shown to be promising. The best method to treat melasma is with a low power laser, known as dermal toning. This gentle laser treatment is performed every 2 weeks, for 5- 10 sessions. Each laser session is aimed to fade your melasma by 5-7%, and over 10 weeks, we expect facial pigmentation to improve by 50-80%. This laser takes 10 minutes to perform, and has no downtime. Occasionally tablets are used to treat melasma and newer creams are being developed to decrease pigment production by the cells known as melanocytes. The copper bromide laser or yellow light laser has also been shown to improve melasma, however it is not as predictable as the dermal toning laser. Fraxel 1927 can also help reduce unwanted facial pigmentation as well as sun damage.

Can melasma be treated at home?
Yes, there are several hints which I can give you to treat melasma at home.  First of all you should buy yourself a sunscreen which has an SPF rating of 50.  If you can apply this at least two to three times a day and you must use a hat during times of UV exposure, especially given Brisbane’s high UV index.  The second method I endorse is to use Superfade which can be brought  in any pharmacy.  Use this on a nightly basis.  Gentle exfoliation if your skin can tolerate using salicylic acid 2% wash in the morning can help exfoliate the upper layers of your skin and help with epidermal melasma.  Note, however, that most patients are very sensitive to a combination of hydroquinone and salicylic acid, especially because Superfade does contain salicylic acid as well.

Can chemical peels help with melasma?
Yes, certain chemical peels such as AHA or glycolic acid peels can help your melasma.  These peels should not be done at home due to the fact that with higher concentration skin irritation and burning may recur worsening melasma.  We often start a 20% concentration going all the way up to 70% if tolerated.  I also like to use TCA peels 8% to 10%.  With all peels, they should be combined with a bleaching agent to help reduce pigment production.

Melasma treatment is effective, however, once pigmentation fades the second step is to come up with melasma maintenance program.  For this, I use a mixture of vitamin A, B, C together with intermittent use of bleaching agents.  I also endorse the use of low-powered lasers and intermittent chemical peels.  The natural history of melasma is to worsen periods of UV exposure and decrease during the winter months.

chickenpox scar treatment

Chicken pox scar treatment

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Chickenpox scar treatment

Chickenpox scarring is extremely common, affecting 90% of individuals.   The earlier you  have chickenpox, the milder the scarring.   Chickenpox that occurs in adult life will often result in moderate-to-severe scarring.   This is one of the most difficult types of scarring to remove; however, Dr Davin Lim has his own unique way of subcision together with dermal buffering to treat this condition.   In most cases, two treatment sessions will yield at least a 60% improvement in chickenpox scarring. Two other treatments include subcision combined with energy based microneedling and subcision with PRP.


What causes chickenpox scarring?

The chickenpox lesion itself is due to a virus, which is related to cold sores.   When we have chickenpox in our younger years, our body’s immune system is strong and hence, skin repair usually occurs without significant scarring.   In some situations, when we have chickenpox in our older years, scarring can be significant.   This is due to marked inflammation in the skin, which ruptures the organisation of collagen  in the organised dermal layers.   This results in a depressed and often anchored scar, much like an acne scar; however, unlike acne scarring, chickenpox scars are  often geographical or round.


What treatments are  available for chickenpox scars?

Until recently, most treatments were unsuccessful.   Certainly microneedling, fractionated lasers and PRP have all been described.   However, treatment rates are often dismal, multiple treatments are needed and improvement is minimal.   This is due to the fact that the scars are often anchored into the deepest layers of your skin.



How do I treat chickenpox scars?

I use a special method of subcision using a 25-gauge needle that is horizontally introduced for chickenpox scar treatment.   Once I breakdown the scar, using a method of subcision, namely with three to four passes, I then introduce a buffer.   This buffer is made out of HA or hyaluronic acid.   This is a sugar molecule, which is formed naturally in your body but synthetically  manufactured.   This  buffer acts to give a spacer between the upper layer of skin and the lower dermal scar.   Once the scar is treated, the bonds do not form and hence, the scars raise.   Realistically, two treatments will yield at least a 50% improvement. The second method of chicken pox scar treatment is with subcision and PRP. This can give good results, but I personally prefer the buffer method. Finally if dermal scarring is extensive, I use both subcision and an energy based microneedling RF system called INFINI RF. This form of chickenpox scar treatment is reserved for bound down scars that are resistant to buffer subcision methods.


Can chickenpox scars be totally removed?

Realistically, the answer is no.   At most, I can give a 90% to 95% improvement.   This is after multiple treatments using this procedure.   I also do introduce the use of RF microneedling together with PRP or fractional CO2 laser to stimulate collagen and buffer the edges.


How much is chickenpox scar treatment? 

This will vary depending on the number of chickenpox scars you have and the complexity.   Treatments start from $990 ranging to $1400.   In some situations, it is covered under Medicare under the scar revision rule.   If I were to use microneedling and fractional laser treatments, no Medicare rebate is applicable.   I will discuss with you in detail what is appropriate and legal to claim through Medicare and what is not. The most reliable method of chickenpox scar treatment, in my hands, is the subcision and buffer filler method. Note- Medicare rebates only apply for scar revision on the face if this procedure is performed by a Dermatologist or Plastic surgeon – namely Specialists. Scar revision performed by cosmetic GPs do not carry a Medicare rebate. For more information on the differences between Specialist and Cosmetic Physicians, ask your GP for advice.


Can chicken pox scar treatment be done on the same day?

Yes.   Typically, in a given week, I will see at least five to seven cases, usually from all around Australia.   My procedure of chickenpox scar removal is successful and to date, I have seen longevity all the way up to three years and beyond.   No formal studies have been completed; however, I am planning to publish a paper in the next few years when all my data has been collected.


How do I book in for chickenpox scar treatment? 

Call reception on  (07) 3871 3437  to book an appointment with Dr Davin Lim.   It is essential that you have a referral from a GP as Dr Davin Lim is a Board Certified Dermatologist. This will enable you to claim part of the consultation cost. In most situations Dr Lim can perform scar treatments on the same day. Chickenpox scar treatments can take as little as 2 minutes to revise a few scars, all the way to 30 minutes for extremely severe chickenpox scars- acne scars.


Dr Davin Lim and his opinion on chickenpox scar revision.

This is a common condition, which can be devastating in adults.   Chickenpox scarring can even be worse than acne scarring, as the scars are often deeper and geographical in distribution.   Until now, lasers and microneedling were unsuccessful; however, my technique of horizontal dermal subcision together with buffer filler has proved to be extremely successful.   Expect to improve by up to 60% with just two treatments.   To date, my data collection only  expands to three years; however, I do expect that this will be a long-lasting procedure due to the fact that subcision  breaks down the bonds which hold down the chickenpox scar, as well as stimulate collagen production.   The tiniest use of a filler acts as a buffer so that the scars do not rejoin.   This coupled with CO2 laser resurfacing can also stimulate further collagen production over time.   The advantage of this treatment is that it has virtually no downtime and side effects are exceedingly rare.   Extreme caution must be taken to fill chickenpox scars in the forehead area, as this area is rich in blood vessels. Two other techniques I use include PRP (this is done if patients are allergic to fillers). PRP is not as good a filler as it is more fluid, this means  that your chicken pox scars can rejoin back up. The other method I use for very severe bound down chickenpox scars is with microneedling RF or laser based devices like the CO2 laser.


For more on this procedure, my various YouTube videos show the before and after results with angle lighting.

best cosmetic doctor brisbane

Dr Davin Lim- Top 1% of Cosmetic Doctors Internationally

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Best cosmetic doctor Brisbane

Dr Davin Lim Receives RealSelf 100 Award For Enduring Commitment to Consumer Education and outcomes. 

For two years in a row, Dr Davin Lim has received the Top 100- the only Australian to have won this award


Brisbane, Australia – April 17th , 2017 – Dr Davin Lim  is one of 100 doctors worldwide to receive the RealSelf 100 Award, a prestigious award honoring the top influencers on RealSelf—the most trusted online destination to get informed about elective cosmetic procedures and to find and connect with doctors and clinics. We honour the Top 1% of aesthetic specialists Internationally by acknowledging their achievements in Times Square New York.

best cosmetic doctor brisbane






In 2016, more than 82 million people visited RealSelf to research cosmetic treatments and connect with local medical professionals. The RealSelf 100 Award, now in its seventh year, honors the top rated and most engaged board-certified aesthetic doctors who consistently demonstrated a commitment to patient education and positive patient outcomes throughout 2016. This elite group of 100 doctors have excelled at sharing their expertise, with tens of millions of RealSelf community members actively searching for information and the right provider. The award is based upon contribution to the community, but most importantly patient votes and feedback for their outcomes.


 Dr. Davin Lim works at Westside Dermatology and The Fiori Institute. His specialties include acne scar revision procedures that has helped thousands of patients in Australia and Worldwide. He also performs birthmark treatments, fillers, laser resurfacing, face-lifts and high level facial aesthetics. He is a noted lecturer and teacher Nationally and Worldwide, and enjoys teaching. His YouTube Channel ‘Lasers and Lifts by Dr Davin Lim’ was voted as the top 3 medical content channel in YouTube for 2016 with over 21 million views. 

‘ I’m surprised to have won this award for the second year in a row- totally unexpected. I don’t believe in advertising, but patient education, and that is what RealSelf is about. Giving guidance to patients seeking treatments is my way of giving back to the community. In today’s age of Google Ad words and promotions, I think patients should be best informed by options and experiences they have had from other patients and make their own opinion based upon the feedback and answers in a portal only for high level specialists. RealSelf provides unparalleled patient education, and hence this is the site that I chose to educate patients on. Dr Davin Lim’


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Dr Davin Lim  is an expert contributor to RealSelf, and to date has posted over 4000 answers to questions on RealSelf. Davin also maintains a patient star rating of  4.8 out of five stars in RealSelf reviews. For more information on Dr Davin Lim , please visit this website, and for the full list of RealSelf 100 Award winners, visit

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Belkyra or Coolsculpting for double chins

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Injection treatments or Coolsculpting mini for double chins- which is better?

The debate continues in regard to what is the best nonsurgical method for double chin reduction.  Fat melting injections are a novel method to  in Australia with major media release due in May 2017.  This treatment has been an established treatment in the United States for the past 2.5 years.  Essentially, this is a form of the deoxycholic acid which is a naturally found substance in the body.  This acid essentially breakdown fatty foods and has been synthetically manufactured by Allergan which is the maker of well known cosmetic injectables.

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In 2017, we have two nonsurgical methods to remove unwanted submental fat and reduce the double chin.  The CoolSculpting Mini applicator was first introduced in 2015, to date it has provided an excellent result in patients who fit into the applicator.  This was followed by a device called Cooltech Mini that has a very similar applicator; however, the difference with the Cooltech device is that the applicator is slightly deeper, meaning more fat can be vacuumed into the applicator.  Additionally with the Cooltech device dual treatments are standard; however, with CoolSculpting Mini, dual sculpting is an optional extra.

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Double chin injections can markedly improve unwanted fat below the chin, but the down side is swelling and bruising for 4-7 days. The cost of  injection treatment  is 3 times that of Coolsculpting Mini. 


Both CoolSculpting Mini and Cooltech provide what is known as cryolipolysis.  This means both technologies cool down fat to -7 to -11° for a period of just over 35 minutes.  Over time the body’s immune system breaks down the fat cells and the broken down fat is carried away by the lymphatic system.  Some patients need one treatment; however, factor in two treatments for demonstrable results.  Downtime following this procedure is only 48 hours.







Now with under chin fat reducing injectable treatments patients undertake a series of injections.  The downside about this treatment and there is more pain involved; however, the treatment time is quicker- half an hour versus 45 minutes.  Downtime following this procedure means that almost universally patients will experience bruising for four to five days and swelling for up to one week.  This is somewhat significant compared to CoolSculpting/Cooltech.  When it comes to cost, most patients will require two treatments with two vials of fat reducing injectables.  This equates to around $2500 for a treatment session. Fat reducing injection treatment works much like CoolSculpting Mini/Cooltech, namley fat is broken down by this chemical and is also carried away by your immune system through the process of inflammation.

When are the best results seen following fat injection treatment? 

Best results following this treatment is seen three to four months after the initial injections.  Realistically for patients with large amount of fat in this area often three sessions treatment sessions are needed, spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

When it comes to cost one can see that $800 for a CoolSculpting Mini treatment is much better value than $2500 for each treatment session of fat reducing injections.  The results are somewhat equal with an equal distribution of patient satisfaction rate (around 85%).


So, what is the right answer, is CoolSculpting Mini/Cooltech better than fat melting injections?

Certainly if you can fit into the applicator, I do believe that this is more cost effective treatment for the patient; however, if the applicator size does not fit the area of excess under the chin fat/double chin area, then certainly injection treatment is the only solution for the nonsurgical removal of unwanted fat.

Combination – fat injection treatments and Coolsculpting Mini

I often utilize two treatment to keep the cost down- CoolSculpting/Cooltech to debulk the area.If needed I often use one or sometimes two vials of injectables to further resculpt the area for a tighter, firmer neckline.  I do believe that these treatments are indeed complementary and finding a practitioner who can perform both of these procedures is in the patients best interest. If you can fit into the Coolsculpting Mini or Cooltech applicator, do it! It’s less painful, with less downtime, and cost far less than one fat injectable treatment. If the applicator size is not for you, sure, injection treatment can reduce unwanted fat.

For a free Coolsculpt Specialist assessment, call the Fiori Institute of Skin and Body on 07 3849 2759.

Face lifts brisbane

Face lift trends- update for Brisbane Specialists

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Face lift – new procedures available in Brisbane 2017


In today’s day and age, looking natural never goes out of style.  Gone are the days of high tension face lifts with maximal downtime and unnatural looks.  Additionally, the costs have been markedly decreased over the years with a newer technology to tighten loose skin around facial areas.

In the past few years, there are different energy devices such as Ultherapy and Themarge to help tighten loose skin.  Both of these technologies are noninvasive, namely they use a high intensity focus ultrasound and radiofrequency respectively to help heat collagen and tighten skin.  Universally the use of high intensity focus ultrasound (Ultherapy) gives better results than Thermage.  The exception is with the Asian ethnic population whereby the dermal layers of the skin is thicker and collagen contraction is better in this race.  Themarge seems to work better in Asian population patients compared to Caucasian patients due to this physiological reason.


So what is new for 2017, in regard to nonsurgical face lifting?

The answer is Silhouette soft thread lifting. This treatment has a very long safety record that produces great results – with a natural look!


What is the Silhouette soft thread lift?

This formal noninvasive face lifting involves the use of minimally invasive solution for mild-to-moderate skin laxity.  In fact, it can also be used for heavy jowl lines and also neck lifting.Thread lifting has evolved since its first inventions nearly two decades ago.  The very latest and safest in thread lifting is known as Silhouette.  Threads are placed under the skin and with skilled hands and good eyes the specialists can mould the threads to lift facial sagging and skin laxity as a result of the aging process.  Essentially thread lifting improve skin tone.

The Silhouette soft thread lift does not replace the facelift, however, it is intended to produce a natural lift of up to 10 mm in strategic areas.


What areas can be treated with nonsurgical threat lifting?

The most common areas are the lower face including the jowl lines, however, the cheeks and also eyebrows can be treated with this procedure.  It is also best for strong nasolabial lines. These lines run from the nose to the corners of the mouth.


What is the recovery following thread lifting with silhouette soft? Face lift Brisbane with Silhouette soft threads. 

This can be considered as a minimally invasive procedure.  Downtime is typically 48 hours.  Most patients will experience bruising for up to 72 to 96 hours.  There will be some mild but noticeable puckering of the skin for up to one week, however, this will settle down within two weeks.


brisbane-face- lift










How long does this Silhouette thread lifting procedure last? 

Because threads are made from polylactic acid, they breakdown over a period of 18 months.  In some cases this procedure may last for up to two years.


How long does it takes to perform this procedure?

The procedure itself only takes 30 minutes to perform.  However, I spend most of my time planning for this procedure.  The planning takes 40 minutes.  However, the procedure itself only half an hour.  I believe in meticulous planning prior to the placement of threads.  This will give the best, but also most natural results. Unlike traditional face lifts, this procedure is non- invasive, and provides minimal down time for the patient.


Face lifts brisbane










How do I book in for an assessment in regard to nonsurgical face lifting?

I am trained but in surgical together with nonsurgical techniques including the use of Ultherapy, Thermage and thread lifting.  The best treatment will depend on your expectations and the condition of your skin.  Please book in for consultation and I will spend at least 20 to 40 minutes with you in assessing the skin type and also various treatment options.  I will take into consideration your downtime, costs, together with ethnic origin and skin type, in order to give you the best possible results with the most natural look. Call 07 3871 34 37 to book in for a consultation with Dr Davin Lim to see if surgical or non – surgical options are best for your skin type and requirements. Th


Thread  lifting is not a substitute for face lift brisbane. 

double chin treatment

Double chin treatments- injections vs Coolsculpting Mini

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Double chin treatment

The dreaded double chin can now be treated without the need for liposuction. As of March 2017, a new treatment has entered the Australian Market.  This treatment is also known as Kybella in the United States, however due to TGA regulation we are not allowed to name the Australian counterpart. Needless to say, this is exactly the same formulation apart from a name change.


How can double chins be treated?

Until now the only treatment for double chins have been with liposuction or with a device known as Cool Sculpting mini.  Both of these are reliable treatments, however, Kybella is another non-surgical method for reducing unwanted under chin fat. Read carefully as there are advantages and disadvantages to these forms of double chin treatment.


Which is better Coolsculpting Mini or injections for double chins?

If your submental or double chin fits in the Coolsculpting applicator, this is the better treatment ! Why? Firstly treatments are more predictable. Secondly total down time is much less- 48 hours of swelling compared to 10 total days (2 sessions of under chin injections). Thirdly the procedure is less painful. Fourthly the mini Coolsculpting procedure is 1/3 the price of injections. So, when do I advocate injections over Coolsculpting Mini? Only if the applicator is not a good fit for your under chin fat. IMO double chin injections have a role to play, however it is not the answer for everyone with excess sub mental fat.

double chin-coolsculpting mini


Double chin treatment – One treatment of Coolsculpting Mini- many advantages over injections however your chin must have a secure fit in the applicator. Minimal downtime and cost compared to injections. Swelling is 48-72 hours in total compared to injections – 10 days in total (2 sessions). Dr Davin Lim.


Can all forms of double chin be treated?

Kybella injections is only suitable for stubborn supplemental fat.  This excess of submental fat causes double chins.  It is not suitable for skin laxity. The same applies for Coolsculpting MINI.


How does injections for double chins work?

Belkyra or Kybella is a synthetic preparation of deoxycholic acid. This is a substance that breaks down and absorbs dietary fat.  This is a naturally occurring substance that has sympathetically be seen purified by a strict process.  When Belkyra is injected into the fat cells under your chin, it promotes the destruction of fat cells.  These fat cells then get absorbed by your body and over a period of 6-8 weeks, completely disappear.

How do I perform this procedure?

Kybella  is performed by a series of injections into the fat cells under the chin/double chin area.  Each treatment takes approximately 15 minutes to perform. Dr Davin Lim is only one of a few injectors in Brisbane that performs this procedure.

How many injection sessions for double chin treatment are necessary to produce the best results?

It depends on the extent of fat.  Most patients will require at least two treatments although some patients with excess fat in the area may require additional treatments. This is why I prefer Coolsculpting Mini IF your submittal fat fits in the applicator.

How soon will I see results from treatment?

 Following injections to your double chin, the results will start to appear within six to eight weeks of treatment. This timeframe is very similar to Coolsculpting Mini, however with this procedure, patients only undertake one session on average.

What to expect from double chin treatment with injections?

Almost all patients will experience swelling after the procedure that varies from individual to individual.  Expect small areas of bruising due to the injection procedure.  Though the product guideline says that there is minimal downtime, in my experience most patients can expect swelling for up to four to five days.  The use of compression, together with ice packs can help reduce the swelling.

Is Belkyra a treatment for loose neck skin?

No.  Belkyra is a procedure which is effective in reducing double chin fat, however, it is not designed for tightening skin, specifically.  If you suffer excessive laxity on your neck area you may require a surgical treatment or nonsurgical therapy such as Ultherapy.  Belkyra, however, has been known to tighten skin in some individuals, however, this is a by product of the reaction rather than the aim of treatment. The same applies for Coolsculpting MINI.

Dr Davin Lim’s viewpoint on non-invasive therapy for under chin fat – double chins.

This treatment is the second noninvasive treatment for double chins in Australia.  The first being mini Cool Sculpting applicator.  Both treatments have been shown to be an effective and is associated with a very high patient satisfaction rate.  Go to and type in Kybella to see the before and after’s together with the patient testimonials, also check out Coolsculpting.  I do believe that patient selection is critical to obtaining the best result possible.  Without conflict of interest, I do perform both these procedures, but advice patients on Coolsculpting Mini as the first treatment of choice? Why? Because it works, it is less painful, less costly, and has less swelling and over all downtime. Certainly I will and do perform injections- only in patient’s that do not fit the Coolsculpting applicator. Given both have the same patient confidence rate, choosing one the best one will come down to the shape of your double chin.

For a Free Assessment on what works best for you book in with my Specialist Therapist at Fiori Institute of Skin and Body at Garden City. Contact 07 3849 27 59

NOTE- this Free Assessment is only valid at Fiori Institute Garden City, as we have access to over 30 different applicators -finding the one that suits you will give you the best possible results.

Kybella or Belkyara after two treatments. Which treatment is best depends on your anatomy, and everyone is different, hence why I can not emphasise a bespoke approach.

double chin-treatments


Fillers and facial harmony

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Facial Harmony – balance of skin texture, tone and volume

For the most pleasing aesthetic results once the balance texture, tone and volume.  This equates to facial harmony.  With beautification and aesthetics, not one aspect of skin balances standout, however, all three should be equally balanced for the most natural results.  Lets explore each of these factors and see what can be done to improve skin ageing.

What is skin texture?
Skin texture basically is the pallet of the skin.  This refers to the colour.  People residing in Brisbane in Gold Coast will have copious amounts of UV exposure.  This can lead to brown pigmentation.  Brown pigmentation can be classified as hormonal (melasma), age spots, liver spots and also freckling.  These can be treated with various lasers and BBL.

Sun can also lead to certain skin conditions including broken blood vessels, broken capillaries, redness, flushing, a red blotchy skin and of course rosacea.  Rosacea is extremely common and presents as redness as well as pimples and papules on the face.  One of the flareup factors is Brisbane’s changing climate, namely the cooler winters but humid summers.  Rosacea can be treated with anti-inflammatory tablets, avoidance of flare factors and also V-beam vascular laser.

Texture also refers to the fine wrinkling on the skin.  Once again with the high UV index of both Brisbane and Gold Coast, I have seen many patients with premature skin wrinkling.  In most cases I like to use the 1927 Fraxel laser for mild wrinkling, however, for more severe wrinkling I use what is known as hybrid laser resurfacing namely erbium and CO2 or the new YouLaser with a nonablative wavelength together with fractional CO2 laser resurfacing.


What is meant by skin tone?
Tone equates to collagen.  In youth one has excellent skin tone which deteriorates after the age of 28.  Skin tone refers to how tight one’s skin is.  This is in direct measure with the amount of collagen and the tensile strength of both collagen and elastin.  It also refers to the deeper layers of the skin, known as the SMAS.  As one ages there is a relaxation of the ligaments holding the skin and hence skin tone is decreased.  Skin tone can be addressed using fillers.  However, nonsurgically it can also be addressed using high intensity focus ultrasound (Ultherapy) or Thermage.  I also use suspension thread lifts for decreased skin tone.  If skin tone is markedly diminished a mini-S facelift will help markedly improve laxity.

What is referred to as skin volume? Juvederm Brisbane
I do believe out of all these factors, namely skin texture, tone and volume that volume replacement gives the biggest improvement.  The reason being is that the skin texture can be covered with makeup, however, volume replacement cannot.  For patients who lack a tiny bit of volume, replacement volume will also tighten skin, hence improving both skin volume and also tone.  Volume refers to the amount of fat, collagen and elastin in the skin. Juvederm Brisbane is the term I use to optimise dermal fillers – I also use Restylane and Volift as well as Radiesse in my practice. 

juvederm brisbane







Juvederm Brisbane gives natural results, much like Restylane, and Radiesse. 

Notice as one ages shadows appear?
We first start losing volume around the temple areas followed by the under eye areas, cheek and also the jawline area.  The volume replacement can also help with dark circles around the eyes and also reduce eye bags.  For volume replacement and I do prefer HA fillers.  HA fillers are essentially dermal fillers with sugar molecules.  Depending on the type of HA filler I use, they typically last between 12 to 24 months.  My favoured HA filler is the Juvederm range including Juvederm Volbella, Juvederm Voluma and also Juvederm Volift.  Each type of filler has a particular property which if used correctly will give a natural result.  The amount of filler one requires is directly proportional to the age of the patient but also genetics play a role.

For more on skin texture, tone and volume, please explore the website.  All my treatments are individualised and hence no two patients will receive the same treatment.  I do believe that this gives us the best outcomes for patients. Dr Davin Lim.


Juvederm Brisbane