Understanding skin rejuvenation

Understanding skin rejuvenation

Understanding Acne scars

Understanding Acne scars

Understanding lasers

Understanding lasers


‘Freestyle filling by Dr Davin Lim’

What is freestyle filling? Freestyle filling is my method of using dermal fillers to volumise, lift and enhance facial features. I use numerous techniques including both the cannula technique together with point needle techniques in key areas to give the most natural results possible with the use of dermal fillers. Laser is a science while filling is an art. Freestyle Filling takes dermal fillers to another level- a bespoke approach to facial aesthetics.

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“The Importance of Facial Harmony; Balance of Texture, Tone and Volume”.

The balance of these three points will give the most beautiful and natural results.

Texture refers to the palette of the skin, tone refers to high tight the skin is and volume refers to plumpness which evokes youth. The balance of all three is needed for the most natural look and the
best outcome in regard to facial aesthetics.

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