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Belkyra or Coolsculpting for double chins

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Injection treatments or Coolsculpting mini for double chins- which is better?

The debate continues in regard to what is the best nonsurgical method for double chin reduction.  Fat melting injections are a novel method to  in Australia with major media release due in May 2017.  This treatment has been an established treatment in the United States for the past 2.5 years.  Essentially, this is a form of the deoxycholic acid which is a naturally found substance in the body.  This acid essentially breakdown fatty foods and has been synthetically manufactured by Allergan which is the maker of well known cosmetic injectables.

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In 2017, we have two nonsurgical methods to remove unwanted submental fat and reduce the double chin.  The CoolSculpting Mini applicator was first introduced in 2015, to date it has provided an excellent result in patients who fit into the applicator.  This was followed by a device called Cooltech Mini that has a very similar applicator; however, the difference with the Cooltech device is that the applicator is slightly deeper, meaning more fat can be vacuumed into the applicator.  Additionally with the Cooltech device dual treatments are standard; however, with CoolSculpting Mini, dual sculpting is an optional extra.

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Double chin injections can markedly improve unwanted fat below the chin, but the down side is swelling and bruising for 4-7 days. The cost of  injection treatment  is 3 times that of Coolsculpting Mini. 


Both CoolSculpting Mini and Cooltech provide what is known as cryolipolysis.  This means both technologies cool down fat to -7 to -11° for a period of just over 35 minutes.  Over time the body’s immune system breaks down the fat cells and the broken down fat is carried away by the lymphatic system.  Some patients need one treatment; however, factor in two treatments for demonstrable results.  Downtime following this procedure is only 48 hours.







Now with under chin fat reducing injectable treatments patients undertake a series of injections.  The downside about this treatment and there is more pain involved; however, the treatment time is quicker- half an hour versus 45 minutes.  Downtime following this procedure means that almost universally patients will experience bruising for four to five days and swelling for up to one week.  This is somewhat significant compared to CoolSculpting/Cooltech.  When it comes to cost, most patients will require two treatments with two vials of fat reducing injectables.  This equates to around $2500 for a treatment session. Fat reducing injection treatment works much like CoolSculpting Mini/Cooltech, namley fat is broken down by this chemical and is also carried away by your immune system through the process of inflammation.

When are the best results seen following fat injection treatment? 

Best results following this treatment is seen three to four months after the initial injections.  Realistically for patients with large amount of fat in this area often three sessions treatment sessions are needed, spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

When it comes to cost one can see that $800 for a CoolSculpting Mini treatment is much better value than $2500 for each treatment session of fat reducing injections.  The results are somewhat equal with an equal distribution of patient satisfaction rate (around 85%).


So, what is the right answer, is CoolSculpting Mini/Cooltech better than fat melting injections?

Certainly if you can fit into the applicator, I do believe that this is more cost effective treatment for the patient; however, if the applicator size does not fit the area of excess under the chin fat/double chin area, then certainly injection treatment is the only solution for the nonsurgical removal of unwanted fat.

Combination – fat injection treatments and Coolsculpting Mini

I often utilize two treatment to keep the cost down- CoolSculpting/Cooltech to debulk the area.If needed I often use one or sometimes two vials of injectables to further resculpt the area for a tighter, firmer neckline.  I do believe that these treatments are indeed complementary and finding a practitioner who can perform both of these procedures is in the patients best interest. If you can fit into the Coolsculpting Mini or Cooltech applicator, do it! It’s less painful, with less downtime, and cost far less than one fat injectable treatment. If the applicator size is not for you, sure, injection treatment can reduce unwanted fat.

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