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Dermal filling – Freestyle technique by Dr Davin Lim

In 2016 we have an enormous variety of fillers; however, the filler of my choice depends on the area, and the age of the patient.   In the majority of times I use HA fillers made by Allergan.   This family of fillers can be signified by the letter ‘J’. Due to TGA regulations fillers can not be named but links to my filler of choice can be found here. https://www.juvederm.com

What is freestyle filling?   How is this different compared to fillers performed by cosmetic GPs, nurses, and Skype conferences Laser Clinics (LOL- are you serious about having an implant authorized by a GP 1000km away performed by a nurse)? If you are comfortable with dermal fillers performed by ‘Special discounts for lips or laugh lines’, Freestyle Filling is NOT or you. Freestyle Filling is my way of combing different techniques which I have learnt internationally combined with my own bespoke procedures.   Fillers performed in cosmetic clinics are standardized- fillers are preformed to the folds that originate from the corners of your mouth to your nose (nasolabial folds), also to volumise lips and also the mid cheek area.   Freestyle Filling is a form of dermal filling that uses HA fillers to specific points on an individuals face- namely your face.   When I freestyle fill, no two patients are alike.   If you have volume deficit in areas such as the eyebrows, I may use dermal fillers in this area, I can also use fillers to re-sculpt the nose and complex areas such as underneath the eyes (tear troughs).

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Freestyle Filling also uses key points on the face to help lift heavy jowl lines and also volumise and displace skin to decrease wrinkling. This key point will vary from person to person- hence the term ‘Freestyle.’   Freestyle Filling addresses both volume together with skin tone.   I often use this technique to contour the jawline area and reshape the chin, giving patients a strong and defined angle of the jaw, but a subtle taper along the chin area.

You will always hear me quote that ‘laser procedures are basically science in motion, however, freestyle filling is an artistic expression of ones eye.’   This is one of the most enjoyable procedures I perform on a daily basis as each patient is unique.   With Freestyle Filling, I place just the right amount of filler to give a refreshed look; however, will always avoid the tell tale signs of overfilling which is commonly seen by a lot of cosmetic practitioners.   Dermal fillers have a long safety record, especially the HA fillers which I use from Allergan.   The lifespan of these fillers are approximately two years.

One of the other advantages of dermal filling is that unlike laser resurfacing, the filling is not associated with downtime.   It is a walk in, walk out procedure with instant results.

Some of the more advanced techniques that I have developed over the years include brow lifting in the forehead area together with eyelid lifting to lift specific areas just above the eyebrow.   Small imperfections such as chicken pox scars or even acne scarring can be corrected with dermal fillers.

In summary, with the progress of technology and cross-linking, fillers are getting safer but also longer lasting.   Apart from the technology that goes into filling, the art of filling is still the most important aspect to give a good result.   Remember, looking natural never goes out of fashion. Of all the procedures I perform, Freestyle Filling using dermal fillers for facial aesthetics and acne scar revision is what I love most. See my reviews on www.realself.com for an unbiased review on what I do, how I do it, and the results I can deliver. Thanks for reading this article.

Dr Davin Lim

Laser and aesthetic dermatologist

Brisbane, Australia.

Juvederm fillers Brisbane- Dr Davin Lim uses Juvderm fillers made my Allergen including Voluma, Volbella, and Volift to achieve natural results. 

Dermal filler of choice is Juvederm Volbella, Volift, Voluma, as well as Restylane. These dermal fillers have a long safety record. 

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